The Hickey and The Shirt

@sarrahgoode requested Can you do one where Rossi’s daughter ends up joining the BAU and her and Reid end up dating but in secret. Btw I love your imagines :)

Anon requested Can you write some Spencer Reid X reider (see what I did there) fluff like a lazy day one where they cuddle and eat food lols

A/N- I hope you don’t mind me combining them but the way I wanted to write the first made the second just fit.

Working with your father was becoming increasingly difficult, especially when you were trying to hide the fact you were coming into work with Reid everyday. Hotch was the only person who knew you were together and that was only so you weren’t compromised in the field. Your father seemed to be the only one completely oblivious to your budding romance, everyone else had been suspecting for months.  Ever since you and Spencer had started spending a lot more time together, and wearing more scarves.

Today was one of the days you and Spencer loved, no murder, no kidnapping, no paperwork just each other. That was all you needed. You were in your apartment wearing just one of Spencer’s shirts while watching Dr Who, cuddling the day away and eating a load of junk food, when your phone rang. It was your father, who didn’t know you were spending the day with Spencer.

“Hey dad” I said and Spencer looked over at me worried,

“Hey sweetie, I was wondering if you were doing anything today so we could have a bit of a father-daughter day?” oh shit.

“Er sorry I’m not feeling to great today maybe tomorrow?” Spencer looked at you and mouthed ‘that’s what you’re going with’, you playfully slapped him on the arm.

“Oh should I bring you some medicine and food” that’s your father thinking of your stomach,

“NO! I mean no no I’m okay you don’t need to bring me anything I’ll be fine”

“Okay then get well soon sweetheart” and he hung up.

“Shit, that was close… maybe we should tell him at least?” you asked wearily, Spencer nodded, pulled you closer and whispered “tomorrow today’s about us”

You got off the sofa and went to find a takeaway menu, after spending most of the day watching tv or in the bedroom. You ordered a pizza for you and Spencer to share and went back to sit with him.

After another episode of Dr Who you heard someone at the door, you yelled ‘pizza’ as Spencer got up to answer the door. It wasn’t pizza. You could tell that from the loud ‘Spencer’ that echoed through your apartment. Your father stormed into your apartment and demanded an explanation… to the giant hickey on Spencer’s neck and as to why you were only in one of Spencer’s shirts.

“Well we were going to tell you tomorrow… me and Spencer are dating and have been for almost a year now” he looked shocked to say the least,

“Oh, well I guess I’ll just leave this here” he said placing what looked like his homemade soup on the side, “and I’ll be going now, I’m happy for you two but if you ever hurt her”

“Yes, you’ll hurt me won’t you” Spencer said clearly having started the wine without you,

“No, I’ll stand back and let her”, and he left.

The pizza came and you enjoyed your evening, Monday would be awkward at work. But at least the soup was nice.    

#TSIB 1st Anniversary Meme Day 1: Talk about the story

Dapat kagabi ko ‘to ipopost kaso ang epal ng internet namin kaya.. here you go! :)

Hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan yung araw na naisip ko ang storyline ng The Spaces in Between (na wala pang title that time). Nasa barko kami nun pauwi ng Marinduque (January 2011) para sa kasal ng pinsan ko. Nagsusulat ako ng isang chapter ng TDG Book 1 (hindi ko na matandaan kung ano) nang biglang pumasok sa isip ko yung name na Scheherazade. Matagal ko na kasi talagang trip yung name na 'yon, and sabi ko sa sarili ko na gagamitin ko ang name na 'yon if ever magkakaroon ako ng bagong story. Dapat nga Scheherazade ang name ni Trine sa Battle of the Exes since sinusulat ko rin 'yon that time. Buti na lang pinalitan ko, 'di kasi fit sa personality ni Trine ang name na “Zade”.

Matagal ko nang gustong magsulat ng isang kwent na may bidang celebrity. Drive ko kasi ang showbiz at Hollywood noon, at dala na rin ng kaadikan ko sa wrestling fan fictions nung high school. Uso rin kasi sa Wattpad yung mga artista ang bida that time kaya sinubukan ko na rin. Nung una nga, dapat si Zade ang artista kaso hindi ko maworkout yung idea and plot kaya nagstick ako sa norm na lalaki ang bida.. at ordinaryong tao ang girl. Yeah, I know. It sucks and a very worn out cliche lol

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