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When people STILL bash your fave stars for things that they haven’t even done.

hey can someone who’s more knowledgeable about skincare than me help me out here? i’m trying to find a moisturizer that i can use @ night/days i don’t wear makeup — i use la roche posay effaclear as a primer when i wear makeup — and i’m considering getting Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Water Gel moisturizer. i’ve scanned the ingredients list and i THINK it looks safe but idk for sure……. and most of the reviews are really really good but i’m a bit hesitant anyway

i have super super sensitive skin, & it’s oily & somewhat acne-prone. if u could let me know what u think of this stuff it’d be a huge huge huge help!!!!!

  • Namjoon: *trips over and unplugs TV*
  • BTS: OH NOOOOO!! you broke it!!!!!
  • Yoongi: *plugs in the TV while the rest aren't watching* I fixed it!!
  • ~
  • Later at an interview
  • BTS: yeah Suga fixes everything, he's a genius!