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Ok, so, the gang is currently falling into a mystery well.

As opposed to falling into a mystery poorly.

They land…

…Shaggy and his suddenly-bulbous stomach freak out…

…and in the wide shot, his hand disappears as the Totally-Not-A-Secret-Door appears.

Velma: “Stand up… the water’s only knee deep.”

Sure, Velma. Whatever you say.


“Killian!!!! Come fast… HURRY!!!” - Emma screamed from the bedroom.

“What is it, love? Is everything alright with you and the babies?” - Killian asked worried, fear clear in his eyes.

“Yeah! Everything’s fine. Amazing, actually. Fast, give me your hand.”

He was completely confused, but did as she asked.

“Bloody hell.”

Without even thinking, Killian felt to his knees. He wasn’t one to cry, but this miracle he was witnessing was wonderful and he couldn’t… and quite frankly didn’t want to stop the tears. Their babies were kicking, very strongly. They were already amazing fighters if he had any say in that, his little pirates.

“I love you both so much, and I love your mother more than life itself. I can’t wait for you to come meet us and meet your brother Henry, he’ll love you very much, and you’ll have the best  grandparents in any realm. Oh, you’re going to be so cherished by everyone.”

Killian kept talking to their babies, while Emma just looked at him in awe. Everything was worth it, all the trials, challenges, good and bad moments. Every single step that took them to that moment was worth it.

Suddenly he noticed a special type of magic floating in the air.

“That’s really beautiful, Emma.”

“What is?”

“The lights. Your magic, love.”

“I’m… I’m not doing anything, Killian.”

Both of them were amazed to see that their babies were influencing her magic without her even noticing. Little pirates indeed.

Pride was bubbling on Killian’s chest and he couldn’t avoid kissing Emma’s belly to try and transfer a little bit of his love to their children.

And now Emma was crying as well.

“Damn, those hormones…”

They stayed like that for a while, just the four of them, their little family.


so I recently was not feeling too good about my inability to use colors in unconventional way so I started randomizing my palette for my daily doodles (the exact colors used are in caption, those were colored with Promarkers for the record)

I must say I’m quite happy with the results and I have been very surprised by some color combos and I’m definitely going to use some in future works

also there’s a bonus Kiraboss under the cut, which was the first doodle I did for the soft pink/orange/blue one but I’m too chickenshit about ship stuff so I did a little Doppio to hide my shame

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A glimpse, albeit small and static-y, but a glimpse nonetheless.

Chapter 3: Encounters
>Pages 171 - 173<

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super rough (ruff?) but here is Magnus with, surprise, a dog!!!

I love him so much and can’t believe I only found out there was a whole week of Magnus until Wednesday, and then I still couldn’t do anything b/c exams. :(