During A Severe Thunderstorm The Following Text Messages Were Sent:
  • Dad:I'm at Target
  • Me:It's the end of the world here
  • Dad:Not here
  • Dad:Oh wait, now it is
  • Me:It's hailing!
  • Dad:A meteor just fell from the sky on Route 9
  • Me:Aliens.
  • Me:It's weird because the wind...the wind is going towards the eye of the storm
  • Me:I don't think our mailbox is gonna make it.. it's crazy here
  • Dad:Some lady just disintegrated standing next to me. It was from something under the ground
  • Me:Maybe we should head towards water
  • Dad:I'm gonna pick you up. We gotta make it to the ferry.
  • Me:What about Molly...we can't leave her!
  • Dad:Aliens like cats.......for lunch!
  • Dad:Mummys don't.
  • Dad:It's crazy out now! Target's vibrating.
  • Me:Its still crazy here
  • Dad:Do you know how to fly a small plane? Between buildings?
  • Me:I sure do. Thankfully I took pilot lessons as an elective two semesters ago.

This happens at least 80 times while watching a drama. I don’t understand why the women can’t just open their fuggin mouths and kiss like they want to be kissing the stupidly good looking man they’re with. I mean Shisus, show some interest. Don’t make him do all the work. It’s so frustrating. If it was me, I think I’d lick the side of the actor’s face. Anyway… can’t wait to start a new drama soon!

I recently rediscovered a stapled together book of comics that I drew whilst working at GameStop for the past 5 years. It was in a folder that had another book, random pieces of paper with comics, and  a shirtless man from Abercrombie. I am in the works of redrawing some of the good ones.

Ba Da Da! Livin’ With Tony!