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Okay, I had this on my mind since I read this part and another part that’s connected with this. This scene was base on a chapter(s) of the fanfic, The Disappearance of Osomatsu-san   by @aorinappollo 

Cuz i really love osomatsu’s notes. And I would recommend you guys read this story. It’s awesome. worth reading, actually! 

Oh, and this contains spoilers, so yeah.. :I

Okay but I didn’t see anyone talk about this

Giorno Mista fusion for @dailypassione fusion week! 

“You conscious… is even brighter than the sunrise, lighting up the path ahead… the path that we will walk on!” 

So his name is Elio and his stand would be Walking On Sunshine :) :) :)

It gains power from light (sunlight and artificial light) and heat energy, like it can absorb light and heat from around it to boost its strength and speed and use it in combat. It can transfer light/heat/energy through his hands into other objects. It can also an make the area around themselves freezing cold/burning hot or really bright/dark. etc. Doesn’t necessarily need sunlight but is weaker without it.


from Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE! Nico Nama! ~Battle Namas~ Episode 20

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Inoo’s self introduction in English!!!!!!!! Toooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 

 "My my my my name is Kei. Ah.. She is my wife.“ 

And I loveeeee his reaction after like “wha? dame desu ka” kind of look!!

-Mezamashi 09.01.16

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ok so someway i ended in a post of 5 months ago and read the ask of the assistent jeff and i just wanted to say m y n a m e i s j e e e e f f.

My assistant is from a month or two ago, I donut think I was active five months ago or maybe I was starting to be active again lololololol

His name is actually Jack, but I forgot it in that one ask. Honestly, I’m such a good boss, I only have one employee and I can’t even remember his name. 10/10 would work for me

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You had a post saying requests are open but your asks says they aren't, you don't have to do it any time soon but the boys reacting to a daddy kink MC has?

Ah I didn’t change the mobile one yet ;~; thats why but thank you kindly for actually reading that!


  • huh
  • uh
  • what does he do now?
  • he’s so innocent
  • once he found out he’d secretly ask Zen about it for advice
  • and well he was no help whatsoever to poor Yoosung
  • so he ended up asking you directly afterwards
  • and oh ho did he get answers alright


  • she never expected to be called…mommy
  • during you both being intimate
  • and she saw how embarrassed you were and well
  • “and mommy is going to take real good care of you”
  • and now you’re a million shades of red
  • and she couldn’t believe she said that
  • “I will never again say that”
  • “Come on, mommy, please?”


  • ha
  • be prepared
  • that one word would push him over the edge and you would get pleasured mercilessly
  • “daddy harder please, oh god!”
  • he’d love it when you beg him like that


  • he’s worse than Zen
  • call him daddy and thats it he’s tying you up
  • he’d like to tease you to the extremes (to your comfort of course) and to have you moan out a long and hoarse “daaaaaddy”
  • “just like that MC. Come for daddy just like that”
  • holy fuck was everything intimate


  • “lololololol”
  • that was his actual response when you called him that on accident!
  • you were so angry you turned away from him in a huff
  • “goodnight Saeyoung
  • Now he knows he’s done goofed because you almost never call him that name
  • “I’m sorry it was just so random!” 
  • His pleas did nothing
  • so he did the one thing he knew would work
  • He leaned over you and nibbled on your ear
  • “Let daddy make it all better”
  • holy hell did that turn you on

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The only bad route I got was Jumin's 3rd one. I was so focused on not letting him kidnap and "50 Shades of Han" me that I guess I went overboard on the wanting to leave thing and holy shit man that ending was just WOW I did not ask for that

LOLOLOLOLOL I didn’t read his bad ending(s?) yet but I’ve been hearing stuff about it 8] tbh the only bad ending I’m kind of excited for is Jumin’s 8’D