Another anecdote from Greek class: 

Apparently there’s an episode in the Bible where Jesus asks Peter “Do you love me?” using a form of the verb ἀγαπάω, which means ‘love’ but in like the cosmic, religious sense of the word. And Peter says yes but he uses the word φιλέω, which is also ‘love’ but in a much more general casual way, so basically Jesus Christ Son of God asks Peter if he loves him and Peter says, “Yeah, as a friend.”

when EXO has Tumblr accounts.
  • <b><b></b> Kai:</b> /posts his nude pics, his porn videos, his smut fics, all PORN/<p><b>Kris:</b> Tumblr is not my style... I'm just gonna create my own website with this URL /goes make it/<p><b>Luhan:</b> /gettiing anon's message/<p><b>Anon:</b> Hey gull your avatar is so kawaii, can I be yours?<p><b>Xiumin:</b> /apparently he's the anon and just sending messages to each other as anons with Luhan in the same room/<p><b>Luhan and Xiumin:</b> /smile flirtatiously to each other/<p><b>D.O:</b> O______O why are there so many derp pics of me here O_____O<p><b>Baekhyun:</b> /posts tutorial videos how to put eyeliners properly/<p><b>Chanyeol:</b> /posts a text/ HEY PEOPLE I JUST MADE A TUMBLR!!! /forever 0 notes because he doesn't even have a follower/<p><b>Lay:</b> /signs in/ What is my password again? /thinking for 1276735 years/ Wait, i've never signed up to Tumblr yet -_-<p><b>Tao:</b> /posts 328473738749649 selcas of him/<p><b>Sehun:</b> Fucking Zitao if you once again shittin your fucking ugly selca on my dash, I'll yehet(cut) your ohorat(balls) and kkaebsong(fry) it on a fucking fireplace and once they cooked I'll hook them in your fucking mouth.<p><b>Suho:</b> /posts a quote/ "Don't ever insult a short man, you'll cry after seeing his kokoro that maybe is longer than his height."<p><b>Chen:</b> /posts EXO members derp pictures excluding his/ /gets 73258346387 followers because of his EXO derp posts/ HUEHUEHEUHEUHEUEHUE<p><p>
who the signs actually are

aries: a fricken meme ambassador that sells the most dangerous memes
taurus: beautiful creatures that aren’t as beautiful as you think bc they have a dark meme side
gemini: oh dear
cancer: a holy meme queen that glitters her pepe magic over everyone
leo: they think that they’re the meme queen, but they’re actually the noble meme knight that battles with the force of john cena
virgo: the meme scientist. they are the meme makers. they’re trying to get us out of the great meme depression and nobody knows what they’re doing, but it works
libra: they try to make sure that everyone has a healthy portion of memes a day. we all know what it’s like to fall too deep into that hole and they heal us with their fieri-like romance.
scorpio: the meme dealer. they sell the memes that the meme scientists make illegally and do unspeakable things to them.
sagittarius: the meme mom. they aren’t very good at keeping their children (memes) out of trouble, but they try to raise the best memes possible.
capricorn: they are the memes that stick around forever. somehow they always pop up and they’re extremely funny after all of this time.
aquarius: lolzOR
pisces: the meme over-lord. they watch all of the smol memes and cares about memes no matter what. the memes pray to them every night and the meme lord loves their memes deeply.

I know I should’ve given up months ago.. But I still hope to see your name on my screen at five in the morning when I’m falling apart and you’re all I want. But I know you’re not coming back.. And I guess I’ll have to be okay with that..
—  I miss you…