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The Anomaly

So I saw this comic and this comic by @moringmark and well, let’s just say I couldn’t sleep because my shipping brain was going on overdrive last night. Haha. Oh. Also this has a bunch of the details from this ship war au. I might keep going with this story because I’m trash and I have a few other ideas I’d like to carry out haha especially since I left a few intentional gaps. Have I caught your attention? I hope I have! So I hope whoever reads this likes it and yeah, this is the first fanfiction I’ve actually written that isn’t about my friends (hahaha).

Part II


“Jackie Lynn Thomas! Step away from my father.” 

Elizabeth glared at the girl who seemed moments away from planting an unwanted kiss on her future dad, her wand smoking from the blast she had just sent their way. She’d rather stick her head up Glosseryk’s butt than watch her dad end up with that good for nothing Jackie Lynn Thomas. She was the cause of her mother’s insanity.

“No. You stay away from my parents.” 

Elizabeth barely had time to react before a blue laser came out of nowhere, aimed straight at her heart. Acting on instinct from years of training, Elizabeth quickly deflected the beam with the sword she had inherited from her grandfather. She scanned the area, her eyes meeting a pair of green eyes and the barrel of a laser gun. 

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