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bonus art:

“Neji,” Tenten sighs in exasperation, a hand running against her scalp. “We talked about this.”

Neji raises a brow.

“I didn’t buy it,” he replies, giving the katana clutched in his hand a short nod. “It was given to me by a client.”

He gives the weapon to her despite her complaints. Tenten eyes the thing critically and immediately recognizes it as the blade she has been admiring a few days ago, only to be disheartened by its given price. She pouts and gives a half-heartened glare at the impassive Hyuuga.

“You’re lying,” she accuses through scrunched brows. “You bought me another weapon! I thought I told you to stop doing that!”

Neji merely shrugs and says, “Training at 6 tomorrow. I will be expecting you.”

He leaves, unmindful of the way Tenten sticks her tongue out at his retreating form. Tenten grumbles something incoherent, but he hears the laugh and the giddiness in her tone as she examines her newest toy. He smiles when he is at a good distance.

(His glee increases tenfold when, during their spar in the morning, Tenten lunges at him with the katana he has bought for her.)


Because Neji loves spoiling Tenten and showers her with sharp, pointy things on a daily basis. LOL.