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I seriously love your writing omg is it okay if I request a Yoosung "first time" fic >///< you don't have to ofc!! Ahh thank you very much

wahooooo sorry i’ve been AWOL for a few days, got caught up in work and illness and work and illness and i’m running on caffeine, paracetamol and two hours of sleep HA


Yoosung was the sweetest, most considerate, and loving man you knew. He had done nothing but express his adoration for you from the moment his eyes met yours, and, if that was his way of winning you over for good, oh boy, it was working. The two of you had been going steady for a couple of months now - long enough for the issues surrounding the hacker, and Rika’s apartment, to dissipate somewhat. Yoosung had become more and more focused at school, and you were willing to cheer him on at every possible opportunity. Your evenings were spent either working together, occasionally breaking for some cuddles, or taking time off, watching movies, or playing games, or even just lying together, pouring your hearts out to one another.

Nights like this were a rarity.

“Yoosung-” your breath hitched as your boyfriend nibbled on the tender skin beneath your jawline, tracing his tongue down your neck. “Be careful… You might leave a mark-”

“A mark?”

“Like last time… Remember?”

Yoosung hummed in confirmation, but it didn’t seem like he actually cared all that much, as his lips returned to your own. You couldn’t help but let yourself melt into the kiss - for two people who had never done anything with anyone, your kisses were incredible. His teeth found your lower lip, taking it into his own mouth and sucking, his own groan of satisfaction making you all the more willing to open up to him. Shifting yourself in his lap, you wound a hand through his hair, tangling your fingers in the strands so that you could manoeuvre his head; Yoosung let you take charge as your tongue met his, his hands settling happily on your hips as your other hand, currently unoccupied, went wandering down. Despite your inexperience, you had been in this situation enough that you knew just where would make your boyfriend melt into your arms - pressing around his hipbone, you grinned as Yoosung moaned,  his fingers digging into your flesh.

“Oh, ____…” He was panting, face flushed and eyes dark - a vision of lust. You knew that what you were doing was working; the evidence pressed up against the apex of your thighs, and you rocked into him, desperate for more friction to satiate your own needs. Yoosung was a mess, fingers grasping needily at your hips, your thighs, your butt - whatever he could get a grip on. This wasn’t exactly a new sight for you, in fact, you and Yoosung had done almost everything but directly touch each other. And it was getting… Frustrating, to say the least.

“Hey,” it took some effort on your behalf - you could feel your own arousal growing unbearable - as you pulled away from your lust-stricken boyfriend, not helped by the whine he emitted as his eyes fluttered open. “I don’t know about you, but I… Uh… I think I’m ready.”

“Wait-” Yoosung coughed, and took a deep breath. “You mean… Ready, ready?” His eye sparkled with excitement, and something quite a bit more mature. “Ready?

“Ready.” You grinned back at him as you repeated the word. “I mean, if you are-”

“Of course!” Yoosung cut you off, nodding almost too enthusiastically. “I mean… I’ve been wanting to… Since… We… Uh.” The flush on his face deepened, and he looked down.


“Since we first kissed!” He exclaimed, somehow flushing even further - you were worried the blood was going in the wrong direction.

“At the party?”

“Ever since then, I’ve been… Uh… Imagining…” The last word was spoken slowly, almost as though Yoosung had tried to craft his sentence carefully - and failed. He trailed off, gaze avoiding your own. But that was all you needed to hear; it wasn’t like you hadn’t been doing the exact same, and many sleepless nights since that first kiss had been spent wishing your fingers were Yoosung’s - nights like these, where the two of you separated, often unsatisfied, hadn’t helped.

“Then let’s do it.”


“Mhm. I love you, Yoosung. I trust you, and I would love nothing more than for you to be my first,” now you were blushing. “And for me to be yours.”

Apparently satisfied with your confession, Yoosung wasted no time finding the hem of your shirt, and lifting it - suffice to say the two of you were already worked up more than enough. You returned the favour, hastily tugging at Yoosung’s shirt until he lifted himself from the headboard of your bed, allowing you to remove the garment. You didn’t want the typical bra-removal scenario to make Yoosung falter now, so, as he moved to tug at the buckle on his belt, you removed it yourself - leaving your boyfriend stunned.

“Oh…” Even through his trousers, you could feel Yoosung’s cock throb when he saw your breasts, freed from their usual restrictions. He didn’t speak, or move, for a few long moments, before turning his gaze to you. “… Can I touch them?”

You smiled - partly nerves, mostly amusement. “Of course - you are my boyfriend, Yoosung.”

Yoosung couldn’t resist taking them into his hands, and just squeezing - you could’ve laughed, if it were under any other circumstances. It took a while before he got the idea of what to do with them, but you were willing to be patient; even seeing him touching you like this was doing wonders to heighten your own arousal. When his mouth took one of your nipples, sucking gently on the hardened bud, you had to consciously stop yourself from grabbing his head. Although he neglected the other side, he was surprisingly good with his mouth, sucking hard before letting up, brushing his teeth over the sensitive bundle of nerves; your chest was heaving as you tried to regulate your breathing and filter out your moans and sighs of pleasure, and you honestly could’ve let Yoosung play with your chest all night, but you - literally - had more pressing  matters to attend to.

“Shall we undress?” The passionate undressing of one’s lover was all very well, but neither of you had done this before - it could all become very messy, very quickly, if one of you messed up. Save the tropes for later, you thought - for now, all you wanted was to make love to your boyfriend. Thankfully, he seemed to agree, and you removed yourself from his lap - sorely missing the friction the growing bulge in his trousers had given you - removing your own jeans and, with some internal-pep talk, your panties.

Clearly, Yoosung was the one waiting, for the moment you had your panties off, he pulled you down onto the mattress. Honestly, you had so little time to feel self-conscious before his lips were on yours again, your moans muffled against his mouth as he let you fall back, his own figure covering yours.

“Um…” Yoosung wasn’t much taller than you; your frame fit perfectly against his, even as he fidgeted above you. “I hope you don’t mind if we just… Do it.”

You hadn’t even glimpsed anything beyond his torso - although you could feel his stiff member pressed against your thigh, not knowing exactly what was coming was nerve-wracking, but exciting. “I want to do this right, but I don’t think I can wait much longer.” You could even feel your own hips twitching at the thought of what was to come, your clit throbbing in anticipation, desperate for friction - never before had you been so completely aware of your entire body.

“Yoosung, please-” straining up to place a final kiss on his lips, you smiled at him. “I want you.”

No matter how much you wanted to tease him until he couldn’t handle it, mark him as your own, and hear him cry out your name, no matter how much you wanted that talented mouth on your womanhood, and no matter how much you wanted to see just how far the two of you could go in the bedroom, this was your first time. Your first time, with your true love - you were, you realised, lucky beyond belief to have found Yoosung, to have fallen in love with him, and to have him fall in love with you. You knew that you could wait - after all, you had your whole life ahead of you.

Right now, all that mattered was feeling the head of his cock as it spread you open like never before - a shiver passed down your spine as Yoosung sheathed himself inside you fully, and his own breathing hitched. It was uncomfortable, at first, but you were more than ready, and it didn’t take long before you gave him the nod to continue. It barely took you a few thrusts to realise that he was the perfect fit for you - he didn’t boast the greatest length, but that mattered little when he was able to hit all the right places, and it meant even less when he filled you so well, when he completed you so utterly.

“You… You are so perfect, ____…” Yoosung’s voice was a little garbled, gasps and moans of pleasure punctuating each one of his thrusts into you. You didn’t expect him to last long enough - but with how intensely aroused you had unexpectedly found yourself, you were beginning to doubt yourself. Even as Yoosung’s breaths grew more haggard, you were gripping the sheets, knuckles white as your other hand found your engorged clit, rubbing the bundle of nerves to the best of your ability as you let your mouth hang open, moans cascading from your lips.

Yoosung’s erratic thrusting was all the warning you needed to speed up your own pace, and as your boyfriend buried his head into the crook of your neck, cries of your name signalling his impending climax, you felt your own hit you, unexpectedly and abruptly. You convulsed with pleasure, sobbing Yoosung’s name before collapsing back into the mattress, too overwhelmed to move from your position beneath him. At some point between your climax and your subsequent return to full consciousness, Yoosung must have also climaxed - he was yet to remove himself from inside you, or, for that matter, on top of you.

Had you been more clear of mind, maybe you would have asked him to move - for now, however, you were content. The feeling of his skin, sticky but warm on your own, was comforting, and a reminder of what had just occurred. Not that you were upset, or unsatisfied in any way; everything was just perfect. You were slowly being lulled to sleep by the rhythmic breathing of the man on top of you, and, had he not moved, you could have easily found yourself drifting off. Yoosung’s voice broke the silence, snapping you out of your daze.

“Was that… Ok?” He looked half-asleep himself; eyes hooded, hair mussed, face still holding patches of redness. He looked adorable, honestly, and you wanted nothing more than to take him in your arms, and sleep.

“That was more than ok, love.” Your own voice was quiet, soft with satiation. “Everything was perfect.” Yoosung pulled himself from you with a whimper, collapsing besides you. The silence returned as you pressed against Yoosung once again, who happily entwined himself with you. Minutes passed, and, as you returned to the cusp of slumber, too far gone now to re-awaken, Yoosung spoke once again.

“I think I want to marry you, ____.”

*Drumroll~~~* This is my Valentine’s Art Trade for the AMAZING @nayeonniekim!!! I drew Yoosung in his LOLOL armour (slightly modified) and Nay’s character who is a bloodthirsty assassin. HOPE YA LIKE IT, NAY <3

Story time: Nay is the first friend I made on here :) despite having this account for a year (how do you friend on Tumblr >.>) We instantly clicked on our mutual love of husbando Yoosung and since then our friendship has been growing strong~ She’s a wonderful person and ya’ll should follow her HER ART IS LIT <3

  • Zen: There's no "handsome" if it doesn't have "me"
  • Jumin: There's a reason why there is no "u" in "talent". It's because "ugly" already has "u"

Kaneki and Hide - S01E01 : S2E12

Okay but I didn’t see anyone talk about this


{{- @eruditiety -}}

“I’m gonna kick you,”

”Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you don’t want me to be happy about my younger twin finally romantically partnering with his best friend and soulmate of all time!”

”You know I mean it well and I’m just so thrilled to see you being even closer than usually~”

He may or may not be embarrassing the other boy too much at this point.

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white ribbon~~

Ribbon Day Meme | accepting

White - “Thank you for choosing me”; “I’ll always be loyal to you”; commonly associated with marriage but can mean other things

          ah, i don’t know what to say!      he’s reduced to blushing. it shouldn’t surprise him, really, being recently married, but everything is still so new.     except i guess the point is i don’t say anything at all, right?  

         his hair is too short to tie the ribbon in as a ponytail, so in a carefully wrapped bow it encircles his throat. he smiles at yerin, a goofy, nervous smile full of butterflies from his stomach.     but there. it’s kind of like a collar, isn’t it? i’m always your loyal puppy. 

In a pony tail - “I devote my life to you.”
Around the neck - “I return your feelings.”

Finished NaJ! Cosmo~ I might as well finish Author soon enough (or maybe not ^^°)

And welp, since I think they kinda look alike I think he would suit as Quill’s bro or would just related to him in some way.

°Courious yet cautious
°Likes to prank people alot
°Very stubborn
°Always quiet (lolololol)

°Never takes his jacket off
°Always wears shirts with the Fall Out Boy symbol somewhere
°Mainly plays piano
°He’s mute so he takes sign lenguage classes with Fika

Cosmo belogs to me
Nerd and Jock AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge

This actually made me really curious like really who would win

Cuz like ok Zen (pros):
-is always working out and jogging so he must have stamina.
-knows action moves from his plays and stuff so he must know something about fighting
-used to be in a gang i think (?) So he must have experience fighting
- Pure Spite ™

But Zen (cons):
-is an emotional and reckless person when he’s angry so he might slide into reckless attacks
-(wouldn’t wanna ruin his looks lolololol)
-Is easily provoked especially by Jumin

Yet Jumin (pros):
-is super good at keeping a level head and is good at analyzing
-practically an expert at taunting Zen
-Prob always smells like cat and is full of cat fur that would give Zen allergies
-is taller than Zen

But Jumin (cons):
-has a sheltered rich kid background has probably never fist fought anyone in his life
-works out only like 30 minutes everyday because he has no time
-does he know anything about fighting like come on

So i’m inclined to say that Zen would win if only because he knows more about fighting but i don’t know

(Though I know they’re nerds that wouldn’t actually fistfight because they dont hate each other nearly as much as they say lolololol)


His voice is light, a mere whisper in the wind. Yet his tone exudes of unyielding dominance – an air of someone who is used to having his way. He remains cool and unmoving, even as he feels the person next to him shift in her place.

“But I’m tired,” his partner complains, although she does slowly sit up. With a groan, she starts stretching her limbs and lets out a yawn as she stands her ground. “Let’s do it again tomorrow.”

A pause, and, “Tenten.”

Tenten releases another yawn.


Tenten huffs, runs a hand against her hair as a grin slowly forms. 

“Fine,” she acquiesces, giggles when she sees his mouth twitch to a smile. “You are such a brat sometimes, Neji.”

She places a hand on his cheeks, grin going wider. She takes a long, deep breath. “Kissing Lesson 101! Let’s begin!” 


Hiashi calmly sips his tea as he eyes his nephew returning home from training. The boy’s hair is a mess, his forehead protector uncannily lopsided. There is a deep cut on his lower lip, and dark specks of crimson blood stain his stark-white robes.

The Hyuuga patriarch hums.

“Neji,” his nephew turns to bow at him. “Training?”

Neji nods solemnly. “Yes, sir.”

Hiashi makes his approval known with a slight tilt of his head.

“Very good,” he remarks. “Keep at it, nephew. You are making this clan very proud.”

“Of course, sir.”

“And Neji,” Hiashi calls him before he can make his escape. “Please tell Tenten-san not to bite next time.”

Neji blushes from the roots of his hair to the tips of his toes. Hiashi smartly hides his smirk by taking another sip of his tea.


Wherein Neji treats everything as training. Even making out with his girlfriend. And Tenten humors him because she doesn’t really mind. Not at all.