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Okay but think about this: It's another RFA party and the theme is karaoke. MC ends the party with revealing her special talent: Rapping.

I AM 100% FOR THIS TBH (ง ˙o˙)ว


  • It was nearing the end of the event
  • Everybody was pretty damn drunk off of the copious amounts of fine wine Jumin supplied
  • It was more like an afterparty at this point
  • Everybody was relaxed and laughing
  • You were all sitting together  joking around
  • Most had gotten a turn on the stage to sing karaoke by this point
  • Yoosung and Saeyoung sung a duet together
  • Zen was cut off
  • Now they were all urging you to go up and take the mic
    • “Come on, MC. I’m sure you’ll be great!” Jaehee pressed
    • “Oh…Alright! I’ll do it!” you ran to the stage
  • They were cheering for you from their seats
    • “What do you think she’ll sing? I bet it will be something cute like her! A pop song maybe?!” Yoosung was starry-eyed
    • “5 bucks says she picks ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” Saeyoung laughed
    • “I hope it’s a soulful love ballad,” Zen hiccuped
    • “Will you guys shut the hell up. She’s about to start,” Saeran barked
  • Your cheeks were flush and you cleared your throat
    • “Ahem…”
  • Holy damn
  • You’re spittin’ fire
  • Bars to rival Nicki in Monster
  • Literally everyones jaws drop
  • Yoosung fainted for a second after screaming really loud omg
  • Zen whips his phone out and is recording
    • “Holy SHIT IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?!” Saeyoung is drunkenly adjusting his glasses
  • Saeran has kicked his damn chair over in excitement and is now bobbing to the flow omg he’s so proud
    • “V ARE YOU-? OMG Guys V is passed out drunk on the floor and someone…drew kitty whiskers and a dot on his nose who did that?!” Jaehee burst out laughing
  • Saeyoung snickered and pat the marker in his pocket
    • “Where did Jumin go he’s missing this?!” Yoosung looked around
    • “He’s stumbling up to the stage whaaaaat????” Saeyoung gasped
    • “He’s GRABBING THE OTHER MIC!” Saeran yelled
  • O M G
  • He started rattling off lines
  • Saeyoung is rolling around on the floor screaming “IVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN THANK YOU JESUS”
  • Yoosung and Jaehee are hyperventilating
  • Zens hands are shaking from screaming as he tries to get this ALL ON FILM
  • They are Sh00k
  • This is the greatest party E V E R
  • Jumin and you are just going back and forth like nothing and feeding off everyones energy
  • He’s good but you kill him with your last verse
  • You drop the mic and the whole RFA rushes the stage and just
Astro Blogs!

The post that keeps popping up on my dash about an Astro Blog Masterpost is almost 2 years old so I thought I’d make my own updated one lolol

At the end of April 2017, I’ll make a 2017 masterpost of Astro Blogs that reblog this :)))) 

If you reblog with your name/nickname (whichever you prefer), your birth month and your sun, moon, rising, venus and mars, I will make a masterpost ok my bros i’ll start

Candice / November / Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon, Capricorn Rising, Scorpio Venus, Virgo Mars :)

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MIA! You'll turn into a beautiful women mermaid! ( so now sanji will accept you fu fu fu )


*cough* @ask-chiefsabo *cough*

M!A Mermaid Fem!Sabo for 5 asks cuz HOLY SHE’S HARD TO DRAW ;w;


*Drumroll~~~* This is my Valentine’s Art Trade for the AMAZING @nayeonniekim!!! I drew Yoosung in his LOLOL armour (slightly modified) and Nay’s character who is a bloodthirsty assassin. HOPE YA LIKE IT, NAY <3

Story time: Nay is the first friend I made on here :) despite having this account for a year (how do you friend on Tumblr >.>) We instantly clicked on our mutual love of husbando Yoosung and since then our friendship has been growing strong~ She’s a wonderful person and ya’ll should follow her HER ART IS LIT <3


Completely necessary shots of Mulder in Demons: Part 4 of Many 


BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY LATE @jeanrydeart , the gift of all your favourite AU Lance bois I HOPE YOU HAD AND WILL HAVE A GOOD DAY YO YO LOVE YOU MOFO CHUU CHUU <3

A little head canon of mine for Saeran. Had this stuck in my mind, so I will do the rest of the asks later. ;u;

So, have you ever wondered why a cute little blob turned into this guy with an edgy look? I mean, he looked so cute and pure before, and now he wears all  red with black leather lol

Honestly, I wonder why Rika allowed him to dress like this. I mean, judging by the threads she was wearing in Secret 1, the uniform should be something like robes or whatnot, but here Saeran is, being all different.

So there are two reasons I thought up for him changing his attire so drastically:

1. So he wouldn’t be underestimated anymore.

Saeran is a precious smol child who grew up sickly, neglected and malnourished. With his “special treatment” and all by Rika, I’m sure there must’ve been some scuffles with the members of Mint Eye before.

So, Saeran changing his appearance is like making yourself look bigger when you’re facing against a mountain lion.

2. He’s chuunibyou (his dark past).

If you don’t know what chuunibyou is, look it up lol

I recall the part where Saeyoung reads Saeran a story, and it’s about a dark lord who gives up his magic to become human again to be with the girl he loves. But then Saeran says he’d rather be the dark lord with magic, able to do whatever he wanted.

I mean, his entire design just screams out chuunibyou to me lolololol

- White hair with pink highlights
- Colored contacts, but if he slips one of them off he’ll have dual colored eyes lolol
- He wears a mask that covers the bottom half of his face and changes his voice (how though?)
- He has a black leather choker
- He wears those leather bracelets with spikes (which I imagine would be very clunky and get in the way while hacking, so idk why he even has them lolololol)
- He slips off his coat halfway off his shoulder, JUST so people can see his cool tattoo
- His tattoo is highly stylized and looks like it could be some sort of magic seal like the ones we always see in anime lololol
- His lines are practically all delusional when he is the villain, and he believes he is working for something greater with a giant ambition etc etc etc

So my conclusion is that Mint Eye Saeran is a chuunibyo lololololol (I mean, even the age would fit, since Saeran was taken when he was around 15 and would be in middle school normally at that age)

Since he rarely changes throughout the game, he must’ve really liked those clothes lol I would’ve drawn fire around his hand or something but I can’t make it look good so I gave up lolol 

Ah, this is dragging on. I’ll stop it here.

alright folks, I know it’s 2:51AM where I’m at but imagine coming home to Luke, witnessing him eating ice cream with a fork because he just couldn’t be bothered grabbing a spoon. or there was no clean spoons because he was a bit lazy to wash one. he knows you eat ice cream with a spoon, you know it, the rest of the world knows it. so anyway, you guys are just staring at each other in complete in utter silence until you go into the kitchen leaving Luke in the living room all by himself. he’d probably expect you to return with a spoon but no. you come back with your own fork and a straw for when the ice cream melts so you guys can drink the remains. imagine his eyes sparkling with appreciation. that smile popping up on his face because you’re joining him instead of changing his ways lolololol. imagine that laugh and him shaking his head as you sit next to him with that same smile plastered on your face. he’d probably say something like, “no spoon?” and you’d say, “I was too lazy to wash one and we have straws so it shouldn’t be that bad of an idea. at least it wasn’t soup or cereal.” then you guys watch some tv together, just chilling and relaxing from a stressful day when you decide to be a bit cheeky and say, “we should invest in some ice cream cones or popsicles for days like these.” and he wouldn’t even argue because damn, you’re right (you always are). so you guys continue doing whatever and omg, you guys become couple goals. like, this is the kind of support you want in a relationship.