Dana Scully in season one is what I’m here for

I’ve learned that sometimes God allows you to be in pain so that you can understand others more. I wasn’t patient towards people with anxiety, until I realized how I am with anxiety. I didn’t understand those that were hurting in a certain way, until I was hurting in that same way. and I wasn’t helpful when people “felt distant from God” until depression swallowed me up and hid me away in a place I’ve never been before. 

God allows that pain so that we can understand and relate to others. Thus, we can show them how we found victory, through His saving grace and love. The pain is all for the testimony.

Cheaters are 100 percent responsible for their decision to cheat. If they were unhappy, they could’ve gotten counseling, filed for divorce, taken up scrapbooking – really anything other than cheating. They cheat because they value the good feelings they get from ego boosts and affair sex more than their commitment to you and your health and well-being. People cheat because they’re selfish escapists. Many of them are quite happy to blame shift their crappy decisions on to you. Don’t let that happen.
—  Tracy Schorn