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If Michael and Jeremy got married I'd want Michael to take Jer's last name just so he can say "We're Heere" on their wedding day

He totally would tho oh my god


@ 6:45 “you meet and you drink and you pollinate, i suppose i didnt want to use the word fuck pppFFFTTT”

i wish i was able to speak up more

i wish i was able to not have a heart attack every time i have to speak. i wish that my voice didn’t die down every time i did actually speak. i wish my mind didn’t tell me things that i know aren’t true. i wish i could accept that people are trying to help me but my mind is pushing them away. i wish my heart would stop pushing people away. i wish i could be truly open with myself and others. i wish that i could smile normally. i wish i could stop having a million thoughts racing in my head. i wish i wasn’t so scared of everything. 

GinHijiGin Live Action

I’ve been getting this question a lot, so I’m going to put this in the tag for everyone! There was a GinHiji / HijiGin moment in the movie and it was really well done! Spoiler below the cut and here’s another post I’ve answered about it

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When you have an idea you really like, but you’re not sure if you should hoard it for yourself like a greedy little fic idea goblin or just throw it onto the kinkmeme in the hopes that someone will do a better job than you and so that you can read it instead of write it lolololol

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So I’m rereading Young Avengers v.1 right now and it just occurred to me how shitty the rest of the Avengers treat Vision after his death? You’d think they’d bury him (or build him a memorial considering the fact that he’s, y’know, a hero) or at least put him in a lab/stasis/whatever but, nope, they literally put him in storage. In a wooden box. Like a broken toy, which is how Iron Lad finds him:

Wow. Ouch. 

Then, one issue later Tony’s like:

So … does that make Vision part of ‘the rest of the tech’ or …?

I mean, the whole thing is p hilarious considering the fact that the Vision is the only one with a kind of failsafe plan should the Avengers ever disband. Also, apparently Visz’s data core can still be accessed via the right technology as proven by Iron Lad (granted, his suit is like super advanced and everything), even though Hank Pym later states that they were afraid that any attempt at fixing him would damage his personality core (wow, remember when Visz turned all white and emotionless during the West Coast Avengers and everyone but Wanda was like ‘lol idk he seems fine to me’).

And all of this becomes even more fucked up years later when Vision rebuilds himself and actually asks about the whole thing:

Uh yeah, about that, matey …

They probably forgot where they put the box. 

Idk in what way ‘we never gave up’ equates to ‘we put you in a box and forgot about you lol’ but okay. At least the She-Hulk (who ripped Visz in half) apologised and gave him a hug. 

Anyway, here, have another stab right in the FEELS while I’m already at it: