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Mikuni : Ah, Abel! Forgive this sinful me! My very existence is too perfect for this world! With just one look can fascinate everyone. I have a handsome face, a good lineage, and I’m smart too!

Tsuyuki : Your personality is bad, though.

AAAAAHHHH I JUST LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH XD Thanks again to @canthydefromthelicht for sending me the link! x3

When you’re doing a presentation in front of class, and your friends are like:







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rfa+v+saeran reacting to mc watching disney movies and singing along

this pretty much just turned into all of them singing together,


  • i feel like Yoosungs favorite disney movie is 101 dalmations
  • but for the sake of making this a movie musical,
  • Hercules
  • he loves the narrative of the dorky, lanky, young outcast becoming everyone’s favorite hero and finding love
  • and he loves the muses
  • okay Yoosung, dont sing along. that would be weird. hold it in.
  • but tbh when this movie starts not even MC can hold it in
  • “we are the muses”
  • Yoosung jumps in
  • “goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes”
  • MC chimes in again
  • “heroes like Hercules”
  • Yoosung comes back in for his favorite line
  • “honey, you mean HUNKules”
  • Yoosung actually does a really good impression of the muses
  • when Go the Distance comes on both him and MC get super into it
  • and it turns out Yoosung has a nice voice
  • they sing to each other, barley paying attention to the movie anymore
  • “i am on my way, i can go the distance”
  • “i dont care how far, somehow i’ll be strong”
  • and Yoosungs favorite line
  • “i will go most anywhere to feel like i belong”


  • besides having a special place in his heart for the narcissistic, music loving prince Naveen,
  • Zen loves this music
  • as soon as he hears “in the south land” he’s already off the couch dancing
  • he’ll take Tiana’s part and MC will sing Naveen’s part
  • can you imagine when Almost There starts Zen just stands up and starts doing all the same motions as Tiana
  • “Mama! i aint got time for dancing! that’s just gonna have to wait awhile…”
  • but his favorite favorite favorite song is Ma Belle Evangeline
  • he does his best Raymond impression to sing along
  • he’ll kneel and MC’s feet and grab their hands as he sings to them
  • “look how she lights up the sky, ma belle evangeline”
  • when the trumpet solo starts, Zen holds out his hand to MC
  • “may i have this dance?”
  • so Zen and MC dance around their living room while he continues to serenade them
  • “look how she lights up the sky, i love you evangeline”
  • i know we always do the zen x cinderella thing but i think he’s make a damn good tiana


  • in terms of music, her favorite disney movie is Tarzan
  • she’s also one of those people who has a crush on grown up Tarzan
  • Jaehee can also kind of sympathize with someone who grew up in a place where they felt like they dont belong…
  • she loves You’ll Be in My Heart
  • she doesnt sing at first, but MC encourages her to by singing themselves
  • “come stop your crying, it’ll be alright…”
  • MC holds Jaehee’s hand
  • “just take my hand, hold it tight”
  • Jaehee feels her whole face get warm as MC sings to her
  • she sings back to MC as best she can, though she’s never had an amazing voice
  • “i will protect you from all around you”
  • Jaehee squeezes MC’s hand
  • “i will be here, dont you cry”
  • as Jaehee and MC sing to each other, Jaehee kind of forgets theyre even watching Tarzan
  • she just sings to MC 
  • and she means every word
  • but then when Trashin’ the Camp comes on it’s goodbye sappy feelings hello Jaehee playing air-trumpet and MC beating on air-drums


  • Jumin finds the majority of disney movie musicals to be quite annoying
  • especially princess and the frog i mean its all just too noisy
  • but there is one that he actually enjoys
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • emotionally stunted rich boy keeps a pretty girl locked in his castle but then she falls in love with him and shows him how to love?
  • HMMMmm…i wonder why Jumin likes this movie so much….
  • and his favorite song in his favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast
  • for most of the movie he just let MC sing by themselves, he likes listening to them sing and watching them get into the music
  • but when Beauty and the Beast comes on and Belle and Beast start dancing he really cant hold it in anymore
  • “tale as old as time…”
  • at first MC was singing too, but when they noticed Jumin singing they stopped and just listened to him
  • “true as it can be…”
  • MC cuddles up to Jumin, sinking into his deep, smooth voice
  • Jumin lifts up his arm so MC can get closer to him, hugging them into his body
  • “Barely even friends, then somebody bends…unexpectedly”
  • MC closed their eyes while Jumin sang, and they almost fell asleep to the sound of his voice
  • after that, MC asked Jumin to sing Beauty and the Beast to them all the time
  • and he did so happily


  • Sevens gotta watch the movie about his favorite rag-tag, handsome, funny, smart, handsome, kind-hearted, handsome thief
  • MC starts singing Arabian Nights, impersonating that small creepy man on a camel
  • “oh i come from a land from a far away place”
  • Seven chimes in a few lines for his favorite part of the song
  • “where they cut off your ear if they dont like your face! it’s barbaric but hey, its home!”
  • he acts out all the words, pretending for a moment that he only has one ear
  • Seven springs up from the couch as soon as the music starts
  • “Seven, what the hell are you-”
  • “gotta keep one jump ahead of the breadline”
  • Seven looked around frantically as if he was really being chased by the police
  • when MC stood up he backed away
  • so for the song MC took on the part of the police and chased Seven around the house for the duration of the song
  • “all i gotta do is juuuuuuump!”
  • and he jumps back onto the couch
  • then when A Whole New World starts he puts an arm around MC and pulls them close, gesturing to the ceiling with the other arm
  • “i can show you the world…”
  • so MC takes Jasmines part and he takes Aladdins
  • even thought they’re just in his living room, Seven can almost see the sky flying past them as they sing together
  • it really was a whole new world with MC


  • V freakin loves the little mermaid guys i just know he does
  • being so in love with someone you’d give up anything for them, even practically sell your soul
  • been there, done that…
  • he likes the story where it actually works out, though
  • he also loves Sebastian, that poor little crab just wants to protect Ariel
  • he usually doesnt really sing along with the music
  • but MC was singing as soon as Daughters of Triton started
  • “we are the daughters of triton”
  • V laughed
  • he decided to have some fun and join in
  • he’ll say the name of the girl and MC will sing their response
  • “Aquata”
  • “aaahh ahh ahhh!”
  • this continues until V sings
  • “and our sister Ariel”
  • and then him and MC both gasp, as if they were also surprised members of the audience
  • when V starts singing Part of Your World, its as if he unlocked a part of himself he didnt know was there
  • MC and him were both singing, until suddenly V grabbed MC’s hands and sing to them
  • “what would i give if i could live out of these waters?”
  • “what would i pay to spend a day warm on the sand?”
  • MC was so surprised at how sincere V seemed, they stopped singing
  • they really felt as if V wanted to be part of their world
  • and also at the end of “kiss the girl” after singing the song with MC V totally kisses them
  • thank god there were no eels to flip his couch over


  • this boy loves the lion king
  • he likes to imagine that he’s Simba and Seven is Zazu
  • especially at that one part when Simba asks how him and Nala are going to “ditch the dodo”
  • he also likes to imagine that he’s scar
  • scar is his favorite disney villain
  • Saeran loves singing I Just Can’t Wait to be King
  • his favorite line is 
  • “i’m working on my ROAR!”
  • he does his best lion roar
  • but honestly, nothing can compare to Be Prepared
  • he loves to be like 
  • “IDIOTS! I will be king! stick with me, and you’ll never go hungry again!!!”
  • he gets all in character for this song, acting all charismatic and evil 
  • he’ll be scar and MC does the hyenas parts
  • “and where do we feature?”
  • Saeran puts his arm around MC and lifts their chin up with his hand, looming over them
  • “just listen to teacher”
  • lololol Saeran loves being a mean lion


Colors (Da Ba Dee)
Halsey ft. Eiffel 65

In honor of the release of Badlands, I have mixed Halsey’s “Colors” with the classic song “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65. 

I kind of hate myself for making this, but here we are…. 


Downworlders Network Battlea look of one character from your species in the TV Show.  

You endure what is unbearable, and you bear it. That is all.”

when ikon confesses their real feelings about each other

lololol no hate just love guys!


hanbin: i want this to go smooth and no hard feelings. just the truㅡ

bobby: /blushing/I LOVE YOU HANBIN~~

jinhwan: oh god.

junhoe: jinan hyung is jealous.

jinhwan: shutup. bitch.

junhoe: jinhwan hyung is short lololol

jinhwan: youㅡ

donghyuk: i think..i think yunhyeong hyung is gay.

yunhyeong: what theㅡ

donghyuk: youre obsessed with tinted lipbalm. youve been attracted to chanwoo since he was introduced to us. you keep on claiming that hes your brother to get closㅡ

yunhyeong: shutup. your not cute. chanwoo is cuter.

donghyuk: /cries/

junhoe: okay. hanbin said that we should only say the truth. soㅡ

yunhyeong: I AM THE VISUAL.

junhoe: what theㅡ

chanwoo: um..imㅡ


yunhyeong: HEY IM YOUR HYUNG.

junhoe: I DONT CARE.

bobby: STOP. IM THE REAL VISUAL HERE. right hanbabe?

jinhwan: /sobs/

hanbin: /blushes/ definitely.


hanbin: youre not qualified.

junhoe: WHAT ABOUT ME??

hanbin: youre very underqualified. you dont have abs.

junhoe: wtf

yunhyeong: BUT I HAVE ABS.

hanbin: your abs is missing a pair. bobby has eight packs. °Q°

yunhyeong: thats not fair.

hanbin: but bobby said so.

yunhyeong: buㅡ

bobby: I LOVE YOU HANBIN!!♥♥♥

hanbin: I LOVE YOU TOO!! ♡♡♡

chanwoo: so everyone’s gonna ignore me as if i was invisible. ill tell ya guys the truth. junhoe is a b*tch obsessed with his reflection.

junhoe: im not aㅡ

chanwoo: hanbin hyung and bobby hyung are sooo attracted to each other and they forget about jinhwan hyung.

jinhwan: /ugly sobbing/ HE UNDERSTANDS HOW I FEEL.

chanwoo: donghyuk hyung is just kind.

donghyuk: /cries harder/

chanwoo: then yunhyeong hyung is very kind and he treats me as his own brother.

yunhyeong: I LOVE YOU BRO.

junhoe: he just wants toㅡ

chanwoo: no no let me finish for once. and im your duff.

everyone: WHAT THE HELL IS A ‘DUFF’???

chanwoo: designated ugly fat friend.

bobby: youre not a duff chanwoo.

chanwoo: /touched/

bobby: youre a dufm.


bobby: designated ugly fat member.

hanbin: /face palms/


lololol i love chanuuu~~ ♥♥♥♥