“Now when you call me… please call me Saeyoung. The name Saeyoung… it reminds me of the hardest times, but it was the only truthful moment i had.”

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#19 “Come home with me.” Asanoya or Grelliam (*´ω`*)


To his memory, it had always been Noya leading the way and taking charge between them.  Somehow they had gone from, “Let’s practice serve-receives!” to “Please tell me how you really feel about me!” to “Asahi-san, can I kiss you?”  

It reflected poorly on him, Asahi thought, for his junior to always have to take the initiative when he was the upperclassman—the ace, at that.  Love, like fortune, favors the bold, and it was time Asahi stepped forward.

Gently he took Noya’s hand in his own one day after school, and pleaded with earnest, “Noya… Come home with me?”


I tried anon, i really did. I hope this passes for ‘soft and cute’ lmao. Poor Frisk can’t catch a break.

and here’s a bonus panel as if this thing wasn’t long enough already: