I was tagged by my wife @lilacnamjoon and the cutest meme @jinsasleep so here is me and my boyfriend I mean what

I’m sorry I look half dead 🙃 we had to take Xmas selfies at work so that’s why I have fairy lights on me 😂

I’m tagging @kproperly @yoongi-exe @bapsve @moonwalkedn2myheart @httpkookies @sentimentalmp3 @kbounded @saveme-jin @animeincamelot and @cookiekenma 💖

  • Everyone Else's Route: *loves you* <3
  • Yoosung: *loves you with the satanist signs of Rika*
  • You/MC: I will fight you, young child.

I tried anon, i really did. I hope this passes for ‘soft and cute’ lmao. Poor Frisk can’t catch a break.

and here’s a bonus panel as if this thing wasn’t long enough already: