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Hey hon, its good to see your soft art after a long while. Hope everything's treating you fine ☺

Thank you!! 💙
Things are as good as can be, tomorrow is my last day of work and im not gonna be able to focus at all honestly bc i know vld season 3 is gonna completely and absolutely wreck me o(╥﹏╥)o

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ur profile picture is almost the same as my crush's profile picture on instagram, and everytime i see it in the corner of my eye my heart skips a beat

Originally posted by femininedivine

“What are these strange flying lights? They’re remarkable!”  

“You’ve never seen a firefly before? “

Ay thanks everyone who joined me in my stream, had a lot of fun with this one.
Fun fact: the flowers in the pic are ‘Lambertia Formosa’s’ or also known as ‘Honey flowers ‘  😎*finger guns*😎

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(I'm new here, so I apologize for this) but can you explain a little about the difference between Anti and Lil A? (Same with Dark and Lil D)

One is smol and one has knife fetish. (Lolol jk, he got bleeding throat)
One is cinnamon roll and one is wearing suit.


My Lego Johnny 5 is finally done, here are some photos, it is based on the version from the 2nd movie, I studied some lego designs online and decided to do my own version in lego digital designer, trying to match closely to the robots design from the movie. The hardest part was most likely finding proper parts for the “eyelids” which ended up being two black “cabinet doors”

The robot is roughly 30 cm tall, and yes falls apart pretty much as soon as you touch it, hahahah jk lolol!

Short video of it

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Akashi and fox please? Thank you ^-^

Where is the paw? lolol jk hehe ^^ This is fox akashi for you hope you liked it~

sorry it’s been too long i didn’t draw anything related to knb like 2 years? so kinda weird drawing him again lol but he is my precious bby :’3

Added revised version

Other 🐾 characters:

Bunny!Jumin | Wolf!Jumin | Puppy!Yoosung | Fox!Akashi | Frog!Midorima | Bunny!Zen

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i can't believe jk is THAT bf who hates asking for directions lmao

lolol jimin knows jk is usually 100% confident about things but only 70% accurate and jk just wanted jm to give him! that 30% of his trust !! 

i feel jimin though; jungkook shouldn’t have lead them in the wrong direction that first time smh there are many ways to give jm high blood pressure but boi getting lost in the middle of a foreign country is not the way 😩👏

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soooooooo a little bird told me you are starting another klance animatic??????? and lotor may be involved??????????? :DD

i can neither confirm nor deny, lovely anon lolol

*whispers* jk it’s totally true but i’m not very far into the drawing process at all yet so it might be a while until it’s done

spoiler alert - here’s a sneaky lil lotor back for ya ;)

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Can I suggest a hc? What if the RFA boys find out that MC got threatened by someone and now is looking for any excuse to stay at home and is really uncomfortable going out?

 A/N this is kind of long, so please bare with me! For Jumin I did a nice plot twist ~ Remember if you’re in need or you’ve just had a bad day, feel free to talk with me, okay?


  • when he got a promotion in his singing career, you were the first person he texted
  • [Zen] chakiraa~ got the promotion! ;) 
  • [You] congrats!! xo
  • [Zen] out to dinner. Steakhouse? its all on me. 
  • you literally felt you heart stop a little
  • no.. you thought
  • this would be with zen
  • you wouldn’t be alone
  • but still
  • remembering that stranger’s hands around your hips as he groped you on the metro just
  • [You] listen.. there’s this essay i rly have to finish and it’s due by midnight.. maybe next time?
  • [Zen] aww! i can tell that teacher that you have a special night off if you’d like!
  • your heart throbbed
  • he was so sweet
  • without thinking, you wrote a text back
  • [You] no way really? i guess i can g-
  • sent
  • before you knew it you heard your doorbell ring
  • crap, you literally looked like a piece of shit
  • you hadn’t left the house for two months, but you never told him
  • he thought, according to your texts, you were eating 3 meals a day and went out to exercise
  • oh no
  • he had your room key
  • “Baabe~ you ready? Sorry I had to open the door myself.. you weren’t responding.” 
  • his voice was sweet as honey as he called to you
  • but you ran to your room and were struggling to put on some clothes that weren’t stained in sauce or shit and quickly applied some makeup that you never wore to hide your eye bags
  • when you got out you greeted him with a tighter-than-usual hug
  • he was surprised as he embraced you just as tightly
  • “So.. are you ready?” he inquired gently
  • you completely forgot about the text
  • “U-um.. about that, Zen.. you see I was going to tell you, but there was this one time when I went out and got myself hurt, so I feel that just if I did it again the same thing would happen, you know?” you felt yourself blabbering on, laughing nervously trying desperately to shake it off
  • he gave you all the time to explain what happened
  • hesitating, you looked down at the ground
  • suddenly he lifted your chin 
  • and collided his lips with yours
  • he just stood there, your face cupped in his hands
  • you could feel his care burning through him as he hugged you
  • he let go, panting- then replied, “You’ll be safe with me, MC. I won’t let them hurt you.”
  • you were tearing up; you never had anyone care this much about you
  • “Zen..” your voice was full of choked tears and lust
  • he ran his fingers thoroughly through your hair, then rested his eyes on yours
  • “I’ll always be by your side,” he whispered 


  • he had invited you to the movies to watch a romance film
  • when he got up to get some more popcorn and left the theater quickly
  • without realizing it you felt your hands go forcefully behind your back 
  • you could distinguish muffled grunts
  • “Shh. We don’t have lots of time; hurry up and get to the restroom.”
  • the bathroom
  • you were being dragged to the men’s bathroom??
  • you were frantic at this point
  • you tried to scream for help but the gag on your mouth was secure
  • in a few minutes you could see a surprisingly bright light shone on you
  • you were strapped down on a chair
  • there was a group of men in the corner of the room..??
  • one of them turned their heads and had a scalpel in one hand
  • “Let this be a sign to him. Kid owes me somethin he shoulda payed long time ago.” 
  • “D-do I know you?!”
  • “Shhh.. this won’t hurt. It’ll just hurt a lot.”
  • your expression was of frozen fear as he placed the small knife onto your bare skin near your neck
  • nibble nibble
  • blood was dripping down your shirt and a streak of red was fairly visible above your chest
  • the man let you go, cue you dropping to the ground, taking in deep breaths to calm you down
  • he let out a bloodcurdling laugh 
  • he grabbed your arm and before you knew it you were back in the same place you were 15 minutes ago; the movie theater seat
  • Yoosung’s face was shocked
  • “MC..? What happened to you?”
  • you tried to cover it up with some napkins, saying it was just fruit juice
  • unfortunately he could tell you were lying and took you back home

  • “Yoosung,” you said to him a few days after the incident, “There’s something I need to tell you.”
  • “Who was that man? What was he doing? How did he know me? Wh-”
  • “Yoosung, please.” he apologized quickly and let you continue
  • you described everything the man did to you in terrifying detail as you gripped an ice pack
  • his face tightened in worry
  • he reached forward, making you drop your ice pack
  • embracing you tightly
  • oops you couldnt breathe
  • “I can’t go back out again,” you whispered
  • he didn’t reply, he just hugged you longer
  • you stood in that position and curled up in the sofa
  • he told you all the stupid things he did when he was young until you calmed down 
  • you fell asleep together in a bundle 


  • it was a bowling night for the RFA boys
  • man did this guy go all out
  • hitting strike by strike oml
  • you loved watching him scream when he missed one pin
  • but it was kind of like -
  • stuffy …
  • so you just walked out to get fresh air, no problem
  • when you came back you rushed to the bathroom, a look of haunted fear in your eyes after what you just saw
  • seven noticed immediately something was wrong when you didn’t come back 
  • so he walked into the bathroom (fuck it) and found you sprawled in one of the stalls, crying your poor eyes out
  • he didn’t ask what was wrong
  • he just
  • put his hand on your head and rubbed it
  • sat down next to you
  • and let you pour the whole incident out of your mouth
  • “I-it was a man, Seven.. he killed two children just because I didn’t come with him..”
  • “Shhh..” Seven brushed his hand over your lips and wrapped his arm comfortingly around your shoulder
  • it was a terrible night for both of you


  • he can see through all of your smiles and lies
  • when he asked you why you were wearing a fucking coat in summer during one of the only RFA meetings you’d attended (let’s just say)
  • you laughed giddily and just told him that you were trying to make a new fashion trend
  • Yoosung laughed, thinking it was actually a joke
  • but no 
  • he clutched your wrist and took you to the outside hall, abandoning the other members in confusion
  • “J-Jumin..?! St-stop! That hur-”
  • “I knew it.” his eyes were cold fire, burning with anger
  • he narrowed his eyes at you, then tore off you coat, revealing cuts and bleeding scratches all over your arms
  • you gasped in surprise and snatched the coat away from your arms and put it back on hastily
  • “Now now, Jumin.. don’t be so rough,” you laughed nervously, not meeting his gaze
  • “You lied, MC. You said you would stop cutting yourself.” 
  • “I did!” you protested, “someone just, er, did it to me.”
  • Jumin clucked his tongue
  • he asked Assistant Kang to end the meeting for “health purposes” as you weren’t feeling well
  • he made you come to his penthouse and let you use his bath and helped you clean your many self inflicted wounds that were scattered across your arm, from your wrist all the way to your shoulder
  • he was brisk but there was a gentle air around him as he fixed you up, which you admired so fucking much
  • as he washed your shoulder ridden with scars you reached up and planted a sweet kiss on his lips
  • startled little bean
  • turns red soon after
  • “Your face is like a tomato, Jumin.”
  • “No it’s not.”
  • “Now who’s the one lying?” you laugh and kiss him more and this time he returns it