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RFA + singing in shower

Okay I am so sorry it took so long and sorry for being inactive lately 😔 . Things were hard for me. But here you go! 😊


 - You came back from grocery shopping in a sacred mission to get some snacks you and yoosung were out. Everything was normal at least you thought it was. Welp you were wrong. You heard someone yelling in your house.

- The sound came from bathroom.

- … and it was your boyfriend singing.

- If you catched him singing you bet it was something alike to LOLOL soundtrack with lyrics. I do believe he knows by heart all of the words. Or something he sings to motivated himself before the match begins.

 - ,, Who is the best LOLOL player in the world? YOOSUNG!” (yay references everywhere) he yells from shower tube.

 - No one could resist laughing to that even you.

 - OH BOI is he embarassed.

 - Probably went Red As Tomato™

 - He might wanted to run away from here and accidently slipped on a wet floor.

 - Now he is even more embarassed and even mutilated

 - ,, Y/N I… I am so sorry-‘’

 - ,, Shh thats okay now lets see what happened to your leg”

 - In the end of the day you both cuddle on a couch eating mentioned before snacks ( cheesy puffs hooray!) Just dont tease him about it and he is going to be okay.

 - He still sings but before he do. He has to ensure you are not around.

 - Tho you still know he is singing. Yoosung singing is priceless.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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 - Lets be honest here he sings probably while sleeping.

- He is shameless with his singing and oh boi is he right i mean look at that narcisstic guy.

 - You were sleeping as Zen came earlier from work. He didnt want to wake you up but.. ( i think he cant resist singing)

 - So you got up to do your morning routine  dress up, brush your hair and finally brush your teeth.

 - Were you confused when you saw your grey haired man standing there singing that

,, I have to be someone to protect you my little princess ;)” definetly something about you and definetly something sappy.

 - He was going to start another song but then he noticed you.

 - Then his confidence would lower down i am sure about that.

 - ,,Oh babe how long have you been here standing”  hah..

 - ,, You .. got… AN AMAZING VOICE ZEN! ” you screamed.

 - ( but what is up with those lines.Still hot tho)

 - Hyun was very proud of himself right now.

 - Probably sings more often right know.

 - Making breakfast BAM singing ( if you REALLY REALLY please him you and your boyfriend will sing Bacon Pancakes) doing dishes BAM singing. Driving in the car? Heck its now yours both musical.

 - He loves when you want to sing with him but he is okay if you dont like singing. He respect that.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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- Well thats intresting trust fund kid singing hmm

 - Working in the giant Corporation like C&R is quite exhausting so when he got home he decided to take a refreshing shower. It always helped him to relax.

 - I dont know what were you doing probably you wanted to ask him a question about guest he suggested to invite to party.

- It is too late now.

 - You saw him dancing and singing Baku Baku Nya Nya song OR CANT HUG EVERY CAT.

 - When he noticed you he freezed.

 - Probably didnt talk to about that accident all day ( probably all life)

 - He gets really cold by that thinking that was embarassing.

 - You better pretend you didnt saw his true form.

 - Trust me on this one.

- He just dont want to be a fool in your eyes.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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 - Jaehee wouldnt be herself if she didnt sang songs from Zen’s musical.

 - Knowing her she sings while pretending she is on scene ( she just wanted to see how it is to play a certain character)

 - and then you showed in the door while she was in half of her rehersal.

 - First she is dead inside.

 - How could she let you see her like that..

 - Thinks you are going to make fun of her.

 - You came closer her.

 - ,,Jeahee why dont we pretend together ? ”

 - Hehe i will let you imagine what you want ~

 - JK i meant you both fangirl over something then pretend you are some sort of character.

 - You have great time with her.

 - If you got in some fandom welp you both are falling in it.

 - I mean i know she likes musicals but what if she likes anime or serials? (or even cartoons?!)

 I will have to make headcanons about Jaehee fangirling with Y/N definetly

Gif that shows how she feels about it:

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 - Am I predictable? He sings You reposted in the wrong neighbourhood.

 - When you saw him you were like Wow that hot :D

 - You just wanted to see what takes him so long? What if he drowned.

 - So you just peeked and..

 - You cant believe your ears.

 - I am not sure there are 2 options.

 1.    You pretend you didnt heard that and go back just dissapointed in your boyfriend


- He frigcking loves you.

Gif that shows how he feels about it:

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I decided to do this one with gifs :3

@yuri-on-a-messenger i hope you like it!(and i hope @ stuff works)

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Could you do the rfa+minor trio with an MAC who really likes cars??

A/N: Sometimes i wish i would have taken another year of auto body in high school but i didnt *sigh* also i have a huge lady boner for classic cars so idk if i’ll play on that sorry not sorry ~Admin 404


           -Knows nothing about cars, new or old

           -But he’s seen you and Saeyoung talk about some of his cars and you seemed so passionate about it!

           -He really just wanted to impress you, and like the same things as you!

           -So he literally pulls out a random car manual when you come around the next time

           -“Ah, I see! That’s a really nice looking…. trans…mission. And wow would you look at those… uh… *Brings book closer to face* …windshield wipers.”

           - yoosung what even

           -“I’m sorry!! You just look really happy when you talk about cars with Saeyoung and I just thought maybe you’d like me more if I knew cars but I really have no interest in them at all! Look at how complicated they are!! WHAT DOES A TRANSMISSION EVEN DO???”

           -He throws the book down onto the table, his face following close behind it

           -You run your hand through his hair and when you laugh he shoots his head back up to look at you

           -“Yoosung, you don’t have to be into cars like I am for me to like you?? Just be yourself, ya big dork! I like you for your animal-loving, LOLOL-playing self<3” and i swear to god he turned to putty in your hands. Completely attached himself to you for the rest of the day but it was honestly kinda cute???


           -You’re into cars??? He’s into bikes!!!

           -While he thought that would be amazing, he was wrong

           -The two of you have very strong feelings on which is better

           -“Just try driving my car once! ONCE! It’ll be fine!”


           -So he tried driving your car in an empty parking lot. He killed it. Multiple times


           -He doesn’t like it

           -Prefers the two of you take his bike instead unless you’re driving the car

           -“But MC! You look really hot on my bike! Are you sure you want to take the car? What do you mean you love the car? But not as much as me though, right? Right?? MC!”


           -Here’s the extent of Jaehee’s car knowledge: Something feels wrong with car –> Take car to auto shop

           -Okay I’m not giving her enough credit, I’m sure she knows how to change her oil and at least how to change a tire

           -When the two of you are talking about interests and you mentioned cars, she’s internally cheering


           -She really likes learning though, so she asks you to help her learn different aspects of the engine, and how to do a few quick fixes

           -Watched you change one of her headlights once and spent hours trying to change the other one on her own

           -Denied all offers for help, she wanted to LEARN on her OWN, GET AWAY FROM ME MC

           -Once she got it, you praised her like crazy and she felt great?? Like she learned how to fix something and you’re giving her all this recognition and just, it’s an amazing feeling

           -Always out there to help you fix something, one time she brought a notepad and some pens and took notes

           - shes so cute omg


           -“MC, get in your car. I have a date planned for us- I’ll drive”

           -“Stay the fuck away from of my car”

           -He’ll try to buy you literally ANY car you want

           -Old, new, restored, a fixer-upper, whatever you want

           -Pouts every time you won’t let him drive them though


           -So he tries to spoil you with the newest and coolest car parts

           -That new engine you’ve been eyeing? He’ll get it for you. Fuck, he’ll get you SEVEN of them

           -He actually really admires your love for cars though?? Like he lowkey wishes he knew how to do something so hands-on and mechanical

           -When you’re under one of your cars on a dolly (and he’s sure that you won’t get hurt), he’ll push the dolly out from under the other side of the car and pretend he didn’t see you there and practically bug you for attention because you’ve been under there all day



           -The first time he sent a photo of his babies to you, you freaked out

           -You started naming them, spitting out their stats left and right, ranking which one you thought was the best and which one wasn’t as good as the rest


           -The two of you go for rides at least once a day

           -The two of you are always spoiling them. Always buying a ton of accessories, washing them- he’s caught you hugging some of them lovingly once totally did not join you

           -Saeran has found the two of you sleeping in a few of them sometimes

           -Y'all communicate by honking sometimes. Completely pisses Saeran off. Then the two of you just honk every time he tries to tell you off. Saeyoung thinks it’s the funniest thing but his brother vows to get back at the two of you

           -“Let’s take this one today!” “Are you kidding???? No!! This one needs more love!” “SHIT YOU’RE RIGHT”

           -He seriously has to get you your own garage down the road though because your love for cars rivals his


           -Your passion is what really gets him in all honesty

           -The way your face lights up, the sparkle in your eyes, he just loves it all so much, MC


           -“Pose on top of that car”

           -“You want me to what?”

           -He takes amazing photos of your babies so you can frame them and show them off (when you aren’t driving them)

           -But he also takes those sexy car model-type photos of you and the cars so he can keep them for himself

           -What did you expect MC? You’re amazing, and so are your cars, he wants the two to intermingle

           -Also has tons of photos of you with a dirty face after working on your babies because you’re just! So! Cute!

           -He’ll put the camera down to help you every now and then though! You want a wrench! He’ll hand it to you! v sweetheart that’s the wrong tool, i need that one. no not that one. yes that one. no not that size


           -Oh no

           -You’ve got a car obsession like his brother? Shit.

           -He’s been sucked into races between you and his brother and he hATES THE BOTH OF YOU


           - says he hates the both of you for racing but the adrenaline rush actually hits him pretty hard, he likes it

           -There have been times that he has to physically pry you off of your car because you’ve been clinging to it

           -If you’re working on something under the hood, he’ll mess with you by honking the horn

           -“IT WASN’T ME. Maybe you touched something!! Don’t fuck up the car!” you lil bitch i know i didn’t touch anything

           -He does admit that some of the classic cars are his favourite to look at. Like a 1967 Chevy Impala? BEAUTIFUL. 1971 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am? Y E S

           - mc lets fuck in every single one of your backseats


The library au continues. Where Eren borrows books without even looking at what they’re about so he has an excuse to talk to Levi, the new librarian. I am going to end up continuing writing this, likely with lame book puns/pickup lines.

Saeran x MC - Unworthy (read until finished to avoid confusion)

!! Warning !! tiny bits of spoilers from seven’s route && might use some vulgar language to get in the angsty mood. (fyi i dont swear that much irl) and yes the angst continues~

side note : in this saeran is still working for mint eye, but is really close to MC (in a good friend way and doesnt want to hurt MC) And this will be a long one so sit back and enjoy~

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A Shelagh & Trixie friendship in 1963 pls pls pls with a cherry on top

Don’t ask me why I randomly thought about this at 2am and decided to make a post about it because I seriously don’t know (like why am I not asleep? I have class in the morning) but ANYWAY -  if you’re bored, read this and hear me out..

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Y!!!OI Spread - AniWave (27th January 2017 Edition) Translations

Hi! I’m back with some translations! I just got back home at around 11:30pm on the 1st and I’ve been working on this since last night so yes, it’s finally here! It’s somewhat lengthier than the SAO translations due to this interview piece being around three pages long in the magazine. I just bought the latest copy yesterday afternoon and scans of the cover will be up by tomorrow. But for now, this is the Yuri!!! On Ice Interview with Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Yuuri), Suwabe Junichi (Viktor), Uchiyama Kouki (Yuri) and Hatano Wataru (Georgi Popovich)! The headline roughly reads Figure Skating Pretty Boys [下]. Since there was an interview with the first three voice actors mentioned last issue, this could be taken as a continuation / finale. 

The subtitle below the main header states that “last week’s article wasn’t enough to cover everything, so this week’s issue reveals the rest of the information!

This does not feature translations of every single question otherwise it would take an awfully long time for this post to be complete and I’m sure no one wants to read a three page long translation piece. If anybody else wants to add on to translations for questions and answers I did not include feel free to reblog this with your own additions. Note that I am not the best at Chinese despite being of that race myself, so please excuse my errors! I am a young student aiming to improve so this is good practice and hopefully this will appease you YOI fans.

Translations under the cut!

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ao3 (yoosung/reader, mature)

The dim lamp light is a comforting welcome when Yoosung opens the door. He takes his shoes off as quickly as possible, not bothering to change his clothes and face-plants himself right into his bed.

‘Hahh, so tired,’ he groans. Patting his pockets down, he fumbles around for his phone and brings it up to his face, wondering if you’ve called him. Swiping the screen, he grimaces at the glaring light and lowers the brightness.

‘It’s late… but maybe I can be a bit selfish and call her? Gah, I shouldn’t, she’s probably already asle-’

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💌: to my mutuals

did u eat today? make sure to eat food and drink water! how are u? i hope ure doing well and i want u to know that im really proud of u! no matter what u did or didnt do, im still proud of u. just the fact that u exist and i am able to be friends with u amazes me! ❣️ i love u all w my heart and i want u to know that! when u have tough times or happy times, im always here for u! u are all so amazing in different ways and i love u all, flaws and perfections 💖💗

-love vivi

what tickles me

i love all my comments on my fanfics (i do!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💗😁), even now in hindsight the only negative comment i received (re outrage on my put-down of public works and my expanding the parameters of a prompt when filling it) as it is actually hilarious.

this week i received a complimentary comment re a title of one of my works (comment on first chapter of my multi-chapter fanfic). i was absolutely tickled that it appears that the commenter only read the title and had to comment on it! I am still grinning about it!

“Lolol I love this for the title alone.”

And the title being “Stannis, Tall and Plain.”

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Also I just re-read your high school au and I was confused as to why Saeran's felt so familiar and then it hit Me-Hikaru and Kaoru did something similar in OHSHC and I started crying bc they're all twins???? And redheads????? I'm crying Ams this is too damn funny. (Jaehee is Mori fight me. NC is Honey bc IM ATTACHED TO HER) I apologize if noticing the similarities caused you any discomfort, but the idea of a crossover was too good to pass up and I wanted to share the logic behind it. <3 ~Tex

Are you kidding me, Tex?? I ///love/// the ouran aus lolol

I didn’t even think of that?? Like that’s something both twins would do? (I agree jaehee is mori and I love her) what a good eye!

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I'm assuming you wrote "Seoul Train"? Anyways, omg the quote "Mina had a habit of running her tongue under her sharper canine teeth on the left side of her mouth. To others, including Momo, it looked like she was constantly licking her lips. And this made Momo even more nervous than usual" is so true. ur rly observant

Yes, I am the author! Lolol, pretty sure in real life she’s just licking her lips. I was just doing what I do best and adding details to reality for my fics. But thank you~ ^^

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How do you think the RFA would act like drunk/high for the first time?

(umm PSA I’ve never been drunk or high I’ve just drank some alcohol and yeah don’t blame me if this isn’t accurate sorry)


  • High
    • he probably just lays there
    • with mouth agape
    • he’s astral projecting somewhere in his mind but he doesn’t even know where
    • he starts talking about LOLOL?? talking about how he’s going to kiss the creator of LOLOL??
  • Drunk
    • “alcohol?? pfff of course I know what that is ummm there’s… beer and…. wine and…. winebeer….”
    • he takes a sip of beer and doesn’t really like it
    • he downs a can just to show everyone he can do it
    • a chatty drunk
    • he talks so much? he exposes like 89 secrets he had never admitted before


  • High
    • completely lost
    • “where… am I? is it midnight?”
    • no jaehee you’re in your house and it’s three in the evening
    • she bakes cookies while high because honestly she has to keep herself occupied
    • she loses herself inside her house somehow
  • Drunk
    • she didn’t think she’d have so much wine
    • but she kinda forgot wine had alcohol and just. bam downed like seven glasses
    • she also talks a lot while drunk
    • she doesn’t stand up because her knees are kinda weak
    • she ends up falling asleep in the table


  • High
    • probably takes a weed that’s way too potent for a first timer
    • he lays on the floor of his house with eyes wide open
    • he’s seeing some shit ok
    • he doesn’t even talk
    • also he takes 1,900 selfies in this state and they’re all the same
    • 1,900 selfies of Zen on the floor with a blunt in his mouth 
  • Drunk
    • all the cool kids are drinking so Zen must drink too
    • he downs a can of beer and he’s feeling fine so he downs another one
    • and another one
    • he actually isn’t too bad drunk his first time
    • he just leans on people too much 
    • and when he texts his friends they all think he’s trying to flirt with them


  • High
    • he starts giggling as he pets Elizabeth
    • he doesn’t know why?? it’s just so funny??
    • Elizabeth ends up jumping from his lap and going out the room and he starts tearing up a bit
    • honestly he laughs and cries at everything 
    • it’s like his emotions show when he’s high
  • Drunk
    • The Most Straight Faced Drunk
    • even though it’s his first time drinking wine he knows two things
    • 1- he loves it
    • 2- he has to keep his mouth shut
    • of course he ends up talking stupid crap
    • but he says all that nonsense with a complete poker face
    • suggests 3 new cat projects


  • High
    • he’s so amazed by everything around him for some reason
    • his walls??? omg WOW!! the carpet?? aMAZING!!
    • he drags vanderwood into the room
    • and starts talking whack
    • mostly off-the-wall conspiracy theories involving Jumin being gay for some reason
  • Drunk
    • he takes three shots of pure vodka
    • so he stands up from his seat
    • and proceeds to trip on his own feet
    • knocks himself out smh

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donghans & jeo-jang?


Do they follow me: Yes | No

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: I’m so happy there’s a donghan biased blog like ??? i felt like even though he did so well on pd101 he was underrated :( she also stans the mmo boys which is awesome bc i absolutely love them with all my heart (literally as much as nuest lol) she says her gifs are shitty but it’s not~ i am amazed (very quality, much clear lolol) and her blog is v aesthetic and so pretty!


Do they follow me: Yes | No

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: asdfghjlhovwo i got so happy when i saw the cute video game console theme :))) and i just spent the past 15 minutes reading through the tags on her posts bc i can relate (+ we both think of ourselves as the lame mutuals who suck at conversations omg) and they’re funny as well! i can’t wait to see more of their gifs! (srsly how do y’all make ur gifs so clear ???)



I pity Zen so much huhuh even if I’m laughing every time I log in lolol sorry Zen! I seriously don’t know what to do with this dlc if I should follow the prank or side with Zen 😭😭

(This is supposed to be an art blog for mm and other stuffs I play even if I can’t do art properly why am I doing this here 😂)

Credits by me. (LIAH)♥
Please do not steal♥

Mookoto and GirRin♡ pyjama kareshis lolol xD thanks to the official art, I am able to draw my babies again♡♡♡♡♡

On another note, 기린-girin(not with a ‘j’ sound) actually means Girrafe in Korean xD lol! Mookoto♡GirRin ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

so i logged in to twitter and my TL blessed me with this

I don’t speak Japanese so I can’t tell you what the tweet says (if you understand what it says I’d be grateful if you told me so I could add it to this post), but in the short video they attached there’s a comparison/edit of Yuuri and Victor’s dance to a real figure skaters pair routine to Stammi Vicino. Click here to go watch it, it blew me away!

It matches up a little bit too perfect, right? Obviously, they were not skating to Stammi Vicino in real life, in fact, these people are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, professional figure skaters, and this is their GPF 2016 Free Skate routine (yes, it happened less than a month ago, can you believe?!). 

I can’t help it but imagine MAPPA team, Yamamoto-sensei and Kubo-sensei watching GPF, seeing them skating and being like, “This is it. This is the shit. We’re referencing it, it’s totally Victor and Yuuri’s dance”.

Obviously, they didn’t just remake the whole thing, you can see it’s different from what we saw in anime, but still I believe they were heavily inspired by this performance. I mean, even the face touch is there! 

I am very very impressed by the amount of work and attention creators had put into this anime. 

Edit: I beg you, do not leave any comment under that video saying “omg so Yuuri and Victor lolol”, please respect and treat them as professionals as they are. Although inspiration might’ve been taken from this routine for YoI, this routine is a different one! Please respect the skaters ♥


aaah now that it’s winter break, i want to practice a bit more with art ; u ;
i suck at poses and ¾ views as well as backgrounds, so hopefully this will help me improve huhu

i’ll be lining + coloring this and posting frequent wips on my twitter where i ramble about dumb things lolol velour isn’t my fav fe:if character (tho i like her) but i think she’s really fun to draw haha !! (´∀`)♡