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Throwback to the 2nd ever MM fanart I did with this…because I find it highly relevant right now.

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so this was what i’ve been doing the entire past couple of days. dont look at me

animating Sans was fun ‘cause he doesn’t need lip-syncing (lol) so I could focus more on his expressions instead ( -v-)b

audio/insp from here!


I’m Zuho 😂😂

@cityescape4 heres ur request [from this post] from ages ago hello sorry for the wait LOL

simmons is FUCKING PISSED. what did grif do?? probably not the laundry!!?!?

this makes up for me not drawing them during red team week oops


Finally I made myself a child unit!
(Look at all those beta-haircuts lol)

Here’s some short trivia about her

  • She adores cute things like her mother, but doesn’t admit it (and fails)
  • Also can’t handle compliments
  • probably a tsundere
  • Has high respect for the Nohrian Royals + Generals of the Nohrian Army
  • She strong
  • Very confident, while her mother is a little shy pie
  • Mercenary class - prefers close combat

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Not this smile there was a smile at the beginning of this exact scene with his teeth showing it was so cute keep pausing at the beginning you'll see it, it happens so fast right after nina growls :3

Ok, now I know why no one posted it yet, dear

You won’t believe how much time I needed to pause this part to actually be able to get this! Lmao but here you have it ~

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Hello! I wanted to get a reaction from the S&M brothers for their S/O being part anthousai (flower nymph)? Sorry if that's a weird request >.< But I love your blog so far!

Thank you, hopefully I had the right idea while writing this too lolol. It was pretty interesting reading about nymphs as well, Greek mythology is always a fun read!


Ayato: Ayato would be annoyed and displeased with your heritage. Rather than spending time with him, you would much rather care for the flowers and plants in the garden. He despised how you were always more focused on them than him.

Laito: How interesting, Nymphs were known for their lack of chastity. He would view you as someone with loose morals, and will use that as an opportunity to try and bed you, much to your alarm and horror.

Kanato: He’d be quite curious at first, but he would quickly lose interest. Kanato is not one for nature and would rather be inside most of the time. He throws endless tantrums whenever you would rather spend your time outside in the wilderness than with him.

Shu: Shu would be a little shocked that you are a hybrid, but he wouldn’t really care for the most part. As long as you didn’t irritate him too much, and your blood tasted decent, he couldn’t care less about what you were.

Reiji: The fact that you are a hybrid intrigues him greatly. In his free time he typically asks you questions about your heritage, and occasionally asks you to demonstrate your abilities.

Subaru: Subaru has no interest in what you are, and will pay little attention to you unless you frequently hang around him. If you do, he will use violent means to get you to leave him alone, or just suck your blood.


Ruki: Nymphs are known to be quite fickle when it comes to intimate relationships. Therefore, he is always very suspicious of your day to day activities.

Kou: Kou would offer you all sorts of flowers and bouquets in an attempt to get you to like him. If he finds that it is not working, or he is not getting anything in return, he will react violently. Why is he putting so much effort into you if you’re not doing the same?

Yuma: He wouldn’t care but he does appreciate the mutual like for wildlife. If he’s in a good mood he will ask you to help him with his garden work.

Azusa: Azusa wouldn’t be very interested in your background and would be more occupied thinking of ways you can hurt him. Although, he would find your creation abilities enchanting to watch.

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since you said you do watch anime, can i request rfa+v and saeran reactions to mc whos an otaku. like constantly watching anime and well.. you know the drill of getting yourself in the dark hole of animes lolol tysm 🙏🏻

Thank you for your request! I had way too much fun writing this because just the thought them walking into my room, looking at me huddled under the blanket fangirling was hilarious.

Contains spoilers, but I made them incredibly subtle so if you get them, props to you!

Zen: Would honestly be amazed how deep a hole you can dig yourself into when you find a new anime you like to watch. He wouldn’t admit it, but he would become jealous when you start talking about your new favourite anime boy or waifu.
“How could I get beaten by something not real??”
A mystery he’ll never be able to solve.

Yoosung: He’s the type to get addicted at the speed of light. He would rather like anime but not so much as you do, so when you ask him to watch (for example) One Piece with you, he really likes it. You tell him how you’ll watch with him again tomorrow but when the next day arrives, the dark circles under his eyes are clear.
“What happened???”
“I watched it all…. all 600 episodes…”
Who knows how he did it, he just…did? Magic.

Jaehee: She would prefer the more realistic side of entertainment with dramas and movies however she would respect your joy in anime. When you rope her into watching one anime with you, it’s the amazing Utapri. She may or may not begin to sink deep and get addicted to the dancing boys.

Jumin: Was always reading manga along with you, with his head on your lap and the phone hovering in near his eyes. He would comment how they all look the same however when you start reading a manga filled with mystery or a manhwa… filled with cats like Nineteen-Twenty One, he can’t help but become hooked and in the car everyday he’ll be reading, adoring every single kitten. He wouldn’t be too bothered by your hobbies and would join you when he had the time.

707: This kid has probably seen too many anime to count and would watch everything with you however the one bad thing about that is that he’d probably spoil everything.
“Oh yeah I remember this now! Meiko dies here, maybe, not really.”
He sees your ‘get hooked on anime for hours’ phase completely normal as he’d do the same thing.

V: Enjoys listening to you talk about what you read, watch or play as he can just hear the enthusiasm from your voice. No matter what you do, as long as you’re happy, V will be happy as well. Although when it’s been four days and you haven’t left the house, he’ll probably have to do something about your addiction.