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Finally I made myself a child unit!
(Look at all those beta-haircuts lol)

Here’s some short trivia about her

  • She adores cute things like her mother, but doesn’t admit it (and fails)
  • Also can’t handle compliments
  • probably a tsundere
  • Has high respect for the Nohrian Royals + Generals of the Nohrian Army
  • She strong
  • Very confident, while her mother is a little shy pie
  • Mercenary class - prefers close combat

Jumin Han

Mystic Messenger Playlists


~I had way too much fun with this lolol. Jumin is such a pimp I swear. That big ego, the money, the fact that he gives 0 fucks at any given moment. He’s so great. I’ll probably add more to this spotify throughout the course of time but for now here ya go.

  1. I Don’t Fuck With You by Big Sean
  2. Hustlin’ by Rick Ross
  3. Look At Me Now by Chris Brown
  4. Skin by Rhianna
  5. Check by Young Thug
  6. Versace by Migos
  7. Old Money by Lana Del Rey
  8. Know Yourself by Drake
  9. Lolita by Lana Del Rey
  10. What’s The Difference by Dr. Dre
  11. Wait (the whisper song) by Ying Yang Twins

WATCH_DOGS  Jb “Defalt” Markowicz
                              [ T H E_ B L A C K H A T_ T R A N S M I S S I O N ]

Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 8)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Recommended you’ve played at least one of Zen, Yoosung, or Seven’s route due to small spoilers.

Shit. An icy hand grips your insides. You try to slam the door shut, but the intruder – Unknown, whatever his name is – thrusts his leg in its path and forces it back open. You almost fall over at the strength behind his shove and scramble to regain your footing, pushing off of the wall and running to the kitchen. There has to be a knife, o-or a frying pan… anything you can use to defend yourself…

The intruder is in the doorway to the kitchen just as you pull out a knife and brandish it in front of you with both hands. Goddammit, it’s your bread knife. The rounded tip and serrated edge do little to make you look menacing. Why had you spent all your excess time cooking and reading instead of studying judo or self-defense?

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- it’s alright even if you think nothing of me anymore. i love you. you’re my number one.

- …me too, steven.


i just couldn’t get this au out of my head, the characters/symbolism fit so well, i honestly wanted to draw every frame of this scene omg

doodle bonus: 


((One word that comes to mind with these two is ‘Passion’. Both being extremely affectionate and vocal of these these traits, they’re one of the closest couples out there. They create an insatiable flame of tender emotion that continues to gnaw at them both. But in a good way. Not only do they share similar likes and dislikes, but they also share strengths and weaknesses. Together, they both make each other stronger, and learn to cope with their flaws. ))


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Poke Minho Time  (∩▂∩)  Minho’s fanboys pointing out what they think is his best feature~

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