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Falling - Unknown/MC College AU Fluff Fanfic

The higher you build walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone tears them down.

Sooo… I got very distracted while trying to write the last chapter of EP and… wrote two Unknown fics instead? The first one is unfinished, and the other one is this, a strange college AU lol. I’d actually like to do more with this setting if I get time…

Warning: Spoilers concerning Unknown & Seven’s route below

Summary: College AU where Saeran and Saeyoung are roommates both studying computer science and MC lives on the same floor. 13+ total fluff lol. Spoilers if you haven’t played Seven’s route yet (if you couldn’t already tell whoops).

“Saeyoung’s not here,” Saeran tells the girl standing in the doorway of the dorm room he shares with his brother.

“I… know,” she says, shifting her weight. “I wanted to talk to you, actually. Do you mind if I come in?”

A little confused, he opens the door wider to let her in and then closes it behind her. Usually she brings her laptop with her and sits on the floor by Saeyoung’s bed to go over assignments and concepts she doesn’t understand, but today she hasn’t brought anything and instead perches on the edge of Saeran’s bed beside his laptop.

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RFA+v/saeran reacting to weaboo mc?


~OK he never had time to get into anime because between college and LOLOL 
~He’s actually trying his hardest to adult
~But when he finds out your into anime
~He gives it a chance and actually gets into a series with you


~I mean hes heard of it
~He knows what it is he’s not stupid 
~But he is so busy with rehearsals that he never watched it
~Your just like
~”I can show you the trash can world”
~He watches it with you but he isn’t really interested


~It’s canon that she has watched anime before 
~But since she was so busy with Jumin she never got into it
~Now she has time to watch it a little more she tries it but shes not really as into it as you but because she loves you she’ll do it 


~”What is anime”
~”I’m sorry but I cant be with you anymore”
~Just know that he isn’t going to like it 
~But he will buy you all the merch that you’d like if it makes you happy 


~You and I both know that he is probably the biggest weaboo ever
~You two become ANIME BUDDIES
~I wanna anime buddy
~Could you imagine the ship wars you guys have


~He thinks its cute how passionate you get when you watch it 
~Like you cheering for the show is cute
~Maybe not as cute as he thought
~But he still thinks its funny to listen to you


~”The fuck is this shit it looks like trash
~Imagine him being obsessed with fighting animes 
~And imagine him cheering for the villains
~”MC why do they always lose”
~”Sweetie its anime the villains always lose no matter what”

What would the RFA members + V and Saeran do for their first ever date?

I’m putting it below the cut because this post would take FOREVER to scroll down your feed. I know this HC is probably done a lot of times already, but I’m hoping those who’ll read it will enjoy!

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omg it's finally open??? /flings hands up/ yassss okay um, may i please have headcanons of the rfa boys and saeran when they find out female mc legit had a fanclub in high school and/or college?? thanks ;)


  • hhhWHAT
  • he knew MC was beautiful and all but
  • ;; how’s he supposed to compete with so many people 
  • please he’s a LOLOL obsessed college student and MC had a fanclub in highschool and probably still has one 
  • he’s going to be so insecure 
  • he’ll need lots of loving and kissing to just. slowly start thinking “maybe MC chose me over those people because they see something nice in me that the others don’t have?”
  • still he’s always going to try to outdo himself from then on to become a better person for MC


  • does he even have any right to even complain
  • Zen you get fan letters and gifts sent to your house
  • He genuinely is super chill about it? 
  • Because he knows that MC loves him, and wouldn’t leave him for some fanclub?
  • It’s mostly trust born from knowing that as much as he appreciates his fanclub, he loves MC a thousand times more
  • So he kinda expects MC’s love for him to be the same way


  • he raises one eyebrow and gets a little bit jealous
  • he’s just a very possessive man ok he can’t help it
  • it especially irks him that?? there is a whole group dedicated to??? admiring MC??? 
  • he’s not going to do anything crazy like disbanding the group or that but oh boy will he get more possessive
  • he’ll start getting MC personalized gifts that directly link them to him so it’s clear that HE AND MC ARE A COUPLE
  • still he tries to respect MC’s personal life so he doesn’t stop them from hanging out with members of their fanclub or anything. he just asks MC to please let everyone know they are NOT single and they are dating Jumin Han, CEO and Chairman to be of C&R


  • how could he be surprised?
  • he already knew
  • he googled MC’s name and found a small webpage made by the fanclub
  • lolololol it’s so badly coded
  • he joined the fanclub
  • he just. deadass joined.
  • how could he be angry??? MC is so precious how could he blame anyone for adoring them??
  • He also bothers MC a lot with this because MC gives such hilarious reactions and he adores them


  • …. he’s going to be scared
  • bc all the people in that fanclub?? Are probably good people?
  • normal people??
  • he can’t understand why MC would prefer someone as messed up and complicated as him over people who are stable
  • he’s sure MC will leave him asap
  • please…. comfort him he needs it just please do it MC
  • there’s no words to explain how happy and grateful he was when MC exclaimed he was worth a thousand times more to them than a silly fanclub
Let me sit on your lap - Yoosung

  Yoosung was doing his best with his studies, we would go out a lot and he was a lovely boyfriend. But with his vacation from college, the LOLOL matches were only getting longer.
  I would spend the month with him and it was nice seeing him so happy, however his was speeding more than 4 hours playing in the second week. When it was supposed to be a simple match.
- Yoosung, I made you a sandwich. Why don’t you stop for a while and eat?
- Oh, leave it there. I will only finish this.
  It was the second time this week. What does this game has that is so cool? I decided to stop and watch for some time, still I couldn’t miss the opportunity to make Yoosung blush. A lot.
- Turn a little.
- Huh? What are you…?! Are you… okay…?!
  Even after dating for 3 month, I never sat on Yoosung’s lap. This was the perfect opportunity to make him embarrassed.
  I told he should move fast or he would be killed. And the game was pretty interesting and I only had to ask if I didn’t understand something.
  Expect I started getting sleepy after one hour and used Yoosung as my pillow. He was more comfortable with that, but he still would be surprised when I moved a little.
  After some months and it was a common thing for me to sit on Yoosung’s lap. And he was okay with that now, but our rule was to never do it in public.
  Today was my graduation party and Yoosung said he needed to be there. It was so nice to see him getting along with my friends.
  After I talked with some teachers, I went back to the table everyone was. And it was a big group, so some people were sitting in the same chair or lovers having one of them sit on the other’s lap.
  And I would have to do the same. I would ask Yoosung to move a little so we could sit on the same chair. I would love to sit on his lap, but this wasn’t the best time.
- Yoosung, can I sit with you?
- Huh? Of course!
  I was waiting him move a little, but he just opened his arms like waiting for a hug. He always would do this for me to sit on his lap.
  Like usual, I answered and there I was. So I looked to some friends and they were laughing. Then I noticed what happened.
- Did you notice what happened?
  After whispering it, Yoosung became red as in the first time I did this. And he was trying to hide his face using me as a shield.
- … sorry for doing this in front of your friends.
- It’s fine! I am happy to be here with you.