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hiii "he's such a loser" + jungkook please?? thank you your drabbles are wonderful <33

“He’s such a loser.” -jungkook

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You’ve been brokenhearted by your ex-boyfriend harshly, with the way he just tossed your love as if it was nothing. A year and three months that lead to nowhere, and here you are again, back to square one of promising yourself to never love anymore.

It sadden you really, because you really thought he was a great guy. But you were wrong. He just played you like how he did with everyone else, and it pained you that you even fell for his tricks. 

Therefore, you couldn’t help but reject your one guy friend Jungkook who’s been trying to ask you out for the past few days. You know how much Jungkook likes you, but it was sad that he had confessed when you were still dating the jerk. Both you and Jungkook grew awkward for awhile, until you’re single again.

When the breakup was spread throughout school, Jungkook was the one to come and comfort you from it all. You were thankful for his kindness of friendship, but as of right now, you just wanted to be stress free from this heartbreak. 

But Jungkook always make sure that you’re never alone and or bored or sad. He’s always around to make you smile no matter what the situations are, for example; running into your ex-boyfriend in the hall with his new play date, or seeing the jerk making out with someone new.

Either way, Jungkook always made sure to be there for you, just like how he is today when you had bumped into the asshole and his new gal in the bathroom.

“He’s such a loser,” Jungkook says for the hundredth time ever, whenever the lad sees you mope. “He didn’t deserve you. I can’t believe he scarred you into never loving again, because I know I will never hurt you like that.”

You smile at Jungkook for his kind words, and your heart begins to cry at it because somewhere deep inside, you felt the same for Jungkook. He doesn’t deserve you. He deserved better.

“You should go, Jungkook. I’ll be fine,” you tell your friend once the bell rings loudly, echoing inside the school’s pool room. 

But Jungkook doesn’t leave because he knows you’re going to cry once he walks out the door. Instead, he wraps an arm around your shoulder and pulls you close. Once in his presence, your tears spews out and your tears leave Jungkook’s shirt coated with your bitter tears.

So I’ve been thinking about why I like Magnus Bane so much and I came to realize that it’s because Magnus Bane has achieved everything I want to achieve as a bisexual person:

  • Comfortable & open about his bisexuality
  • Notorious
  • Flirts adorably (if crudely)
  • Makes cute people fluster
  • Masks good heart with wit & sarcasm
  • Falls in love despite heartbreak he’s experienced before
  • Protects others
  • Does the right thing
  • Killer eye-liner game
  • Amazing wardrobe
  • Great hair
  • Graceful
  • Magical powers
  • Immortality

Happy 29th Birthday to @amazingphil !! 

Hope you have an amazing birthday, with lots of cakes and lots of presents :)
and most of all THANK YOU for taking us along with you on your wonderful journey! as a gift enjoy the cake! and make a wish! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

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"If you're ready, I'll start" with Jungkook please ❤

“If you’re ready, I’ll start.” -jungkook

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Jungkook is a competitive one, and it doesn’t surprise you whenever he battles with his friends is surely have to win. In the beginning you thought he was just showing off, until Taehyung says Jungkook becomes your enemy when a game starts. 

Your first witness of this was when everyone were wrestling for fun. Everyone knows Jungkook had taken taekwondo, so they had asked the lad to go easy. Jungkook chuckled saying he isn’t going to play hard. However, your boyfriend ends up flipping his Jin hyung over within a second. 

Either way, you know that your bunny of a boyfriend will never be competitive towards you. He says he loves you and would let you win at anything. 

However, you’re finally playing video games with him for the first time at the arcade, and the words you hear him say are, “if you’re ready, I’ll start.”

The video game consisted of seeing who can shoot the most zombies, and the lower score buys ice cream. You didn’t mind spoiling Jungkook with ice cream either way, but to watch him shoot all the zombies with clear shots was what scared you most. 

He really is competitive.

You hear him mutter your turn, and you look up at the score to be the highest on the board. Jungkook has the hugest grin while you simply flashed him a smile. You take the plastic gun from and insert your coins right after. However, your life doesn’t last long when the zombies attacked your greatly. 

“Come on, I’ll buy us ice cream,” you mumble angrily while shoving the plastic gun its place. Suddenly, you feel Jungkook’s fingers laced with yours. Turning to face him, he gives you the most adorable smile along with pecking you on the cheek.

“Don’t look so down. You were very good! Also, I’ll treat us instead,” Jungkook says as he leads you to the ice cream parlor. 


when the merry-go-round is just too much


Minho’s awesome dive off the 10 meter platform on the Star Diving Show ~Splash ~130830

it was a great dive, but the best part was this↓

Jinki screaming & totally losing his shit over Minho’s dive…lmfao