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Yuuri falls for him on the ice. He is chattery where Yuuri is quiet, gregarious where Yuuri is shy. His eyes sparkle like the ice under the lights and his hair is a soft, refined silver.

His name is Viktor, and Yuuri’s breath is taken away the first time he catches Viktor slip into a shining silver sealskin and disappear beneath the waters of the hotel pool. He follows suit with his own black pelt, watching the way the other seal’s eyes lights up at the sight of him, recognising a kindred spirit.

But they’re from different parts of the world, and Viktor doesn’t recognise the twists in Yuuri’s body, the patterns he cuts through the water. Yuuri gives up after a while, because the pool water is making his head spin. 

He gets out as soon as he can, shuddering as he tries to wring excess water out of his pelt. Viktor also hauls onto the stairs of the pool, slowly emerging from the skin like a butterfly out of its cocoon, tucking the silvery pelt under his arm. He comes over, extends a hand, and Yuuri takes it with a strange spark in his belly. 

Their blades cut through the ice of the rink moments later, and Viktor’s laugh is clearer than a bell’s. He babbles his English like a laughing brook, only pausing to read Yuuri’s written responses. He doesn’t question why Yuuri doesn’t speak. He knows.

Yuuri falls for him on the ice, and loves him in the water. 

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Sometimes I consider asking GA for the lyrics to life tomographic, aureus ii, and slick furr...but then I remember how hush-hush they are about golden antler and dust in your pocket and realize they'd probably deny ever creating the unreleased tracks haha

lol very true! The few times I or anyone I know has tried asking about the old demos we’ve never gotten much out of them. It would definitely be awesome to have the lyrics, and hey, it wouldn’t hurt to ask…but yeah, I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to wear them down enough for that haha.

plot twist: someone hears about every shitty thing you may or may not have done, every person you’ve hurt, every sin you’ve committed, and every ounce of pain you’ve created in someone else’s life… and they forgive you and choose you and they love you anyways.