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OMG I DIDN’T REALIZED I ACCIDENTALLY RENDERED IT AS 200 HOURS. No wonder it was so slow when I save it.  I had to redo it in my sleep. _(:3

Anyway enjoy your bad end~

anonymous asked:

Hey I just wanted to say that you are amazing and kind and you deeply care for everyone even people you have never met. (Also you give really great advice)

((OOC: Everyone deserves a little bit of kindness and happiness…even on the most basic of levels. I have a lot of compassion and respect for my fellow humans. It’s the indecent and violent individuals that I have a problem with. 

I should hope i’d give great advice. As someone that is older in this community I have lived and gone through a lot in my life. A lot of trauma and negativity I had to beat down in order to get to where I am today. It’s been a long long process but I can say it’s totally worth it. Those nuggets of wisdom….it feels right to pass it along? -shrugs- ))


Happy 29th Birthday to @amazingphil !! 

Hope you have an amazing birthday, with lots of cakes and lots of presents :)
and most of all THANK YOU for taking us along with you on your wonderful journey! as a gift enjoy the cake! and make a wish! ヽ(・∀・)ノ