lolo dads

Mom & Dad's tragic story

My mom was a haciendera in province.
My dad was a security guard in the city.
My mom went downtown to study,
and worked as an intern in the hospital.
There he met my dad.
My dad didn’t know who my mom back home.
My mom didn’t tell.
My dad had a girlfriend in the province he promised to marry,
My mom didn’t know.
My dad didn’t tell.
One day, the girl came and cried in front of my mom.
They both went to my dad to confront him.
My dad chose my mom.
But as soon as he got my mom pregnant with my brother,
Everything changed.
My dad met my mom’s parents.
My lolo wanted to kill dad.
My lola wanted mom to get an abortion.
My mom’s cousins threatened dad.
My dad got scared.
He wanted to leave and escape.
But he was told by his dad to man up.
They may have nothing to offer my mom’s family,
They had my dad promise to take responsibility.
All my mom did was cry.
She didn’t mean to have anyone compromised.
But, they still got wed.
Later on, my brother was born.
My dad didn’t stand up with his promise.
He wed mom to have his kid a dad.
But he was mad at mom.
He didn’t want to pay any cents to my mom’s delivery.
Neither to my brother’s needs.
All was just mom’s.
He lived as if he was still a bachelor.
My brother was only 3 months old when I was conceived.
My dad didn’t wanna pay for anything.
My mom’s parents knew about me.
My lola wanted me to be aborted.
My lolo was quietly furious with my dad.
My dad lived his life as if nothing happened.
My mom suffered with dad’s immature act.
But she decided to be strong.
She worked hard for me and my brother.
So when I was delivered,
She already had enough money.
But my dad,
He went out of town.
As if he doesn’t have a wife and two kids back home.
My mom’s parents were furious.
My mom was just crying.
They wanted mom to marry another,
There was a guy willing to adopt us and marry my mom.
But my mom didn’t want to.
She said she’d rather be a single mom than marry another.
But there was a sudden change in the wind.
My dad came home.
I was 2 years old when I first met my dad.
He came home in the middle of the night.
My mom accepted him like a fool in love she was.
My 3yr old brother telling me he’s our dad.
Idk. I was used to calling other ppl “papa”.
We sometimes call him then, “tito”.
And he’d slap our faces as if we’ve cursed.
He did not look like he came home for us.
He seemed to come home to get provided once again.
He was like punishing mom for ruining his life.
My mom didn’t mind,
She wanted us to grow up with a father.
But he was not the ideal one.
He was an alcoholic.
He’d smoke even when he knows I have asthma.
He doesn’t share his income,
He pays only for his own.
My mom endured everything,
How? No one knows.
That is why no matter what happens,
I will be with my mom every step of the way.
I won’t let her see me cry.
I will be my mom’s strength.
I will try hard to be better for her.
I will always be my mom’s greatest fan.


Women directed March U.S. releases

March 2
Songs My Brothers Taught Me dir. Chloé Zhao (LIMITED)

March 4
Trapped dir. Dawn Porter (LIMITED)

March 11
River of Grass dir. Kelly Reichardt (LIMITED) re-release
City of Gold dir. Laura Gabbert (LIMITED) 
Lolo dir. Julie Delpy (LIMITED)
Yaloms Cure dir. Sabine Gisiger (LIMITED)

March 16
Miracles From Heaven dir. Patricia Riggen (WIDE)

March 18
The Brainwashing of My Dad dir. Jen Senko (LIMITED) 
Sweet Bean dir. Naomi Kawase (LIMITED)

March 25
The Invitation dir. Karyn Kusama (LIMITED + VOD)  Moved to April 8

My personal issues with Hydra Nazi Cap (aside from the obvious)

1. Cap fought in World War 2, so did my grandfather, except, Lolo didn’t fight in Europe, he fought in the Philippines, against the “& company” part of Nazi & company as an 11 year old, and Cap reminds me of my Lolo.

2. My dad, an immigrant like Steve’s mom, is in the military. One of the main reasons why I loved Cap all these years is because he fights for justice even though he never had to, just like my dad.

3. I may not be from Europe, I may not have Jewish blood in me, but I have friends who do, I have family members who fought the same war as Steve. And you’re just gonna tell us ALL that the ONE person we looked up to was fighting for the other side?! I don’t think so.

4. I don’t care what Nick Spencer says. Our families did not fight Nazi & company with Steve in the background going Whoo! go Hydra! 

5. If any kid ever comes up to me while I proudly wear my already bought Steve/Captain America merch asking me why he’s a Nazi or part of Hydra, I will look at the kid very calmly and say this: “Sweetie, Steve isn’t a Nazi/part of Hydra. That’s what they want you to think. Hydra came to our world and had Nick Spencer write him that way. They don’t want you to believe in Steve anymore. But no matter what Hydra says, Captain America is not a Nazi. Believe in him before they tried to destroy him.

I 100% blatantly REFUSE to accept that Steve Rogers has always been a Nazi or that he EVER will be. And I don’t ever want anyone younger than me to give up on their heros. I will keep up my posters. I will wear my shirts and pins. I will read my comics of the REAL Steve Rogers. I will continue to cosplay characters from his comics. I will keep my movies. Because there is one thing you can never, ever make me do; which is believe that a man that I respect as much as my father and grandfather and every other good soldier I have ever met in my life, is dirty. 

Nope, ain’t happening people. Carry on with your lives. Deny this false world that Nick Spencer has created. It’s all the plan of Hydra. Nick may not be Hydra, but he did help them.

This is my first submission here for Asian Face Appreciation Day~ :D

So anyways, hello there! I am Filipino with a dash of Chinese (specific ratio unknown). I am sick and tired of being fetishized and harassed by guys who have the infamously disgusting Asian fetish. Please stop coming up to me saying “Konichiwa” because I am not Japanese. Do not come up to me and ask me to “speak Asian” because first and foremost, who the fck speaks “Asian”? Second of all, my ability to speak in my mother-tongue is not for your entertainment. No, I will not be your hot Asian girlfriend who is docile and submissive. No, I will not go out to eat with you at that Pho restaurant down the street. I don’t give a shit if you lived in Asia before that still doesn’t make you more/as Asian as me. Yes, I know martial arts. Yes, I find Asian men attractive. Yes, if you insult them I will kick your ass because to insult Asian men is to insult my dad, kuya, lolo, tito, and my Asian guy friends. Please do us all a favor and stay the fck away from Asian women.