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For Sharrkan, Sinbad, & Lo'lo: their s/o is the type of person to prioritize responsibilities before health & tends to overwork themselves. They get little sleep & because of that, they tend to fall asleep in odd places, such as going up the stairs.

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Sharrkan: He worries alot for his S/o, making sure to check up on you every hour or so to make sure you didn’t fall asleep anywhere. When Sharrkan finds you sleeping in front of the palace, he sighs. Picking his S/o up and taking them back to bed, hoping you don’t wake up soon.

Sinbad: At night, the king will force you to go to bed. He comes into your office, throwing you over his shoulders and walks to the bedroom, ignoring all your protests for him to put you down. When Sinbad finds you sleeping in a strangle place, he’ll take his S/o to bed. Leaving them alittle note and food as he goes to finish their work.

Lo’lo: He’ll get annoyed with you every now and then when you do this. Lo’lo doesn’t like it when you over work yourself and tends to bug you alot. He chuckles when seeing you asleep on the stairs of your work. Lo’lo carries his S/o home and tugs them to sleep, even joining in on their afternoon nap.

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Do you think Liam can be sucessful?i mean i know he is talented but some ppl are saying that he isnt that popular like harry and reading some comments about solo Liam people the gp are just talking about how harry and zayn are going to be the only 2 with sucessful solo careers because they dont know who the others are 😕 Also the article& comments: www(.)vulture(.)com/2015/08/ranking-one-direction-members-solo-potential(.)html Like i feel bad for him he is so talented but gp dont know about it.

I think he will be fine.

  1. That article is almost a year old and satirical.
  2. It actually does not hurt Liam to not be as popular as Harry or Zayn (who largely became known because of his “leave” anyway).  He has name recognition but he is not as strongly associated with 1D, which also means he has less to prove and to work against.  To a lot of people he will be entirely new or almost entirely new, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.  Nick Jonas was arguably the least well-known of the Jonas brothers when they were in a band, but went on to have a successful solo career.
  3. A lot of it is also your positioning not just with fans and the GP, but also with the industry and the people you work with.  Harry was 1D’s Chosen One, but Liam has positioned himself as someone to look out for (he would not be getting the kind of media attention he does otherwise).  Seeding for solo!Liam began as early as fall last year [X X X X X X X X X] and has continued up until his Capitol signing.  Someone has to be deliberately pushing that, because that is a card that publicists cannot play all the time unless they have something to back it up.

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