Badly sung hangover music ft me and a ladder #GOTPIPES #lolnope #tfwuvelostyourvoice #me #instagreyjoy (at sally boyle salad bowl)


And here I thought I got three messages because people wanted to talk to me but its just those stupid “Hey I made a game I need tested so go to my page and click the thing” scammers that can’t even write decent basic English yet think you’ll be stupid enough to click their phishing links and viruses


New mode of email, same old game.

  • me:ill just put this netflix movie on so I can fall asleep listening to it
  • life:lolnop
  • me:finishes movie and puts on another.... finishes that one and puts on another.
  • life:hey buddy its 7am, you may aswell not sleep at all.
How tumblr sees the signs

Aries: Loves conflict and fighting
Taurus: ½-omg i looooove yall, yall are so sweet and care for others❤️❤️… ½-yall are stuck up assholes
Gemini: lolnope… Just hahha just, no
Cancer: emotionally unstable
Leo: badass bitch, but in that way where they are secretly judged and called a slut
Virgo: Smart, stoic bitch or smart, stoic sweetie
Libra: tweenagery obsessed with shopping and drinking vodka
Scorpio: sadists/sex obsessed but in an unusually cool way
Sagittarius: Nope.. But a little less nope than gemini
Capricorn: That weird kid that turns out to be a TERRORIST!!!
Aquarius: an oddball but a little less weird than capricorn
Pisces: Perfect cinnamon buns or heartless buttholes