If I ever make a show

It’s gonna be queer AF from episode 1, and I'mma straightbait the living shit outta people. Like, “OH MY GOD THEY MIGHT KISS SOMEONE OF THE OPPOSITE GENDER!!” then be all “LOLNOPE GAAAAAAAAAY”. And then go on record calling all the straight ships crack.

Story of Evil in a nutshell
  • Kaito: Cmon Miku I luv u
  • Miku: No.
  • Miku: No we don't
  • Len: lolnope *dies*
  • Haku: Miku and I were gay for each other the entire time.

I’ve been mostly silent for the better part of about three weeks because I didn’t want to post about this until the situation had reached it’s conclusion….

I was exposed in a minor way to HSV-2, genital herpes.

The person that exposed me did so without malicious intent, he just didn’t think to tell me until after the fact.

There’s nothing quite like sending the “I’m getting tested” text to five different people at two in the morning.

Now for those in the know, you might recognize that there is no reliable way to test for HSV-2 without a sore to swab. More on that later.

First I want to take a moment to gush about my wonderful experience with my local Planned Parenthood office.

I was easily able to book an appointment online and my reminder call was made at a convenient time, after 5pm. I wasn’t able to answer and their voicemail simply stated that they were calling to remind me of my doctor’s appointment at the [City] location.

My wait was minimal, they had WiFi in-office and the nurse practitioner I spoke with was amazingly courteous and professional.

I did have to specifically request the HSV-2 test as it is not part of their usual STD screening. The nurse practitioner explained that is because the test is essentially unreliable and prone to false positives. There’s a 70% of an inconclusive result, and unfortunately that’s what I received.

She didn’t bat an eye when I explained the “polyamorous situation” and only expressed that safe sex was even more important when you have multiple partners.

My inconclusive result led me to follow up with my regular OBGYN, a wonderful man who despite his strong Christian background, has never said a negative thing about my chosen relationship path. He delivered my daughter and I’d follow that man if his practice moved 100+ miles away.

His take? Essentially, “LoLNOPE. You don’t have genital herpes.”

The veil of depression lifted and I feel like myself for the first time in weeks. That was yesterday.

I really want to thank all of my partners for their understanding and support throughout this whole ordeal. Especially my husband @chancellorberrynewt for letting me stay in my Depression Cocoon but making sure I ate foods. And boyfriend C ( @chronk ) for letting me Depression Cocoon at his place.

A quick rant

Or it probably won’t be so quick but whatever.

So I haven’t got to the point of rewatching the movie just yet so correct me if I get anything wrong but…

Okay so the whole movie seems to push this message that passion will get you the future you want and you need to stay passionate and enthusiastic about your dreams or else you’ll end up miserable. Fine. Good.

So why do I get the feeling that Félicie’s passion is so… false? Like… I never get a feeling that she REALLY TRULY wants to be a top ballerina, besides the regurgitated lip service she gives to everyone.

I mean we rarely see her properly practicing for a start. All those pretty scenes of her prancing around the rooftops don’t mean much if she’s not doing it under the eye of a teacher after all. Hell most of the time she seems to AVOID practice and training. Yanno like

“Training starts at 6am tomorrow”


“You should stay in and practice for your VERY IMPORTANT AUDITION that YOUR DREAM and MY GODAMN LIVELIHOOD depend on”
“Lolnope Imma go on a date”

Like. The 6am start I can understand a little bit (though seriously it would’ve been so much better to have her wake up at 4am or something all excited to learn and have Odette tell her to go tf back to sleep)

But the audition? That was way too irresponsible. Even if she IS meant to be a dumb kid, this wasn’t just some routine audition. HER CARETAKER/TEACHER/ADOPTIVE MOTHER’S JOB DEPENDED ON IT. And she just waltzes off on a date!

Bugger me backways.

Like… how much better would it have been to have her STAY UP to practice? And not get any sleep because she was so worried about not being good enough? So by the next morning she’s so exhausted that she fails?

“You should get some rest. Sleep is just as important.”
“Look, I need to get this role. Just let me have one more hour to train. Please?”
“Alright then…”
“Did… you go to sleep at all last night?”
“I… couldn’t…”

I mean it would go down a lot better than her going on a date, moping on the roof, flunking her audition by being irresponsible and STILL getting the role handed to her on a silver platter because of plot convenience.

(Side note but I’m still not impressed by her dancing. To me she either seems too expressive and as a result wobbly and unbalanced or too tight and stiff. Though that’s probably just the animations fault.)

Honestly her… “passion” reminds me of a child who really really wants a puppy. So they badger their parents for weeks and weeks to get them a puppy. And the parents finally relent, and the kid is all infatuated with the puppy for about a week. Then as soon as they discover the ugly side of owning a dog (ie, poop scooping, walks in bad weather, peeing on the floor, chewing stuff it shouldn’t etc) they suddenly decide they don’t want a puppy and it either goes back to the shelter or mommy and daddy have to look after it. That’s what Félicie’s passion feels like to me. And she’ll give up with ballet as soon as her first injury happens (which let’s face it: is inevitable)

Félicir just seems to be fully aware that she’s the protagonist in an underdog story, and knows she’ll achieve her goal no matter how little effort she puts in. Which… kinda hurts the movie and its message for me. Passion will get you anywhere, screw hard work and dedication! If you work for your goal you’re just a mindless robot!

Okay I’ve talked enough here, anyone care to add their thoughts?

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Some anti: aaaa I saw a ship with a 3 year age gap :/// this made me dissociate and have a panic attack ://// My actually dissociative ass: lolnope

Honestly I relate