Terrormisu, one of the eleven magic girls that form the Lollypunk Gang. She may look sugar sweet but this bubblegum babe can pack a mean right hook, especially if her signature blade “Mercy” is in her claws. There are three things never to ask her about. Where she was last Friday night between 6pm and 9pm, why do fudgeboys tremble in her presence and most importantly, how long does it take her to do her mascara in the morning. This half unicorn, half sundae might feel inclined to send you to the bottom of Fondue Fountain without any floaties. 

My entry for @sugarbone ‘s #sugarbonesgetsmagical contest! I have already entered on instagram but I wanted to start off this tumblr on a note I’m honestly so proud of. I was inspired by the handle of the dagger which reminded me of a lollipop or marshmallow twirl so I just had to combine a unicorn girl theme with desserts and of course an eye popping twist! 

It was my first time working with liquid latex and prosthetics so it was a steep learning curve but I’m really happy with the end result. The eyeballs, sprinkles and unicorn horn were made by me from “Crayola Model Magic” clay expect for the large eyeball one above my eye which was a ping pong ball cut in half and then painted with acrylics paints. I then decorated them with glitter, metal stars, fake eyelashes, pink wool and gems. The dripping icecream is liquid latex I painted with acrylic paints.