lolly stick

You look like an angel ( You look like an angel )
Walk like an angel ( Walk like an angel )
Talk like an angel 
But I got wise
You’re the devil in disguise
Oh, yes, you are
The devil in disguise

okay but consider:

  • combeferre and grantaire going on an observatory date to find aliens and combeferre getting super excited about it and its rare to see him that excited but its adorable
  • library date where they get each other books they think the other will think is hilarious
  • kissing in that library  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • combeferre and grantaire who both wear glasses but have very different lenses and keep accidently grabbing the wrong glasses in the morning and almost tripping on the way to the bathroom
  • combeferre who goes to all of grantaires fights to cheer him on and to treat his cuts and who doesn’t like to miss one because he wants to be there when if R gets hurt
  • R delivering ferre lunch when hes at the hospital with dumb lolly-stick type/christmas cracker type jokes and combeferre grimacing at every one (but he loves them so much)
  • Ferre and R at pride marches and black rights marches and trans awareness rallies, always holding hands whether they are smiling or pulling the other through the crowds away from the police
  • they aren’t much for pda often, but when they do the amis pretend they’re really grossed out by the pda (”ew you’re holding hands in pulbic again, get a room!) when they’re used to marius and cosette level pda usually
  • R being friends with enjolras because he doesn’t idolise him anymore, and ferre is so happy that they can finally get along (they still argue, but it isn’t shouting and drinking and  crying anymore)
  • R and combeferre being cute and happy and just an amazing couple
Summer special: RAKUZAN


I know that this is way overdue but I was totally swamped with other requests and university stuff. But I hope you guys like it, despite it being much longer than I intended it to be!

Thanks for voting and enjoy!

-Admin Fyre

It was just like Akashi to organise a training camp in the middle of the summer holidays the year after the Winter Cup with Seirin to make sure that the team didn’t slack off on practice. Schedules were sent out and bookings were made at a sports facility for aspiring athletes at the edge of town.

But hey, no one ever said you couldn’t have fun at a training camp. After all, who doesn’t love a prank war?

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Jerick smirked, his hand cupping the other through his jeans lightly, face buried into the crook of Ji’s neck. The demon lifted his eyes to the others slowly, tongue lashing out to lick at the skin of his neck. “What are you cooking, Ji?” He asked, hand moving just slightly to move up and back down before he brought his head up to lick the lolly that was sticking halfway out of Ji’s mouth.

Check Up

Summary: Original prompt that me and toomanytickles came up with together :3

Genre: Fluff


Daniel Howell-Lester?“ Called the receptionist.

Dan smiled and stood up, making his way through the door and looking up at the sign upon it.

‘Dr. P. H-Lester, Consultant & Practical Physician.’

Smiling to himself as he read his husbands name, he knocked on the door three  times.

“Come in if you’re my pain in the neck of a husband!” Phil called from inside.

Dan giggled and pushed the door open, entering to see Phil sat in his swivel chair, adorning a white doctors coat and a stethoscope around his neck. His glasses were balanced on the bridge of his nose and he pulled on a pair of rubber gloves.

“Good Morning, Mr. Howell-Lester.” Phil said, smirking.

“How’s it going, Doc?” Dan giggled, taking a seat on the bed opposite his husbands desk.

“That’s Dr. Philip Michael Howell-Lester to you, boy…” Phil giggled, opening various data files on his computer and grabbing his clipboard and pen, spinning around on the chair and over to Dan’s bed.

“May I say you look particularly ravishing today, Sir?” Dan said, smirking flirtatiously.

“Why thank you, Daniel, you don’t look so bad yourself!” Phil giggled, bopping him on the nose. “Right then, I’ve got a few questions I need to ask you first…” He clicked his pen down and scrawled his details at the top of the page.

Dan swung his legs up onto the bed and whistled cheerily, making Phil smile as he wrote.

“Okay then, have you experienced any headaches, stomachaches, or cramps in the past month?” Phil asked.

“Yeah, I’ve got this ache in my heart, but it goes away when my husband kisses me…” Dan smirked.

Phil rolled his eyes and giggled, ticking the ‘no’ box.

“Any blood in your stool or urine?”

“None except for my period.” Dan said as seriously as he could.

“Any trouble sleeping?”

“Only because my husband snores like a pig.” Dan giggled, earning himself a pout and a glare from Phil.

“And aches in your joints, back, or neck?”

“Yeah, I think I’ll try and get him to give me a massage when I get back home…” Dan said.

“Do you smoke, drink excessively, or abuse solvents or any other kind of drugs?”

“Yes, a man with a voice like Winnie the Pooh smokes 40 packs a day and deals all sorts down the alleyway.” Dan said, the sarcasm positively dripping in his voice.

“Any change in your appetite? Actually, no need to answer that one, you clear out the fridge every week as usual…”

“I can’t help that I have midnight cravings for Maltesers and carrot sticks!” Dan protested.

“And finally how active is your sex life?”

“Thriving and glorious.” Dan said, sighing wistfully, making Phil crack up with laughter.

“Can it, you,” he giggled, taking the stethoscope from around his neck and hooking it into his ears. “Pull your shirt down for me.”

Dan smirked and seductively pulled the collar of his t-shirt down, biting his lip and winking. Phil mocked fainting to the ground and rolled his eyes, grinning as he placed the freezing cold plate onto Dan’s chest.

“OH MY GOD,” Dan squealed. “THATS FREEZING- NO DON’T GO THER-AHHHHH!” He squeaked as Phil moved to the side of his ribs, laughing at his husband.

“It has to be cooled so I can get an accurate reading!” Phil giggled, moving to his other side and making him squeal again.

“STOOOOHOHOP!” Dan whined, giggling as Phil pulled away, moaning about how ‘immature’ and ‘sensitive’ he was.

“Right, open wide and say ‘ahh’!” Phil said, cupping Dan’s cheeks as he opened his mouth, looking around. He grabbed a tongue compressor (why such a fancy name for an ice lolly stick?) and peered down to the back of his throat.

“Ah-ah, wha ah uhh oo-in?” Dan mumbled with his jaw still open.

“Sorry, what was that again?” Phil asked.

“Ah k-ad wha ah uhh oo-in!” Dan said, a little louder.

“Hm, I can’t quite hear you!” Phil teased, removing the wooden stick and throwing it in the bin, peeling off the rubber gloves and tossing them as well, pulling on a fresh pair.

“Jesus, you’re not half cheeky!“ Dan exclaimed, giggling.

“Yeah, yeah,” Phil giggled, poking his nose and rolling up his coat sleeves. “I’m gonna need you to lift your shirt up so I can check your stomach for any tenderness.”

Dan’s face flushed and he giggled nervously as he lifted his shirt. It was a well-known fact by both himself and Phil that Dan was incredibly ticklish, his tummy being his worst spot.

Phil smirked as Dan nervously lifted his shirt up, bracing himself as Phil gently placed his hands over his stomach, lightly pressing down.

Dan squealed, his eyes squeezed shut with the effort of trying not to laugh, his nose scrunching up cutely.

“Hmm, nothing here, what about over here?” Phil said, giggling and moving to his lower abdomen, gently pressing and wiggling his fingers lightly.

Dan squealed, curling up and giggling, bringing his knees up to try to protect his tummy, squirming on the bed.

“Nohohoho! You’re doing this on purpohohohose!”

“Daniel! Don’t be such a difficult patient, especially when you get everything for free here because I’m just so nice!” Phil smirked, pushing Dan’s knees back down and lifting his shirt up, placing his hands directly beneath Dan’s bellybutton (an area where he was far too ticklish) and lightly pressed down, grinning.

Gasping, Dan clamped his hands over his mouth, his eyes crinkling at the corners and his dimple popping, trying desperately to contain himself.

“What’s wrong, Daniel, you seem in pain?” Phil asked, giggling and gently squeezing the little spot.

Dan squeaked, clamping his hands even tighter, trying to move away.

“Ah ah ah! I’m afraid you’ll have to sit still for me!” Phil said, pulling him back by the hips and going for it, lightly scratching his fingers under his navel.

Dan shrieked, immediately giggling and squirming, rolling over onto his side and curling into a little ball.

“PHIHIHIL! STAHAHAHAP!” He squealed, trying to pull his wrists away.

“I’m only feeling for any signs of infection!” Phil laughed, continuing and enjoying the grin on his husbands face.

“THIHIHIS IS UN-PROHOHOHOFESSIONAHAHAL!” Dan cried, unable to fight back as he was too busy laughing.

 “I never said I was one to be professional, perhaps we should seek a second opinion,” Phil giggled, pulling away to wheel over to the pager on his desk. “Hello? Doctor Pritchett? I’ve got a rather wriggly patient here who won’t sit still and I may need some assistance.” Phil let go of the button and turned to Dan, smirking and listening for a reply.

I’ll be down in a sec!” Came a crackling voice from the machine.

Dan blushed, groaning. He knew Phil had only done this because he knew Dan would be too embarrassed to giggle and crack in front of another Doctor, and he knew Phil would go out of his way to make sure exactly that would happen!

The soft clip-clopping of high-heels could be heard from outside the door, gradually getting louder until eventually, there was a soft knock.

“Come in!” Phil said, smirking cheekily.

Through the door entered a tall-ish woman with strikingly red hair cut into a sharp bob. Her lips stained red and her eyes stinging with every glance.

Dan gulped.

“Doctor Lester, you called?” She asked, in a surprisingly soft tone of voice, a little grin tugging at her lips.

“I have a patient here, and I’m performing a physical examination, but he refuses to sit still whenever I press into his stomach. I don’t know if he’s in pain, or perhaps the common term ‘ticklish’.” Phil said, smirking.

“Hm, very common with the younger patients is that they cannot sit still long enough, perhaps I should take a look?” She suggested, smiling wickedly.

Dan shook his head wildly at Phil, whom watched him in amusement.

“If you wouldn’t mind, Doctor Pritchett.” Phil said, unable to hold back a mischievous smile.

She smiled deviously, which only served to unsettle Dan even more, as she pulled on a pair of rubber gloves and stepped forward.

“Lift your shirt for me, Daniel.” She said, grinning sweetly.

“H-how do you know my name?” Dan asked, hesitantly lifting his shirt up.

“I believe Doctor Lester is your husband, hm?” She said with a soft smile. “He’s told me all about you.”

Dan shot a glare at Phil, but his attention was soon averted back to Doctor Pritchett as she started pressing into his tummy.

Biting his lip and scrunching his eyes up, a giggle or two slipping out, Dan resisted the urge to curl up.

“Hm, Daniel? Are you in pain?” She asked, smirking as Phil cracked up with silent laughter in the background.

“N-nohoho!” He squeaked, a little smile on his face.

“You sure?” She asked, moving to the same spot Phil had previously attacked.

Dan squealed loudly, curling in on himself. “Nohohoho! Stahahahp!” He giggled.

Doctor Pritchett giggled and pulled away. “He’s fine, Doctor. Lester, as you said- he’s very ticklish.” She giggled, peeling her gloves off.

“Thank you Doctor!” Phil giggled, rolling back over to Dan as she left the room, looking down at him and smirking softly.

“Jerkface.” Dan pouted, pulling his shirt down as far as it would go.

“Oh, come off it, I know you love it.” Phil giggled, wriggling a finger under his chin and grabbing his clipboard.

Dan squeaked softly and giggled, sitting up and poking Phil’s shoulder.

“I hate you.” He said, not meaning it truthfully.

“Love you too, Daniel, now leave.” Phil giggled, pointing to the door.

Dan rolled his eyes and giggled, shuffling to the door, feeling a little slap on his butt and squeaking, scowling and ruffling Phil’s hair up before walking out.


I can explain, I promise.

I know I’ve been gone for ages, and I’m so incredibly sorry.

This isn’t the fic you asked for, but it’s something I suppose.

I feel like a complete and utter failure, I can’t apologise enough for any of this, I just hope you guys understand.


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hi just lettin ya know that americans have a thing called 'drumsticks' and i think that's what also a cornetto is ? like it has the chocolate on the bottom too and it's an ice cream and kids love it

aye yes lots of people were telling me this, but it only compounds the issue because then what do you call these

@ uk people

ok so it’s me. mama bear. i’ve lived in the uk my whole life but i spent last summer in nepal doing community work so i know about the heat. here are my top tips for heat and how to cool urself down when u are too hot to handle. 

  •  dampen a t-shirt or buff or flannel or something and put it on ur body. do this periodically. u can put the wet stuff in the fridge/freezer to cool it down too!
  • eat fruit and veg n healthy stuff, don’t eat things that contain a load of heat like potatoes or chilli or anything with spice in it. 
  • the night is cooler. have ur window open but shut it as soon as u wake up or it will get hot/damp in ur room 
  • if u have a fan, use it!!! similar thing with a/c. also invite ur friends around so u can lie in front of the fan together and complain about the heat
  • drink at least 4 litres of water per 24 hour period. it sounds like a lot but you’d rather be hydrated than have heatstroke ?? i suppose
  • if u don’t like plain water drink cold herbal tea or lemon water or something. moderate ur intake of fizzy drinks, squash, alcohol and caffeine as all of these will dehydrate u.
  • ice lollies! either make ur own using a cheap tray and cheap lolly sticks (we make ours with v v dilute squash in the summer to save money) or buy crappy £1 ones from co-op or something, they do the trick
  • keep ur salt intake up especially if ur doing exercise/physical work - u lose a lot of salt when u sweat and it’s going to make u ill if you’re not careful, i know it’s the last thing u want to be doing in the heat but try and take in some form of salt during the day even if it’s like a cereal bar 
  • the best way to do this is to buy isotonic tablets to put in ur water (sports players use them!!) but a cheaper solution is to dilute lucozade (NOT RED BULL) with 1 part lucozade to 5/6 parts water and chug it throughout the day
  • if someone u know (especially elderly/very young/existing medical condition) is irritable, feverish, feeling sick or dizzy etc. they may have some form of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. basically do all the above at 10x effort, but get them to drink SLOWLY. it might make them feel really sick to drink fast (think like a hangover)
  • if u have a condition that lessens the functioning of the bowels (kidney disease etc) then DRINK LOADS. not kidding. cut the salt and drink loads.
  • for the love of god put suncream on and don’t go out between 11-3 if u can help it
  • watch the tennis on the tv it’s safer than going to murray mound or whatever
  • if ur in london don’t take the tube unless u are armed with plenty of water and are feeling strong
  • same applies to all public transport but especially trains
  • same applies to children and spouses
  • pee often. 
  • take as many cold showers as u can. u will feel so much better for it and it will make u fresher and colder. let urself dry naturally rather than towelling if possible
  • wear light and airy clothes, pale colours, sensible shoes (NOT boots!) 
  • last and most importantly - be a buddy to others. if someone is feeling unwell, help them and pass on the info. don’t be scared to ring 111 if u need help deciding what to do with someone who is ill from the heat, and especially don’t be scared to ring 999 if it is needed. 

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how much figure drawing you recommend doing daily/weekly/monthly etc?

I would recommend doing a two hour (or longer) session once a week, as it’s good to get into a routine.

Now, I’m gonna talk about figure drawing sessions themselves in this ask as they’re not talked about much online haha. This will be quite long, so apologies for that!

Ideally you want to go to a real life drawing session, but they’re not particularly easy to find and they can be expensive so if that is not an option then there are a lot of alternatives listed in my gesture tag.

However! Figure drawing sessions are not actually just about doing shaded studies and gestures, there are actually a lot of exercises you can do to add variety and practice different aspects of art

important to remember though with all of these exercises is you are not aiming to create a pretty picture, you’re just studying.

Think of it as writing notes in a lecture vs creating an essay, at the moment you’re just taking notes so that you can create those pictures you love later on!

Most of these exercises are traditionally orientated, as such not all of them are possible on a tablet. So if you’re working at home then just grab your sketchbook. What you learn when working traditionally will still apply when you work digitally, no worries!

With that said, the following exercises are some good main ones to do, spend perhaps 45 minutes on these and do two drawings:

  • focusing on the lighting by working on a middle ground paper (grey, brown, whatever) and using white chalk and charcoal (or similarly digitally!)
    It’s pretty straight forward, you just use the charcoal to form the shadows and the chalk to create the highlights. Try to use the paper itself for the middle tones, and don’t use an eraser.

  • or alternatively working on black and using only white.
    Do not use outlines or an undersketch for this, you want to be focusing on the light itself!

    it can be a little daunting at first, but just focus on how the light is hitting the model and draw what you see. Don’t worry too much about proportions, as this is an exercise for lighting!

    Just pick out the highlights with the chalk, and you’ll gradually start to build the form out of the paper. This is one of my personal favourite exercises!

  • another is focusing on colours using a limited colour palette.

    Google “fauvism” (perhaps look specifically at henri matisse as there’s a lot of student work), and give it a go.

    it’s kinda weird to look at and very abstract, but it’s a good way to practice colour relations! Generally you use the primary colours, but you could also use the secondaries. I’d use brown or grey paper for this.

  • Another colour exercise which is very similar to the above but not quite is using a spectrum of warm and cool colours and assigning values to them.

    This is a little closer to the palette memes, so you might want to use some of those palettes for this.
    I recommend working on black paper for this one. Oil pastels are also your best bet if you’re working traditionally!

Spend around two minutes on these exercises, and do more than one!

  • The first is blind contour drawing - this is where you only look at the model and draw without looking at your page. It will look awful! it probably won’t look anything like the model, i did one that looked like her leg had morphed into a broom once lmao

    However! it’s really great for loosening up, and it’s extremely good at teaching you how to look at the model.

    the brain is a funny thing, and we think largely in symbols rather than actually seeing what we’re looking at so this is an important practice. Give it a go before you do some gestures! Spend maybe two minutes on a drawing, and do a few of them.

  • Equally good is drawing with your nondominant hand. These exercises are especially good at keeping you from getting too ‘precious’ with your work - if you’re drawing with the wrong hand you know it’s gonna look weird right? it’s good for relaxing, and again it helps with observation.

  • Now this is an exercise you can’t do with your tablet, but you’ll need some ink… and a stick. You can use some craft sticks or i’d actually recommend getting some wooden lolly sticks and cutting one end into a point.

    I suggest looking at Egon Schiele’s line drawings to get an idea of what you’re aiming for here. Dip that stick in your ink and get drawing friend, this is an exercise all about line economy.

  • One exercise really simple exercise you can do is make a drawing entirely out of curved © lines, a drawing entirely out of straight lines, and a drawing entirely out of S type lines. Good one to do after some gestures. Spend only a few minutes on each!

    Then take a look at the three drawings - which type of line works best for what? Make another drawing that combines all three types of line!

But as i said before, for all of these exercises you’re not aiming to produce nice drawings at all. That’s what measured studies are for! But those get pretty dull after a while, so mix things up with some of these exercises and you’ll be golden.

I suggest a general pattern of like five minutes doing 30 second gestures, followed by a few two minute gestures, and then you can pick and choose your exercises from there. Shorter exercises should come before the longer ones!

Aim to do your session for at least an hour, but dont stop if you don’t want to! do as many exercises as you like, they’re all good practice after all!

Most importantly of course, is to have fun!

These are exercises that will get you drawing weird things, so don’t worry too much about the outcome and focus on the learning. You can afford to mess up, go wild and try as many new things as possible.

This is your time to experiment and try new things!