• NIGHT-WINGS LOL finally lol
  • Duke is so chill lol they’re like bruce: 😠  duke: 👌 🙂 👍  (?)
  • Caring mum dick again www no matter how old the child is, mum still thinks he is that little boy
  • and so bought him a toy
  • Jason is sooo cute (and childish www)
  • This ep’s dick’s drawing is super beautiful
  • Batfamily’s Big Boss: Alfred Pennyworth
  • I like the look on jason’s face when he stole his action figure
  • Hey i eat burgers just like bruce too… what’s wrong…
  • Jason and damian fight like primary school kids lol
  • LOL i was just wondering what happened to jason’s hair-line few pages ago
  • must be wearing a hood for too long lol
  • Duke: this is what happens when you don’t listen to the bat (
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u mean like crackers or sumtin

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RFA+Saeran reacting to MC who is actually a fairytale character

interesting! hope you enjoy anon!


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- are you telling me that you are the Snow White?

- he knew you had to be someone special because you are so beautiful, I mean, you are the fairest one of all

- he is totally mesmerised by your charm and beauty even more


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- woah… did you like come out from a story book?? or a movie?? or a??

- he just goes on and on about how cool it is and wonders if his LOLLOL characters can come to live too

- he wants to know all about you and how it’s different from the Sleeping Beauty version everyone knows

- and he’s like a little kid all over again listening to a fairytale story from a fairytale character herself


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- she loves and envies your long hair because she can’t grow her hair out because of her job

- but then you said you’re Rapunzel and she’s shock

- oh my god you’re an actual life princess

- she’s freaking out because she thinks that so cool

- but she feels very apologetic because you were locked up in a tower for so long 


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- Cinderella? The one who got mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters?

- he’ll get you the best lawyer straight away and make sure they will get what they deserve

- and by the way isn’t a glass slipper very uncomfortable?

- don’t worry, I’ll get you the best shoes from whichever brand you want you name it


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- you’re Queen Elsa???!?!

- so you can shoot snow out of your palms right omg so cool!!!|||!!! this kid is high on phD pepper save him

- he treats you like royalty immediately

- and you can definitely count on him for all the snow puns and jokes, especially his favourite line “man, that’s cold!”


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- you’re Alice? so you’ve been to Wonderland?

- that’s a real messed up place

- and you got out of it so good for you

- totally gets it and he’s glad you’re still okay after the whole insane trip


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I'm so excited about the season finale that I'm literally counting down the days until it airs on my calendar like I'm kinda sad that the season will be over and that we might not get another one but DAMN IT I WANNA SEE THAT FINALE SO BAD THAT I DONT EVEN CARE I NEED TO SEE NESS SUCKING SOME FACE