lollipop pixiv


Atomic Lollipop was fun but the AA hours (6pm to 2am) were killing me … so, more Yusukes! (uhh I messed up his pants multiple times …)

Bottom images are just a few photos I took to show my process with these sketches. First, base doodle with Pilot Fineliner. Second, apply water with a waterbrush to bleed the ink and create a wash. Third, after it’s dried, go back in a few small areas with the pen if I feel like it.

I posted them on tumblr already, but you can see the full set of Atomic Lollipop sketches on my pixiv (also better scans than what I posted before):

幽助と桑原 (Atomic Lollipopスケッチシリーズ) | maiji [pixiv]

Con report coming soon~