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Sweet Like Candy

He’s doing it on purpose. The way his pink tongue caresses the cherry-flavored lollipop in such a teasing, yet welcoming manner gives it away. Especially when Sam dares to feign innocence, given the situation at hand.

Sam’s mouth happily lapped at the multi-colored, sugary surface of the lollipop, slurping and sucking at the spaces in between its twirled form. His puppy brown eyes looked up to meet the much more stern blue ones, still shamelessly licking that damned treat.

“Can you please refrain from making those… noises?”. A low growl could be heard from his gruff voice, similar to a warning. Lucifer was pissed to find how many times he glanced at Sam’s mouth, longing for his lips around-

“What noises?” The hunter arched his brow in confusion, eyes growing wide with sudden interest.

Lucifer groaned, shaking his head in dismissal. He resumed his task of reading whatever book was in front of him. He started it a few days ago, taking his time to read through it. But now? Hardly any reading was being done at all. Lucifer’s eyes would dart from his book to Sam’s lips time and time again. Occasionally, he’d flip the pages of his book to make it look like he was still reading.

And Sam?

Oh, he knew what he was doing. He would lick the lollipop extremely slow, almost passionately. Sometimes, he’d even make little noises made up of pleasing whimpers and enticing words along the lines of, “Mm, so good” or “oh fuck, I needed this”.

Any self-control Lucifer had left was completely obliterated.

The bothered angel stood up and slammed his book to the table, swiftly making his way towards the hunter. The latter looked up in shock, almost choking on the lollipop. He could feel Lucifer’s icy gaze pierce right through him, sending intense shivers down his spine. Lucifer grabbed Sam by the waist, capturing his hips with enough strength to leave a few bruises.

“Who do you think you are? I could easily break you with the snap of my fingers- and you dare taunt me?” Lucifer slid his right hand from Sam’s hips to his pretty little mouth, still wrapped around that sweet delicacy. His cool fingers pinched the white stick holding the lollipop, soon gripping the base and pulling it out of those sweet, tempting lips.

The lollipop had dropped the moment Lucifer’s lips met with Sam’s. His tongue invaded the cavern belonging to Sam, the taste of cherry bold and delicious over his tastebuds.

Sam smiled into the hungry exchange, kissing back with an equal amount of force. Their lips collided, melting and fitting perfectly against each other. It wasn’t long before the heated kiss was put to a stop, figuring Sam needed to breathe.

There was just a moment of the two resting their forehead on the other’s, breathing heavily. Their eyes met, staring at the other with such a strong desire.

“Wanna continue?” Lucifer smirked, wrapping both of his arms around Sam’s waist.

“Enlighten me.”

Candy Shop

BTS : V and Jimin

First try doing smut …i hope You like it ~♥

“EHHH… ? REALLY ??!! “ You opened refrigerator to figure out that there is nothing … AGAIN ! You went into the room where the culprits was playing in some game on x-box….” Yah .. V… Jimin …there is nothing in refrigerator again …” Non of them even looked at you. “ Oh….so will You go to store to buy something,____-ah?”. Jimin asked without taking his eyes off the TV screen. “ Nooo … ?!! If you ate everything you could at least tell me before…” You said annoyed and went toward your room… You could hear behind Your back Taehyung’s quiet voice. “  You pissed her off  Jimin-ah “. You walked into your room and locked the door.

Although You have been leaving with them for a long time, You are still angry with them despite knowing what they are really like. You have been friends for so long but You never cared that they are idols. But You too have Your limit… You started to walk around the room all in nerves that after a while lie down violently on the bed. You beat your arms and legs in bed moaning how much they work on your nerves …”But they are so hot …., Ugh! “ You growled on Your own thoughts. They are your friends ..only friends. You repeated to yourself in thoughts, but at some time you started to look at them in a different way. Almost every night You had incredible erotic dreams about them. Once with one of them,once with another, and then suddenly with both of them …. Waking up in the morning after an intense night, You felt how very wet You are.

Lying on the bed once again You caught yourself on thinking about how it could be, how good they must be … as dancers they certainly know how to move well … You started to blush and bite your lips. The heat began to hit the lower parts of your body. “No, no, no …” Shaking Your head You slowly got up of bed and set on edge of it. Suddenly you had a craving for something sweet  … You got up of bed violently at the moment when you remind yourself about small lollipop, which Your friend gave You. Giving it to you to bring happiness, for sad moments, to anger changed into delight … That’s what she said to You …“Delight … Ehh interesting how lollipop can provide it?” You moaned softly because of frustration that You felt  ….

 You unpacked lollipop and immediately put it in your mouth. Strawberry flavor mixed with Your saliva and then You caught for Your favorite book and walked out headed for the room where the boys were sitting. None of them even turned attention when You set down on the chair next to the couch.You started reading and then gently pulling out a lollipop from Your mouth, You made a small sound. You haven’t been embarrassed since You were still quite angry with the boys. Suddenly with eye account You noticed that Taehyung noded his head drawing Jimin’s attention to You. Feeling their eyes, You started to play with lollipop and moving Your tongue around it. After a while You put it between Your lips and started gently peel it both ways to utter delicate sound again. At the same time, you noticed the boys was whispering something to each others ear, and suddenly they both began to look You straight in the eyes with a stupid grin. “What is it ..?” You asked confused, when Jimin suddenly stood up from the couch, grabbed You by the wrist and threw intensively on the couch. “What are you doing, you idiot?! ” You growled still having a lollipop in Your mouth, feeling Jimin’s hands keep your wrists above Your head.

V came near you, and grabbed the stick of the lollipop to take it out of Your mouth and put a lollipop to his slightly protruding tongue.

Looking deep into Your eyes he slowly put it to his mouth. Thinking about his tongue the hot air hit Your cheeks. You swallowed large amount of saliva and parted Your lips with desire.  "How long was You going to tease us ..____- ah? “ Jimin said approaching his face to Your ear. His wet tongue touched your ear, and from Your lips escaped soft moan. V giggled. "I think You have been thinking for a long time about what we could do to You, right ____- ah?” V said, gently massaging his lips with wet lollipop. Saying nothing, your cheeks became even more red than before.  And in your mouth had gathered another excess of saliva to swallow. Unfortunately, You didn’t had chance to do that because you felt that Jimin’s hand from your wrist landed on your jaw gently forcing You to looked into his eyes. They were filled with lust and passion. “I’ll take that as yes.” Jimin said in an incredibly sexy way and his lips landed on Yours.

Sucking and licking Your lips he insistently trying to let him for more. How hot and soft his lips were made You could not longer reject Your own desires. You opened Your mouth letting his tongue fluently explore Your interior. You felt as pleasant currents are landing at the bottom of your stomach and spread lower and lower. Your tongue came out to meet his, and when they finally collided with each other You have given a deep groan. “Fuck … You’re so hot ____- ah!” You could only hear Taehyung’s subdued voice. Jimin broke Your passionate kiss to growl deep in Your mouth. “Oh God …You taste so incredible!” From the corner of Your and his mouth flowed negligible amount of your combined saliva.

Jimin moved away from You a little bit and lifted Your body gently upward to begin to take off Your shirt. You have not even noticed that V found himself naked behind Your back and began to unbutton Your bra. Once this is done,  he threw it on the floor and his hands began to massage Your breasts gently making You bend of excitement, asking for more. You could feel on Your back Taehyung’s hard member , which throbbed with excitement. His skin was so nice and smooth.

Jimin was watching the whole scene from above and began to take off his clothes. View of his muscles You probably will never find bored. Watching them on TV or on the Internet is something completely different. He was so close and Taehyung’s body indulged incredible warmth to Your body. His breath became heavier with every minute of it and land on Your neck. Jimin took a lollipop from his mouth, seeing how much he wants taste You. V began to kiss Your arm, neck and moved higher and higher until he came to Your ear. “Kiss me ____- ah!” V whispered gently and You almost immediately turned Your head enough that he could touch Your lips with his own. At once You opened Your mouth to give him a sign how much You want his tongue inside You. Strawberry taste of his mouth and tongue with an extra touch of his hands on Your chest made that You became more wet. Your gentle moans even more excite the boys. Jimin took off Your skirt and panties with one smooth move.

V took Your hand and has placed it on his dick. He showed You how to touch him. You caught it all by hand. V tilted his head back and gave a loud groan. “AHH … Your hand is so nice!” He groaned and started to kiss You again uttering a slight growl from the feeling Your hand moving around his penis. Suddenly You felt Jimin delicate fingers caressing your clitoris. You started moaning with abandon. “Yes … ahh Jimin-aaaah ….”. “Do you like this way? You want to feel my fingers in You ____- ah? ” Jimin growled holding a lollipop in one hand and caressing Your gentle spot with other. “ .. ahh .. please” Your voice broken by gentle moan, when suddenly you felt like his wonderful fingers slip into You with great ease. Your hand clenched tightly on Taehyung’s dick by what he groaned through clenched teeth. “Fuck …” Jimin’s fingers started to moving faster in You to suddenly stop. When he took them completely out of Your wet interiors You have given of yourself frustrated groan. Desiring more You raised your hips upwards. “Jimin ….”. “I know … ____-ah be patient darling” …

Jimin stepped back a bit to lick the lollipop again which was in his other hand. “Say ____- ah, You like lollipops that much? Maybe I should start fuck You with it? hmm What do you think ____- ah? ” Jimin growled.

At this point Taehyung hissed with excitement and took Your hand of his dick. “I think it might be fun … Jimin-ah” V said and grabbed both of your wrists based behind your back. At the moment You were ready for everything they will do with You. In Your head was confusion. Delight alternated with mixing. You wanted them for so long, and now Your every fantasy about them began to pursue. Jimin stepped forward and placed a lollipop near to Your mouth that You could lick it. You staged tongue and at that moment You felt Jimin’s one, who delightfully licked the other side of lollipop. After a while you forget about lollipop and your tongues began to dance in the air. Jimin pulled away slowly and you was going after his breath. Taehyung has prevented you move away. You have given another frustrated groan which caused a smile on their faces.

Jimin approached lollipop to Your input and gently move it up and down. He did this for a while when suddenly gently began to push against the entrance. The sound of Your wet inputs began to be louder. With it, Your quiet moans became more audible. It’s such a strange feeling. Wet and sticky lollipop made that You become increasingly wet and excited. Lollipop after a while was in You, and Jimin began to turn it in both directions leading You to the madness. “Feels good ____- ah? Do you like to be fucked in this way? ” Taehyung asked, licking his lips at the same time and squeezing your nipples. You moaned loudly biting Your lips. Jimin took out and pulled a lollipop to your mouth. “Taste yourself baby.” Jimin said and put lollipop in Your mouth. You looked deeply into each other’s eyes. You licked lollipop with such a passion that Jimin parted lips passionately, his breath quickened.

“I think it’s my time to fuck You ____- ah”. Jimin groaned and turned You on the belly. You put Your hands in front of You and lift hips up begging him to walked in. At the height of Your face was Taehyung’s penis , which began gently pulsate when Your eyes were on him. He was even bigger than You thought, just as Jimin’s. “Suck me … ____- ah..suck like the lollipop,” V said, and grabbed Your hair in a strong embrace. You caught his penis with Your hand, and You could felt the blood pulsing in it. You took the tip of his penis in Your mouth and started suck gently. Taehung’s head leaned back, gritted his teeth and Your hair in his hand. You took him deeper into Your mouth and started to move faster and faster. “Ye … s … baby, You’re so warm and pleasant”. V moaned through his teeth, when suddenly Jimin put his dick into You without warning. You shouted with pleasure still having other boy’s penis in Your mouth. Jimin wasted no time and immediately began to push into You hard. Your body and head was moving forward giving a double delight to V, who was very close to climax. His hand squeezing Your hair gave Your head even faster rate. “Fuck … .ahhh … so good …”  Taehyung moaned in the highest voice so far and after a while you felt his sperm on the back of Your throat. Without hesitation You tried to swallow everything. Jimin slowed down a little that You could swallow, and his friend could remove his dick from Your throat.

Once V stepped aside to make You more space, Jimin began to move faster and faster moaning your name and squeezing your hips, leaving red marks on them. You were not able to control Your voice and in a moment you spent the last groan and screamed name of the person responsible for it. You reached orgasm and current mastered Your whole body. You put Your head on the couch, and shortly after You, Jimin came in You, filling You with his sperm, warming Your inside even more. “Oh … … ____-ah  You’re so tight.” Jimin moaned and his body collapsed on Yours.

Jimin began to chuckle in Your hair, proud of himself and what he did to You. He descended from you and collapsed on the floor panting. “I think we must go to the candy shop soon Jimin-ah” V said jocular tone. “Haha … I think so.” Jimin answered still breathing hard. “But next time ____- ah ..” Taehyung broke in half and came up to You. He kissed You on the forehead and looked deep into Your eyes. “Next time I’ll fuck You sweety ~” He said, singing tone and lay down next to You.

“I guess… i will need to thanks Unni for present…” You said quietly. “What did You said baby ?” Jimin asked.

“ .. nothing…”

 *  A few days later Jimin told his hyung exactly what happened  *

“So do You want some lollipop ~♥ ? “

I hope You enjoyed it as much as i do ~♥ haha Love You~!


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