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Lollipop Curse

This curse causes the target to have troubles in their love life. Like all curses, this one can easily backfire, so be careful. I’m of the opinion that curses should be used as a last resort, but this is hardly a hard and fast rule so you do you

Listen to Mika’s “Lollipop” and sit in your seething anger


·         Lollipop (or other hard candy)

·         Cayenne pepper

·         Pepper

·         Salt

·         Picture or drawing of the target

·         Hammer



1.      Tape the picture/drawing of the target to the lollipop

2.      Channel all of your rage and disappointment and ill will into the candy

3.      Use your hammer and smash the lollipop, picturing all of your target’s closet relationships falling apart

4.      Sprinkle the cayenne pepper, the regular pepper, and the salt over the pieces of the candy

5.      Say: Everything sweet in [target’s name]’s life has become bitter

6.      Hold your hands over the picture and the mess. Say: Hey [target’s name]!

7.      Chant: Now love’s gonna get you down

8.      As you chant, continue to imagine your target’s crumbling relationships. Everything sweet has turned bitter for them

9.      Say: As I will, so mote it be (or some equivalent phrase)

10.  Rip up the picture/drawing

11.  Throw out the ripped picture and all the other bits

12.   Ground and cleanse

 Me inspirei na musica do Mika - Lollipop e no AU da @blogthegreatrouge - Little Jammy Hood, já queria fazer uma coisa assim faz um tempo, adora esse clipe todo colorido e bonito e SansCest  então juntei os dois :3

Sugar!Sans de @sugartalesans

Melon!Sans de @missladytale

AF!Sans, Error!Sans e Fresh!Sans de @loverofpiggies

PaperJam de @7goodangel

RT!Sans de @renrink

Ink!Sans de @comyet


Lollipop- Mika