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I love making miniature stuff for the ponies and here is some that I’ve made recently. Two chocolate cake pieces (Cupcake looks really proud over it), a slice of pumpkin pie, black/white candy canes and a lollipop that’s purple, white and black. All those things with Fizzy is supposed to be for Halloween. I know it is a bit early for that but I hope to have more halloween stuff finished in time for the ponies this year so that they can have a halloween party. 

I’ve also made some sushi which I showed earlier


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Pairing: Castiel x Reader (ft. Dean, Sam, and Gabriel)

Content/Warnings: Fluff; angst

Words: 1550

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but it’s been on my mind so I figured I would write it. (plus no one requested a Cas soulmate AU) Enjoy, guys!

“Alright, there look to be around twelve vamps in this nest,” Dean said. “Cas, you and Y/N take the back, Sam and I will take the side.”

You nodded, waving the angel over to walk with you. The sun was high in the sky as the two of you crept silently around the building. You were picking your way carefully through the leaves, watching for anything that could cause you to fall. Castiel tripped in a hole, limbs flailing, and you grabbed him before he could crash headlong into the wall and heaved him back. “You alright?” You whispered.

“I, um, yes. Fine,” He stammered, quickly taking the lead. The angel was adamantly refusing to meet your gaze. “This way.”

Shaking your head, the persistent wonder if Castiel even liked you filtered through once more. “There’s the door,” You whispered. “I’ll open, you go in first.”

“Alright,” He said, and you slowly turned the doorknob, pulling it quickly open. Castiel went in first, the two of you beheading unsuspecting vampires with little resistance. It wasn’t long before your ran into Sam and Dean, who had killed half. “I believe all the vampires are now dead.”

“Alright, good work team,” Dean said. “Let’s get rid of these vamps and get out of here.”

Castiel disappeared, wings fluttering, and reappeared a few moments later. “It is done. Shall we go?”

“Sure,” Dean said with a shrug, leading the way out.

You nodded for Cas that he could leave first, and you leaned down to tie your shoe. A painful smack of person-against-wood drew your attention to Cas, who was rubbing his face and glaring at the doorframe. “Cas, are you sure you’re okay?”

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【South Park】Sweet Hunter AU. (Part 2)
Stan: Lollipop / Tweek: Cupcake / Craig: Cotton Candy
Everyone lost memory, entered the strange sweet world and became the Sweet Hunter. They have to use their typical sweet to beat other people, become the Number one to get out of this world.
I saw some people like this AU, I am so happy :D
I will try my best to make it more interesting… but maybe I will give up? I don’t know. Actually I don’t believe myself can complete this AU.

But Thank you for loving this!! :D