lollipop cookies


How to decorate lollipop cookie🍭🍭🍭

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tda characters as food!

emma: marshmallow

julian: pancake

mark: strawberry (a lamp is not a food)

cristina: coffee

kieran: baguette

livvy: lollipop

ty: apple

kit: cookie

diego: burrito

dru: popcorn

jamie: bacon

diana: red bell pepper

gwyn: spinach

zara: anchovies

*˖°✧°˖* biosinhas dos vddeiros bolinhos dessa terra, pode enta red velvet amor da minha vida *˖°✧°˖*

as veze olho pro orizonte e penso apenas no q fiz pra ser reveluv

acima d nos so deus red velvet e os helicóptero da policia

a palavra ggroup da porra vem do latim red velvet

eu so fã de red velvet por talento se fosse pra ser fã de red velvetpor beleza tbm seria fa de red velvet
hoje eh um otimo dia pra entalecer red velvet

stan sofrimento stan red velvet 

quem nao gosta de red velvet tudo bem ninguem é obrigado a ter bom gosto

como vcs pronunciam talento? eu pronuncio red velvet

red velvet  eh joia o resto eh bijuteria

se toda vez q eu pensasse em red velvet sumisse 1pedaço de mim opa kd eu

    quem ama red velvet respira qm n ama

se eo so reveluv eh pq deus me quis asim

red velvet vem do latim que significa talento

um minuto de silêncio pra apreciarmos a existência de red velvet

será que algum dia irei amar alguem mais do que amo red velvet

quem nao gosta de red velvet tudo bem ninguem é obrigado a ter bom gosto

     laxo lexo lixo loxo red velvet

enfia teu rv ot4 no cu e rola meu anjo

   insônia e distúrbios causados por

cuidado ao me seguir pq só falo de red velvet


   red velvet  eh tao bom que começa com r de amores da minha vida

melhor que red velvet so red velvet duas vezes

reveluv  [n.] a person who loves, defends and support red velvet at any cost.

reveluv {n.} me; my self.

reveluv [n.] family.

red velvet [n.] my art.

red velvet {n.} comes from the verb to love; to love five girls; to love five dreams; sea five inspiration; love red velvet. (noza senhora ese fico linfo scr to charano vo usa)

—[♡]; 레드벨벳 ; {red velvet}: to like this girls is like dying and coming back to life. *⊱✿

‘ 레드벨벳 ; 2014′

#배주현 🐻 #강슬기 🐰 #손승완 🐘 #박수영 🐼 #김예림 🐨 (ouu eo coloquei emoji aleatorio eh nos)

you breathe to live I breathe for red velvet

some like wolf, other vampires, and I red velvet

I love them with all the love in my soul, red velvet is the love of my life, my heart, my soul.

[💌] dear red velvet; I love to love you, and I’m going to sea forever and ever.  [💌]

・:*✧ red velvet deserves all the love in the world. do not hate the world! ・:*✧

・:*✧ red velvet my precious, everyone should love them, mine angel from heaven, behind the joy that was missing all day… ・:*✧

art [n.]; 1. art is a way for human beings to express their emotions, their history and their culture through some aesthetic values, such as beauty, harmony, balance. 2. red velvet.

love [n.]; 1. Love is an emotion or feeling that leads a person to desire good to another person or thing. 2. red velvet.

*˖°✧°˖* cake, cookies, candies, lollipops, red velvet*˖°✧°˖*

you breathe to live I breathe for red velvet

love, protect, care for, be proud, of it all for red velvet.

fent eo amo red velvet d+ da conta scr. esas bios tão mt linfa vo usa td

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Pansy Parkinson was the type of girl to end her love letters in x’s and o’s.

Except her x’s were bones and her o’s were skulls and her love letters were always more like death threats taped to her lover’s locker.

She wore black lipstick and choker necklaces and was the kind of crafty, never-present student all the teachers despised, yet she managed to be top of the class ever single fucking time and it drove everyone mad.

She smelled of peppermint and looked like Persephone’s softest daydream. Her kisses were sweet and her punches were like cotton candy.

Pansy was possessive. Like the moon in the sky, desiring every eye to fall upon her precious being.

And when she wanted something, she would stop at nothing to ensure she was queen of it. All the boys were afraid of her and all the girls idolized her.

With her perfectly manicured midnight-colored nails and her ironed pleated mini skirt, she practically owned the school.


That is, until she works her way through an entire bag of exceptionally well-charmed licorice meant to bring tangibility back to the dead.

In her state, though—her very alive state—she transforms into a ghost.

 A fucking ghost.

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New video! Made some DIY Football themed treats today! 🏈🍪