okay like sher//iarty and war//stan are bad but nothing is worse than sher//lolly like c’mon,,,sherlock??? with a woman??? lmao okay


Yesterday my best friend held a birthday party for her twins, who just turned one. Her parties are famous for epic amounts of food, so the dessert buffet was next level - there was Nutella pizza! A giant cannoli that broke apart to reveal a million tiny cannolis inside! Trays of lebanese sweets like knafeh, nammoura and aish al saraya. Rainbow jelly cups, cupcakes, chocolate ganache cake pops, boxes of profiteroles, a layered gelato ice cream cake, a rainbow layered cream cake, and a lolly/candy buffet.

ive just found out the devastating news that people from merseyside call ice lollies “lolly ices” if you’re scouse unfollow me