Little sister of Lucie the goat ( @ragtimegoat ) Lolly is the necromancer of the family that lives upon the mortal world. Living by the graveyard, Lolly enjoys being around the dead and says they are far more quiet than the living. She also carries a skull of an old friend of hers when visiting the mortal world named Jasper, he was the first she brought back to life. 

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Meet Lolly, the Sherlollian Dinosaur. Because when you tell us that Sherlollians are dinosaurs that love frill, make up and jewelry I get inspired. Like so Inspired.

She is, in the words of @thewomaninthetanjacket “Shes Beauty. Shes grace. She might eat off your face… but that’s because she’s a dinosaur. And that’s what dinosaurs do.” And also she is probably the 3rd Greatest thing if ever done in my life.

Ps. Lolly enjoyed the meaty parts of the Sherlolly panel but she really loved the ball pit.
… she felt like the bell of the ball.