lolli cake

When stuart gets back and notices how tidy the flat is and compliments me on my work, I MUST resist the urge to snappily retort that “somebody needed to do it” and instead say “thanks! Would you mind looking after the boys for a few minutes while I practice some piano and do something non domestic?“

Boo's First Birthday
  • Lea:
  • It was December 23rd, exactly a year since Lola had entered the world and made their lives that might brighter and happier. Sure Christmas was only two days away but they were still throwing her a party especially since all of their family immediate and extended were in town to celebrate with them. That morning she had woken up early with Lola wanting to be fed and as she sat on the couch with her she remembered every little detail of the day that she gave birth to her and held her a little closer to her. "I love you so much, Boo." She whispered.
  • As soon as Lola had fallen asleep again Lea got up and started getting everything ready for the party later that day. It was only going to be simple with a cake, a lolly table and a barbecue lunch but it was all they needed. As she got to work cooking and decorating the cake she had made the night before. Every now and then she'd check on Lola only to see her still asleep in her pack and play and wonder where their tiny newborn had gone.
One day, one rhyme- Day 751

Come to Elle’s gym, give it a try!
All workouts counteracted by
Timtams, ice creams, lollies and cake,
And coffee to keep you awake.
Once you try Elle’s, you won’t go back,
It says so on our shiny plaque.
It’s engraved, so it must be true!
Come in or miss out, up to you.
We’ve bikes, and weights and sportsy things,
Even those step machines with springs.
You’ll come for fitness, but you’ll stay
For our exceptional cafe.