A Fic Rec For THG Fans

Til the Rain Comes by lollerballer is another story rec I’m offering up for #ficrecdays. It can be found here.

When the rain doesn’t come and the ground dries up, the people of District 12 sink into a desperate struggle for survival against starvation and poverty. It’s only after a devastating accident in the mines that Peeta Mellark finds a friend in Katniss Hawthorne, realizing sometimes people need more than crops to survive and that maybe, even without rain, some things can still grow.

I read this story when @lollercakesff finished it in June of 2012. It has a unique premise that is believable. It’s angsty in many places, but the epilogue will leave readers satisfied. I highly recommend it.

Spin the bottle: Fanfiction Edition

So I finished the latest Everlark story, ‘Either Way’ a few weeks ago and I’m now ready to play spin the bottle with my bookmark list.

Today, the bottleneck landed on ‘Til The Rain Comes’ by lollercakes.

I’ve heard amazing things about this author and can’t wait to get started!

Anyone read this before? Any non-spoiler comments you care to share?