fanfiction appreciation post: til the rain comes

“An explosion rocks out behind us as the lift rises up into the air. We’re thrown forcefully around as the vibrations ring out. I can’t tell whether my ears are ringing from the blast or from the screams or from the changing pressure of the depth. My brain struggles to keep up as my heart beats.” - Chapter 1, Til the Rain Comes by lollercakes

Whew! This is an especially painful quote that sticks with me because of what it means for Peeta and Katniss. Moments before the explosion, Gale pushes Peeta towards the lift and Peeta holds tightly to Gale’s shirt sleeve the entire time. There is even a moment when Peeta is reassuring Gale that they are almost to the top, although I’m almost positive that his reassurances were being spoken to an already dead Gale.

I love this story because lollercakes paints a different portrait of Gale and Katniss’s relationship than I have ever seen before. They are happily married, with an incredibly bond - so much so that when he passes, Katniss almost loses herself to the depths of depression.

But it is with Peeta’s help that she comes out of it, well that and something else that I won’t mention in case you haven’t read the story and I don’t want to spoiler it.

Just know that loller’s words will pull you in and her story will mesmerize you. Her ability to convey physiological realities of starvation are profound and will leave you knowing and feeling Peeta’s hunger. It’s just a fantastic story!

Thank you so much for your words, lollercakes! I am so grateful you take the time to write stories that entertain and captivate!

100 days to Catching Fire - A fic rec-a-thon - Day 89/100

Title: Swingsets

Author: lollercakes


Status: Complete

Type: Multi-Chapter

Canon/AU: Canon AU

Category: Hurt/Comfort/Angst

Rating: M

Wordcount: 134,090

Summary: I found out after that there are worse things than being Reaped. Worse than dying in the Arena trying to save the one you love. They don’t tell you that the worst thing is to live after. It’s not simple for a Victor. It’s never that simple.

Why I chose this fic: This is an emotional one. I love fics that explore Peeta’s torment after the first Games, and this is one of the best.

Spin the bottle: Fanfiction Edition

So I finished the latest Everlark story, ‘Either Way’ a few weeks ago and I’m now ready to play spin the bottle with my bookmark list.

Today, the bottleneck landed on ‘Til The Rain Comes’ by lollercakes.

I’ve heard amazing things about this author and can’t wait to get started!

Anyone read this before? Any non-spoiler comments you care to share?