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You Understand, Right? (Part 3): Bargaining Chip

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader / Friend!Reader, Bobby Singer

Length: 1154+ words

TW: Suicide. Depression. Abandonment. Character Death.

A/N: There was so much interest in continuing this fic! I am so glad you guys enjoyed it, and I really wasn’t expecting this to become a series! Feedback is encouraged!


Crowley thundered through the halls of his dungeon, a smirk on his face. He heard a little rumour going around in the rack, about a girl associated with the Winchesters- someone who meant an awful lot. He stood in front of the girl, assessing her from head to toe. A surge of power traveled through his bloodstream as he realized that he found the key to getting the Winchester’s to doing his biddings.

Y/N’s head lolled to the side as she became more conscious of her surroundings. It was rare for someone to be unconscious in hell, the demons like to keep the person fully aware of their torture when they’re on the rack.

“Hello, dear,” he greeted, an evil smirk adorning his face.

She didn’t reply just as Crowley expected. He tapped into her memories, watching her life flash by as he confirmed her relationship with the Winchester brothers. He patted her cheek, ignoring her wince as he didn’t even bother to avoid the bruise on the skin. As he walked away from her, he wondered just exactly what he would ask of the brothers. There were so many possibilities, and he could not wait for the time to bring her up.

It was almost ten years later when Crowley finally exhausted all of his resources, and used up all of his other leverages against the boys.

The demon tracked down the Winchesters to their motel room, having just finished a hunt in town, and ready to head back home to their bunker. 

“Hello, boys,” the demon greeted.

Both brothers pulled out their guns.

“What the hell do you want, Crowley?” Dean demanded.

“Oh, Squirrel. Always had the penchant for the dramatics.”

“Shut up.”

“If you could lower your weapons, and we can talk like normal people-” 

“Not until you tell us what you want,” Sam added.

“Well, I came to you because I may have a wee bit of a predicament.”

“And why should we help you?” Dean asked.

The demon smirked. “Because I got something that may be of interest.”

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Do Better (1)

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warnings: angst, life changing decisions, violence?, police involvement

A/N: YAY! It’s here! Let’s see where this goes. Inspired by THIS post! Thank you @thecrownedrose​ for the inspiration!

Eggsy groaned as he walked into the bedroom. He pulled off his tie and threw it onto the bed. He rubbed the back of his neck as he let out another exasperated sigh.

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Part 1- Carter Baizen

Pairing: Carter Baizen x Reader
Part: 1/?
Warnings: Smut
Summary: You and Carter ride home in his limo after a gala. 
A/N: This is the first part in a series based on this post. Each part will be a different character and we’re starting off with Mr. Baizen. Please come let me know what you think!
Word count : 1,642

Originally posted by kingsebastian

“Mr. Baizen! Mr. Baizen!” the paparazzi were but a caucus of noise to Carter who was used to the attention by now. He shielded you and escorted you directly into the limo. You shifted your satin gown and sat back against the leather with a smile.

“Finally,” you shot Carter a smile who you could tell was thinking the same thing by the deep breath he let out.

“I thought it’d never end” Carter chuckled, running his hands through his hair before discarding his coat. The gala had run for hours and both of you were eager to leave so when Carter put his hand on the small of your back and whispered, “let’s get out of here” you both practically ran.

He leans back against the leather seats, his warm hand on your thigh the high slit of your dress allowing the access. You watched as the boyish smile faded from his face replaced with a predatory glare, his blue eyes darkening as they travel down your form. “Did I tell you how beautiful you look?” he asks his hand stroking your thigh gently, raising goose bumps in their wake.

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Hungry (M)

Requested by: @ioannadrit Hello dear I hope you like this <3

Characters: Kim Hanbin (BI, iKon), You (Reader/OC)

Genre: Smut

Warning/s:  Kitchen Counter Dirty Sex, Spanking, Choking, Hair Pulling, Everything OH GOSH THIS IS MY PASS TO HELL TYVM

Length: 2,284 words

Plot:   You are cooking dinner for you and your boyfriend because he texted you that he’s hungry.  However, when he gets home, you’ve realized that he’s actually not hungry for food.

A/N:  I personally think that I went a bit overboard but yeah I am always like that so I hope you enjoy and I apologize about any errors.


”Jagiiiii, I am hungry :(!!!”

You smiled as you read your whiny boyfriend’s text message.  After such a long time, finally, he’ll be able to stay in again with you for the night.

For the last six months, Hanbin has been very busy with their group’s debut.  You’ve been together for a little over a year, and you are pretty happy about it.  You already know the consequences of dating an idol and you understand your boyfriend’s situation.  Despite his busy schedule, he would always make sure to make time for you and visits you every now and then.  With that, you’re satisfied and would never ask for more.

After you’ve responded that you’re going to prepare his favorite, you started grabbing ingredients from the fridge as you wait for the rice to cook.  You would like to make this night special and Hanbin should be more than satisfied once he tastes your prepared food.

While you are boiling some water, you began chopping the pork and the vegetables that you’ll put in to the soup.  You grabbed the kimchi from the fridge and put it on top of the kitchen counter.  You went back to the stove and began putting the ingredients in the boiling water, making sure that the soup won’t spill.  You began stirring while you drop the potatoes and meat on the pot.  You closed the lid and went to the kitchen counter to clean some of the mess that you have created while chopping and preparing.

Because of how focused and busy you are with your food preparations, you didn’t even notice the front door opening and your boyfriend coming in, dropping his bag on the floor.  He removed his shoes and coat and proceeded to the kitchen as soon as he smelled the enticing scent of what you are cooking.

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morning sunlight was filtering in through the open doors of the balcony, catching on the beautiful leaves of all of their plants and all shiny and golden and beautiful. magnus had been up for an hour, going through emails on his phone as he dressed and got himself ready for the day. the sun had greeted him bright and cheery, spilling in through the big windows and drenching the loft in pale orange and soft gold.

by now though, magnus’s emails were sorted and he was sat by himself on one of the couches, leaning against the cushions on the arm with a book cradled against his knee and a mug of tea in his other hand. the steam that wafted off of it kept catching in the bright shards of sunlight, catching on the rings that adorned magnus’s fingers, especially the gold one that sat on his left ring finger with two initials carved into the soft metal.

everything had been quiet for a while now as his eyes scanned the page. it was a book of spells he’d loaned from catarina, an old one worn at the edges, a mix of languages old and new. he was looking for a spell in particular, one he wanted to try and expand on, possibly alter entirely before his clients showed up for the day. but when he heard shifting sheets and a soft grunt in the other room he paused reading, glancing back over his shoulder towards the bedroom.

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It’s My Birthday.

pairing: park jimin x reader
genre: smut, shower sex, athlete!au, some fluff
word count: 1.4k
drabble prompt: “Quit it or I’ll bite.” + “You know you want it sweetheart.”
a/n: I thought this worked out well for Jimin’s last birhtday post for me. I hope you like it @nightowls388

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ok but TEASING THE HELL OUT OF HARRY?? like the two of you are casually watching tv all snuggled up together and outa the blue y/n's just like "I bet I can turn you on" ONGDHJ



“Bet I can turn you on.” Y/N glances up at Harry from where her head is snuggled cozily into the plushness of his thighs, the left corner of her mouth tilting up mischievously.

Harry looks down at her, the bright green of his eyes reflecting the images on the TV across from their spot on the couch. His eyebrows raise up slightly in challenge and he purses his lips into a cocky smirk. “I dunno, doll. Last time you tried something along those lines, you were the one that ended up begging for it.”

A tight huff leaves her lips as she sits up abruptly, the hand that he had been combing soothingly through her hair slipping out and falling limply into his lap. Harry lolls his head in her direction and she wants nothing more than to smack the arrogant grin off his face.

Her eyes narrow. “I won’t let it happen this time.”

He gives her a slow, effortless shrug, reaching up to run his long fingers through his short, messy hair. His remark is snippy and teasing, showing her that he sincerely believes she can’t get away with it. “Sure you won’t.”

Y/N pouts, climbing her way onto his lap to straddle him, sitting comfortably onto his thick thighs and forcing him to look at her. “I’m serious! I’ll win this time!”

“Sure you will.” Harry remarks flatly, loving how he’s managing to rile her up so easily. His large hands coast up her expose thighs (the fluffy, hot pink panda pajama shorts she’s wearing are absurdly adorable) and trail up her hips, dipping under the “Disneyland 60th Diamond Celebration” t-shirt that he had bought her when they’d vacationed in Florida during the summer. Her skin is soft and warm against his fingertips, contrasting the cold that filters around the house from the air conditioning.

“Love when you get all competitive. Y'look so cute when you glare at me like that,” he chuckles softly, pecking at the grouchy frown that plumps her rosy lips, “but we both know who would end up on top, pet. Same as last time, and the time before that. You can’t beat the reigning champion.”

“Doesn’t mean I won’t try,” she crosses her arms across her chest defiantly, arching up a single eyebrow and setting her expression into one of intense determination.

Harry simply shrugs again, leaning back against the sofa cushions and crossing his arms behind his head as he gives sigh, blinking at her nice and slow, taunting. He shifts his legs and she can feel that he doesn’t have any underwear on under the electric blue running shorts. “Knock yourself out.”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

Y/N takes his lack of briefs as an advantage, the absence of an extra layer meaning that anything she does will impact him more directly. She begins to rock back and forth against his crotch gently, using her knees to propel her motion. Her arms drape across his broad shoulders, fingers burying themselves within the short chestnut waves along the back of his head (his hair no longer curled do to how much had been snipped off). Her lips tickle down the slope of his jaw and down the center of his throat, where she sucks harshly on his Adam’s Apple.

“S'not workin’, baby. Gotta try harder than that.” Harry’s voice is deep and raspy, but Y/N hears the tiniest quiver edging into it.

She quickly grabs at the locks on the very top, pulling them back so that his head snaps back onto the couch cushion, where she holds all control over what he can and can’t see. Y/N presses sloppy kisses onto his chin and up to his temple, hearing his breathing start to catch. She presses her forehead to his so that their gazes are leveled, looking into the clear green sheen of his eyes as she begins to bounce against his now semi-hard cock.

“I’d say I’m doing pretty damn well,” The breath from Y/N’s words tickle Harry’s lips, their noses nudging as she speeds up her pace, swiveling her hips in small circles as she feels his fingers twitching against her waist.

“Not gonna give up that easy,” Harry grunts stubbornly, but his body tells a different story in the way his hips are subtly bucking up against her. His mouth falls open, shallow gasps filling the air around him as his eyes become half-lidded in pleasure.

“Oh, yeah?” Y/N proceeds to halt her humping, dropping one of her hands from where it grips his shoulder down to the elastic waist band of his mesh shorts and thrusting it inside. She fondles his warm balls, squeezing and massaging them roughly, reminiscing in the strangled squawk that lodges inside his throat. “How about now?”

Harry tries to jerk his head forward but she tightens her grip on his hair, keeping his head pressed against the couch. He feels uneasy since he can’t see what she is going to do to him next, the way she is now twisting at his prick causing him to buck and thrash against his seat. “No fair! You touched me directly! That’s cheating!”

He’s gasping out the words desperately, his thighs clamping around the fist she has him cupped inside, trying to regain his winning composure. Y/N keeps her forehead flushed against his, her lips nipping at his own as she smiles triumphantly, laughing almost maniacally.

“Oops,” she whispers, now fully stroking him, thumbing over his sticky tip, his warm shaft seeming to burn her fingertips. “Say that I’m the winner or I’ll make you come.”

Harry gets quite sensitive after he comes and it usually takes him about ten minutes to get enough stamina back to regain a fucking session, so he doesn’t like coming from handsies. He calls them “fake-gasms” because it’s not the genuine, classic orgasm that he could get from being inside Y/N.

“No! No, no– okay! Okay, you win! You win! Just s-stop!” He’s pawing blindly at the arm she has shoved down his pants, trying to get her out before he bursts.

Y/N releases him, drawing her wet finger out of his soaked shorts and wiping them off on the fabric of the outer part of his right leg while smiling giddily. She lets go of his hair, allowing him to crane his neck forward, working out a stiff kink as he rubs at his mildly aching shoulders.

“Fuck…” Harry swallows thickly, blinking slowly to try and anchor himself back into reality. His mind is groggy and his teeth feel fuzzy, his entire body having been on the edge of climax to only crash back down. Rather roughly, he might add.

“I win, you lose, meaning I get to pick your punishment.” Y/N claps her hands excitedly, bouncing against his thighs playfully, and he wonders how it is possible for a girl as endearingly childish as Y/N to switch into the dominant stance she had just been using.

“But you– you cheated!” He splutters, looking up at her with sweaty, furrowed brows and bated breathe.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Y/N states blankly, cupping his face in her smaller hands and kissing the very tip of his cold nose.

Harry sighs, giving up easily since he still feels too off-balance to argue his point. “Fine. What’ll it be, then?”

She gets up, heading towards the staircase and turning back just as she climbs onto the first step. “I’m going get some lube and that strap-on Niall bought us for Valentine’s Day.”

Harry makes an unmanly squeak, not sure if he is up for that type of exertion at the moment. “You’re kidding, right? It’s been months since we’ve done that, Y/N! I’m gonna need some time to stretch myself out and I feel better using the water-based lube– y'know, the one we ran out of the other day? I dunno if–”

“Start prepping. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” And with that, her quick steps fade into the second floor of their flat.

Fuck me,“ Harry huffs begrudgingly, flopping onto his stomach and pulling his knees up to his chest, sticking his bum up in the air. He hooks his thumbs into his shorts and pushes them down, the cold air making his skin crawl. He slowly circles a finger around his puckering hole, dipping just the tip in and wincing slightly at the sensation.

He can’t say he’s not excited, though. Y/N was really good at pegging him and as he gradually begins to loosen himself up, he anticipates something inside him. Y/N is taking longer than expected and he’s starting to become impatient so he takes it upon himself to naturally lube up somewhat, licking at his index finger and toying it inside his hole. He moans quietly, thighs clenching and back muscles going taut under his black t-shirt.

“You look really good like that,” A soft voice speaks up, causing him to scream out in alarm.

Harry looks under himself to see Y/N standing behind him with the leather strap on secured around her hips, the hot pink, sparkly dildo standing proudly erect and covered in a thick layer of glossy lube.

“You good?” She kneels behind him on the couch, thumbing carefully over his throbbing entrance.

He hums softly– almost a whimper– grabbing a couch pillow and biting into it for support. He feels Y/N’s clothed chest press against his back, peppering kisses along the back of his neck as comfort.

“Quick or slow?”

“Quick.” He breathes, gripping the cushion tighter.

“On three. One, two–”

Hips are thrust swiftly against his and he feels himself filling up to the brink. Harry isn’t kidding when he says that the scream he lets out could put a pornstar to shame.

Can I Have A Volunteer

Hey Everyone, Here is part 2 of the social workers AU I have been working on, which was originally meant to be only a one shot but has developed into more. 😉

Part One called ‘Meeting Time’ can be found here.

Apologies for the ‘Keep Reading’ cut for mobile users.

Betty and Jughead find themselves in an unusual situation as Weatherbee searches for a volunteer.

Betty was dragging her feet as she walked back into the office. She glanced in the direction of Jughead’s desk hoping that he would be there to talk to and debrief, but could only see Kevin and Archie glued to their computer screens. She took a deep sigh, readjusting her bag on her shoulder as she made her way to the kitchen instead. She needed coffee, lots of it.

It had been the home visit from hell. They were good people in a difficult situation. They always hit the hardest. A young mum who was doing everything that she could to get her life back on track despite the poisonous family situation created by her own mother. Betty could relate. The same thing had happened with Polly and her mum and to some degree with Betty as well.

She was making her way to the kitchen when she felt an arm grab her arm and pull her into the dimly lit supply closet. Another hand was placed over her mouth to stifle her scream. Her eyes changed from fear to anger as she narrowed them at the face in front of her. Jughead. He slowly removed his hand while pressing a single finger to his lips making a shush motion.

Betty kept her voice low. “What the hell, Jughead?” Even in a whisper there was a clear edge to her voice.

“Weatherbee is looking for a volunteer.” His voice was barely above a whisper. She shook her head at him.

“So?” She looked at him incredulously. Her hand jutted on her hip.

“We are hiding,” He whispered back to her. Taking a peek out the closet door before slowly closing it shut again behind him.

“This is ridiculous.” She made a move towards the door, ready to leave him in the closet on his own. He quickly moved ahead of her within the small space blocking the door and exit. Betty widened her eyes at him letting out a frustrated groan. “I have paperwork to do Jug.”

“Look, just here me out. I was walking past Weatherbee’s office, when I happened to hear -”

“So you were eavesdropping again?” She was smirking her arms crossed across her chest.

“Yes okay I was eavesdropping it’s the only way I ever find out what was going on in this place.” Jughead tended to use his hands a lot when he was frustrated, much like now even within the small space of the closet they were gesticulating wildly. Betty was trying to hide her amusement. “Any way Archie got a complaint. A big one. So Weatherbee needs someone to shadow him.”

“So you are hiding in the supply closet?”

“And I brought you in and saved you as well Betty. You should be thanking me really.”

“And how long do you plan to stay in here for?” Betty looked around the cramped space piled high with boxes of stationery and miscellaneous forms. She was already starting to feel closed in in the small space.

“Long enough for Weatherbee to come out of his office, find a volunteer, who is not you or me. And then we sneak back out.” He crossed his arms over his chest puffing it out a little as he explained his very simple but effective plan.

“Foolproof plan then.” Betty replied.

“Of course -” Betty was about to launch into a speech into how they had just sacrificed poor Kevin to this volunteer position when they heard voices outside the door. They both pressed themselves solidly up against the door to listen. Their ears pressed against the solid door both keen to catch the words spoken on the other side.

“Who has left their storage key in the lock again?” Weatherbee’s voice boomed out across the office. Betty looked up expectantly at Jughead who already had his hand searching around his neck for the lanyard with his set of keys. “This is how things go missing people.” They heard the key turning in the lock effectively locking them within the closet. “If anyone has lost their keys they are in my office.”

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Part 1 preview - Carter Baizen 

He leant back against the leather seats, his warm hand on your thigh. You watched as the boyish smile faded from his face replaced with a predatory glare, his blue eyes darkening as they travel down your form. “Did I tell you how beautiful you look?” he asked his hand stroking your thigh gently, raising goose bumps in their wake.

“About five times, Mr. Baizen” you lolled your head to the side to smirk lazily at him.

His hand stilled at the nickname, his jaw clenching slightly as his hand slid up the high slit in your dress. “Say it again” he murmured, leaning towards you. You mirrored him, leaning closer leaving your lips hovering over his.

“Mr. Baizen”

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13, suho, fem reader please

Send in a number & the name of the member you want the drabble written about,

hi! thank you to everyone that has requested! but they are closed until further notice! thanks!!

gif credits to @myeoneandonly

word count: 813

Originally posted by myeoneandonly

If you had been told 3 and a half years ago prior that you would be making out and dating with one of the most wealthy people in the country. You would have laughed in that person’s face and told them to fuck off.

But here you were. 

Making out aggressively might I add with THE Junmyeon in his rather expensive car after a date. His hands gripping and kneading your ass as you straddled him. It was getting heated by the second and you loved every moment of it. The date was rather standard, a nice dinner at a restaurant that you were unable to pronounce properly with an endless amount of both drinks and talking, there was something about the way he looked. 

It was simply all black but it worked so well, it made him look so delightful. You couldn’t help but want him to take you right there and then, in front of everyone. But you managed to keep your cool. From his hair that you wanted to run your fingers through and tug as you lay back and watch him between your legs, pushing him further. You wanted to see his eyes looking back at you, watching how you reacted to his tongue and his fingers inside you. 

One of his hands left your ass, finding its way under the dress you had decided to wear, pulling your panties aside. His fingers brushed along your clit causing you to hiss. 

“We’ve barely done anything and you’re already wet?” He questioned with a smirk looking at you. You let out a chuckle as your fingers wiped away the lipstick that had gotten all over his face. 

“I could say the same about you, Mr Kim,” You responded back as you leaned down to bite his neck, leaving him to let out a groan of his own. 

“I don’t know if I can wait any longer,”

You tutted as you pulled away from his neck, only just managing to make out the mark on his pale skin. Your fingers brushed over it. 

“Cute,” You muttered under your breath. You cleared your throat, your fingers found his jaw, pulling it up so you were looking at each other. “Maybe you’re going to have to wait,” You replied back, brushing your lips against his. 

He let out another groan, but this time one of frustration.

 “Aw, is poor Junmyeon frustrated?” You mocked as your fingers quickly began to unbuckle his black trousers since it was also getting too much for you as well. 

He huffed, rolling his eyes. You raised an eyebrow as you reached into his boxers, holding his cock in your hand.

 “Is that so?” You questioned. “I think you need to be knocked down a peg,” 

He snorted but it soon came to a stop as he saw how serious you were. He gulped as he nodded quickly, not wanting to anger you.

 “Good, nice to know we’re on the same page,” you said as you smiled sarcastically. Feeling that he was hard enough, you pulled him out completely. You rose up slightly as you pulled your panties to the side. Seeing what you were doing, Junmyeon held his cock, he hissed at the contact, slowly tugging his cock at the sight of your exposed pussy. You sunk down onto his length, your head fell onto his shoulder, his hands automatically reaching for your hips. 

As you adjusted to him, you slowly began to rock your hips, trying to find a rhythm that worked for the both of you.Junmyeon let out a groan.

 Found it.

“Do you like it when I ride your cock like this?” He didn’t say anything, he simply threw his head back as you rode him. 

“I asked you a question,” You muttered into his ear, pulling his hair. He let out a whimper causing you to smirk. 

Releasing his hair, you reached for his neck, your hand wrapped around his throat. You squeezed around him causing to let out a stuttered moan.

“I’m gonna cum,” He managed to breath out. He let out another airy moan as you squeeze around his cock once more. You watched as his eyes rolled back, a smirk on your face as you watched one of the wealthiest and powerful males crack underneath you. 

“Perfect, just perfect,” You breathed out, letting go of his neck when you sensed that he was going to cum.

You were soon filled with his cum, your tongue pocked out and licked your bottom lip. 

His head was lolled to the side as his chest rose and fell. He looked so good, worn out.

Don’t let the fact that I’m a bottom stop you from calling me daddy,” he managed to say. 

“Ok daddy,” You mocked before laying your head on his chest. 

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Hey! I just found your blog, your writing is so good! And you're pretty new too - I'm glad to see you're getting more requests. If it's alright, could I request a scenario of Bakugou relaxing after a long day? Maybe his gf gives him a massage or something like that? Thanks, have a good day!

Another one down for the trash baby Bakugou. Writing for him is seriously too fun.  

Bakugou does not like massages. He never has. Showing the back of his neck, the most defenseless part of his body, to someone so they can place their hands on him? Fuck no. Just the thought of being so vulnerable to someone makes his skin crawl. And even if Bakugou did want a massage (which would probably never happen), he’d never lower himself by asking for one. His issues are for him to handle and him alone.

You are well aware of this, but you can’t help noticing the way he keeps rolling his right shoulder in annoyance as he tries to find a comfortable spot on the sofa. You stop by the arm of the couch.

“Babe, is your shoulder alright?”

He huffs, “I’m fine.”

You hum, unconvinced by his gruff response. You know how much kickback his combat gauntlets have. You also happen to know that he fired both during the battle simulation today. And you are fairly confident that Bakugou is blatantly lying when he says his shoulder isn’t bothering him.

You roll your eyes, “I know you’re lying. Let me give you a massage.”

“No way,” he sucks his teeth, rubbing his shoulder.

“Come on, Katsuki. Let me help you out, babe.”

“I don’t want a fucking massage.”

“Why? You don’t trust your girl?”

Bakugou’s shoulders stiffen as he glares at you. It isn’t that he doesn’t trust you. He just has an aversion to the concept of relying on others. Especially when it comes to fucking massages. You sigh and walk around to the back of the couch. Wrapping your arms around Bakugou’s neck, you kiss his cheek.

“Katsuki, you know I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to help you feel better anyway that I can,” you are purring in his ear, “You can trust me, babe.”

Shit. Your baby-please-let-me-do-whatever-I-want voice. And, for your information, Bakugou does trust you. Or at least he wants to learn to. (But, for the record, you are the first pick for his team every time). So … he guesses it would be alright if you gave his shoulders a quick rub.

“Dammit, fine. If it’ll make you shut up.”

You smile and place your hands on his shoulders. Gently massaging the muscles, his shoulders start to relax. Centimeter by centimeter, Bakugou lets the tension fall from his body as his eyelids fall. He has to admit it. Your fingers feel fan-fucking-tastic on his skin. A groan rumbles in his chest as his head lolls back. Bakugou doesn’t have to look at you to know there is a smirk stretched across your face. Fuck it. Maybe your massages are something he can get behind after all.

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105)You can’t make up for it by giving me a tic-tac.” and 109) “Life is a highway, and I’m always drunk. So I’m not driving.” for Starlord/Peter Quill

Characters: Reader x Peter Quill + Rocket Racoon & Gamora

Warnings: alcohol consumption

Prompts: 105. “You can’t make up for it by giving me a tic-tac.” 109. “Life is a highway, and I’m always drunk. So I’m not driving.”

Word Count: 381

A/N: hope you like it !!

Want to request a drabble? Read this post [x]

“He’s smashed again, y/n!” Rocket yelled to you from across the bar. Rolling your eyes, you turned back to Gamora, who sighed loudly. The crew were all at a bar having drinks, but it seemed like Peter just couldn’t stay out of trouble.

“I’ll be right back.” you gave Gamora a look, and she waved you away.

“Take as long as you need.” she smirked, and you gave her a playful punch before rushing over to Rocket, who was perched on Peter’s shoulders. Peter was slumped in the corner of the room, his head lolling as he clutched his drink. 

“How many times has this happened already, Peter?” you grumbled as he bent down to try and lift him up. 

“He’s really out of it this time.” Rocket muttered, before slapping Peter across the face. “Hey, buddy! Stay awake!” 

“What?” Peter jerked up, looking around. “y/n? We’ve got to stop meeting like this.”

“Shut up.” you snapped, but you couldn’t help but smile. “You have a serious drinking problem, Peter.” 

Peter shrugged, taking a sip from the bottle before you snatched it away from him and gave it to Rocket, who took a sip when you turned away. Peter fumbled in his pockets before handing something to you. 

“You can’t make up for it by giving me a tic-tac.” you scoffed, tossing the tic-tac over your shoulders. 

“Hey!” Peter exclaimed. “Don’t waste my tic-tacs.” 

Hauling him to his feet, you slung his arms over your shoulders and began stumbling out of the bar.

“Let’s take you back to the ship, Peter.” you sighed, looking over your shoulder to look at Rocket. “Gather everyone else up. We’re leaving.” 

You staggered out of the bar as Rocket disappeared into the crowd to find the others. You dragged Peter over to the ship and pulled him inside, dumping him into his usual seat. Wiping the sweat from your forehead, you dropped yourself into the copilot seat, trying to catch your breath.

“Life is a highway, and I’m always drunk. So I’m not driving.” Peter struggled to sit up, and you raised your eyebrows.

“Poetic.” you deadpanned, before getting up and moving Peter to the copilot seat instead. “Remind me to stay by your side the next time you drink.”

Caution: Slippery When Wet

in which Percy falls and hits his head because he’s too busy staring at Annabeth

Words: 1,819

Warnings: Language, but whatever.

              Percy’s been to the gym tons of times. Hell, he goes to the gym thrice a week, at the least. And every one of his visits includes about an hour in the pool. Once in a while, there’ll be an attractive girl doing laps or water aerobics or whatever, but Percy never ever gets distracted. Bikini-clad bodies and pretty faces don’t affect him as much as it does other guys.

              But, for some fucking reason, the girl with the blonde hair and tan skin floating at the opposite corner from where he was gets his attention immediately.

              She rolls her eyes and momentarily glances behind her, straight at him, which causes Percy to stop breathing for a full five seconds.

              Okay, Percy, stay cool. She’s just a girl.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, i hope you're doing well! I was wondering if i could have ace, sabo, law and snooj headcanons on how they would react towards their s.o's overprotective doggo who's meeting them the first time and constantly cockblocking them and following them around? The dog is just worried over the s.o bcs they were mistreated by people in the past so the doggo is seeing if the boys are good guys or not basically. How would they feel about this?


Don’t worry. He really is such a sweetheart. You’ll love him!” Ace leant his head against the door as he waited outside, listening to you sweet talk your dog. Ace loves dog, adores them. He was sure that your dog would be no different.

Boy, was he wrong.

Anytime he would slug an arm over your shoulder, or try to press a kiss to your pretty face, the dog was there. Sometimes he would paw at your leg, quickly gaining your attention. Other times he would sit on Ace, pinning him down and stopping him from touching you. Ace had had enough. When you had slipped away quickly to the bathroom, he turned on the dog, a slight glare on his face.

“Ok listen. You don’t like me, that’s fine. You don’t have to, but I love Y/N and there is nothing you can do to stop me from loving her. So you are just going to have to find some way to live with me. Alright?”

The dog swept his tongue all the way up the side of his face, almost grinning at him. I guess that counts as approval?


So this is what he is reduced to? Sitting on the ground, covered in mud and grass, attempting to bribe his partner’s dog with their favourite treat. You had warned him that the ‘big puppa’ was overprotective, but this was slightly ridiculous. 

Not only had the dog constantly nipped and barked at him, but stole his hat, making Sabo chase him around the yard while you looked on amused, if not slightly worried.

Sabo sighed, and sat back on his haunches, head tilted up at the sky. He closed his eyes enjoying the peace of the breeze on his face.

The dog looked at him, curious to what this man was doing. Slowly, creeping on its stomach, the dog slinked closer to the man who remained frozen in his spot. Eventually the dog sat at his side, nose nudging at the hand resting in the grass. Sabo opened his eyes at the feeling of the wet nose, giving the dog a soft smile and a scratch behind the ears. The dog’s tongue lolled out.

“Thank you for looking after Y/N. I promise I won’t let anything happen to her.”


Law sat on the couch, hands clasped behind his head, staring at the dog which unrelentingly barked at him. The dog didn’t like this man, not with the smirk on his face. Growls slipped out of its chest, Law cooly raising an eyebrow.

“Oh hush, puppy.” The dog’s head snapped around, seeking the person behind the voice. It’s tail whipped back and forth as you padded closer, although it slowed a little when you sat on the couch and nuzzled into the man’s side.

“Giving you much trouble?” Law shook his head at your question, smirking at the dog’s almost pout.

You brushed a hand against Law’s face. He turns into it, placing a gentle kiss into your palm. The soft smile on both of your faces gave the dog pause. You handed Law his drink, he grabbed your hand in reply, barely touching your fingertips to his lips in gratitude. The dog sniffed at Law’s leg, your eyes bright as you look at it.

If the man made you smile like that, maybe it could give you a chance.


The dog didn’t like the way Sanji had his arms wrapped around you, nor the way he swooned and preened. Too loud and way too touchy. Which is probably how Sanji ended up with the bottom of his pants torn as the dog tried to yank him away from you. The dog’s ear drooped when you scolded him, and his tail ducked in between it’s legs as you apologised to Sanji, darting off to get him some other clothes.

Sanji peered down at the dejected dog, watching carefully as it’s eyes followed you out of the room. 

“Oi.” The dog’s attention snapped to him, it’s lips curling in a growl. “Oh shush. There’s no need for that.” Sanji peered at the table in the kitchen, at all the food he and his beloved were making. Swiping some of the left over bones, he knelt down to the dog’s eye level, holding out his hand and the food.

“I’m not going to hurt Y/N-chan. If I do, you have full permission to bite me as much as you want.” The dog tilted it’s head, considering. Deeming the exchange acceptable, it took the bone and begun to naw on it.

The dog still didn’t particularly like the man, but he would leave it be for now. Especially if Sanji kept giving it food like this.

The Road Trip Series - Chapter 3

AN: so this chapter is super duper late….but better late than never? link

Chapter 3

“Nino really needed some rest, huh?” Marinette looks over her shoulder at Nino and Adrien, who are both curled up against each other and snoring in the back seat of the car.

“Yeah, he’s had some pretty crazy shifts lately. I barely get to see him awake anymore.” Alya laughs somewhat sadly. “He works late and sleeps late, I leave early and end up asleep before he gets in. You know how it is.”

Alya’s tried not to make a big fuss over Nino’s working hours because she knows that he’s doing a job he loves and excels at. But she will admit that it’s difficult for her to not see him as much as she used to. She misses Wednesday Spaghetti Nights on the sofa watching old horror movies with awful special effects and she misses making pancakes at midnight on Breakfast for Dinner Fridays. She misses going on dates and she misses lazy Sundays just hanging out in pyjamas with hot chocolate.

They’ve have talked about it a couple times and Nino hates their reduced time together as much as Alya does. The difference is that he also loves his job, and Alya is not about to try to tear him away from it just because she misses him. Besides, it’s not like she never sees him, it’s just that she sees him less than she’s used to and –

“Alya, you know it’s okay to miss him, right?” Marinette has been watching Alya chew on her lip and furrow her eyebrows for the last couple minutes. She knows exactly what Alya is thinking. “You don’t need to feel bad about it. Your feelings are what they are, you can’t help it.”

At the back of the car Nino stirs slightly, moving so that his head lolls just above Adrien’s shoulder as his hat falls off his head. Alya looks at him fondly in the rear-view mirror and a small smile creeps onto her face.

“Okay then, Miss Relationship Guru,” Alya smirks at Marinette. “How about we talk about your love life instead of my petty issues? A certain someone has totally got it bad for you!” Alya cackles as she watches Marinette’s face turn beet red in embarrassment.

“Nobody has anything bad for me, Al! Don’t make that kind of stuff up.” Marinette squeaks, sinking into her seat. She’s just glad that Adrien is a heavy sleeper and will (thankfully) hear none of this.

“Come on, Mari. I thought he was meant to be the oblivious one here, not you! The boy has been dropping so many hints and you have thus far failed to see every single one!”

Marinette shakes her head vehemently. Alya’s been saying this for years and trying to convince her that Adrien likes her back. Marinette knows he doesn’t. If he did in fact like her, wouldn’t he attempt to ask her out or at least drop some more obvious hints? God knows she’s been so obvious at times that she might as well wave a massive flag saying ‘hey there, just so you know I am a little bit in love with you so would you please love me back?’ in his face. With sparkles. And all-caps writing. In neon colours. Actually, scratch that. Flashing neon colours.

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New day, new prompt: This is all your fault.

Set in the cannon universe.

“This is all your fault!”

Astrid was covered in mud, clutching an equally muddy lamb.

“My fault?” Hiccup laughed. He watched as Astrid dropped the lamb back in its pen and stormed over.

“Yes, Haddock. All your fault!” Astrid tried to brush the drying mud from her clothing. “You had to go and kiss me in front of the entire village. Now they assume I’m your second-in-command-“

“You kind of are-“

Astrid glared at her boyfriend.

“You announced our relationship to the entire world, now they come to me asking for the stupidest things.”

“Our relationship was the worst kept secret on Berk.” Hiccup reminded her.

“Yeah, well, people were never asking me to rescue their sheep before then. Bryn can rescue her own Thor damned sheep! I have other things to do.” There was a smudge of dirt across her forehead.

“Come here you.” Hiccup pulled Astrid over. He cupped her cheek with one hand and with a calloused thumb, brushed away the smudge. “Welcome to my world, Milady.”

“How do you find time to do it all?”

“I don’t.” Hiccup threw an arm around Astrid’s waist and they made their way back to their dragons. “If you try to do everything, you’ll burn yourself out and you’ll still have people angry at you for not doing the thing they wanted. I learned that the hard way.”


“I know,” Hiccup sighed. “Dad made it all look so easy.”

They had reached the grassy hill where Toothless and Stormfly were basking in the weak winter sunlight, though neither Viking was quite ready to return to the village and the demands of their new roles.

Finding a dry patch of grass, Hiccup sat. He watched as Astrid tried to brush more of the dirt from her skirt and leggings. It clung to the fur of her boots, cracking and crumbling as she stomped her feet.

“Are you sure this is the life you want?”

Astrid looked up from her task.

“Babe, I am covered head to toe in mud. This is not how I pictured my morning.” Giving up, she sat down on the grass.

“Hiccup, we always knew this was going to happen.” Astrid reconsidered her words. “We always knew that one day you would become Chief, not this way-“ it was still a difficult subject, even after a month. It would always be a difficult subject. “-but it was going to happen… some day… somehow… it was going to happen. You becoming Chief, me beside you, that was always part of the plan.”

“I just didn’t think we’d be doing it on our own.” Hiccup picked a blade of grass, twisting it through his fingers and tying it in knots.

“We’re not doing it on our own,” Astrid told him. “We’ve got Gobber. He knows the ins and outs of the village. We’ve got Spitelout-“

Hiccup made a face.

“I know… but he was Stoick’s second-in-command. He knows what he’s doing.” Astrid plucked the grass away from Hiccup’s grip, using it to tickle his jaw.

He swatted her hands away, turning to face her and catch her hands.

“We’ve got your mum, and the dragon riders and we’ve got Eret and they’ll always have your back.” Astrid tried to tug her hands back. When that failed, a mischievous smirk crossed her features. She let her weight fall forwards, knocking them both over.

“Astrid- Wait- You’re getting mud all over-“

Astrid pulled her hands free and scrubbed them on Hiccup’s cheeks leaving dirty streaks on the laughing Viking’s skin.

The two dragons noticed the Vikings rolling on the grass and came bounding over. Toothless’s lolling tongue dragged up Hiccup’s face, cleaning it of dirt but leaving a trail of drool.

Astrid covered her head with her arms to save herself from the dragon bath, laughing as Hiccup tried to wipe the sticky saliva from his skin.

“Thank you for that,” Hiccup tried to deadpan. He pushed the grinning dragon away and sat up.

Astrid rolled onto her knees, turning the conversation back to the previous subject. “I know what I’m getting into.” She reached up to Stormfly who was trying to groom the dirt out of her hair. “So even if I’m being hounded by every single villager who wants to complain about every tiny little thing… that’s okay… Still, this-“ Astrid gestured to her filthy clothing that was now matched by Hiccup’s grubby armour. “All. Your. fault.”

Hiccup stood and held out his hand. Astrid took it and let herself be pulled to her feet.

“You’re completely right Milady. How can I make it up to you?” Hiccup put his hands on Toothless’s saddle about to climb on.

“A bath would be amazing,” Astrid climbed onto Stormfly.

“Done,” Hiccup and Toothless launched into the air. “I will keep the hounds at bay for the rest of the afternoon.”

Astrid rolled her eyes at her boyfriend’s dramatics.

Stormfly beat her powerful wings and they rose, heading back to Berk and the new challenges it brought every day.

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The Final Crescendo (2)

Originally posted by jonginssoo

“Baekhyun-ah” You whispered as the tears rolled down your pale cheek.

Swallowing the lump in your throat, you managed to say “ I love you”.

Part 1 || Part2 || Part 3 || Final

(A/N) : This is Baekhyun x reader. Enjoy ! 

:. I don’t own any of the characters nor companies mentioned and it is purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. I only own the plot.

There’s ALOT of smut in this chapter, if you decide you don’t want to read it then stop when you see the warning, there is no plot progress in the smut so no worries!  

1 year ago

”Stop this before I can’t cover for you anymore.” Your father retrieved an envelope from the side drawer or his mahogany desk, passing it to you, he held it out waiting for you to take it into your own hands. You raised your hand shakily from your side, unsure of what your father’s tone implied and also the contents of the envelope. 

You ripped the flap of the envelope out of pure frustration when the flap refused to peel away from the adhesive. You slipped the contents out, it was sheets of glossy paper, your jaw dropped, it was photograph after photograph of Baekhyun and you on your supposedly ‘secret’ dates. Cold sweat coated your forehead, you felt so scared of your father, you didn’t know the man before you anymore.

“Do not for a second, mistake my deliberate short-sightedness for blindness, (y/n)” His once gentle eyes, were now replaced by a piercing gaze and venom coated his every word. “I’ve known about all your previous flings, but I knew it wouldn’t last, but now you’ve seem to have set your sight on this Byun boy, the rising star of SM.” He rubbed his temple with his fingertips.

“So (y/n), as your father and the CEO, keeping everyone’s best interest in mind, you have two choices. One, you break up with him immediately or two, I’ll cancel his contract.” The CEO lifted two fingers up, “Mind you, if word of your relationship gets out there, he becomes worthless to the company, a depreciating asset and all the other label companies won’t take in the homeless pup.” The man leaned back into his chair, folding a hand over his other waiting for your reply. 

“BEST INTEREST? MY ASS! I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE ANYMORE?! DO YOU TAKE JOY IN RUINING MY HAPPINESS CAUSE YOU’RE DOING A HELL OF FINE JOB AT IT!.” You shouted, the fear you felt now replaced with boiling anger and you biting back the tears. You stormed out of his office, slamming the door behind you. You ran through the hallways, disregarding any looks you got from the people around you, you wanted, no, you needed to see him.

 The only person you felt who was still on your side. 

Baekhyun was practicing his latest choreography in his small studio, running on 5 hours of sleep became the norm for the young idol, it was a small price to pay for success. He bobbed his head to the rhythm of the music, mentally counting the pace, suddenly the door flung open. 

You threw the door open, feeling completely shattered. Forgetting he was busy with his schedule, you ran towards Baekhyun, “Woah!” he exclaimed, surprised by your tackle, wrapping your arms around his waist and nuzzling your face into his chest while you exhaled shaky breaths. “What’s wrong (y/n) ? What happened?! Are you okay?” He was panicking now. 

You shook your head against his chest, “What happened (y/n)?” He tried asking again, however this time he place a kiss on the crown of your head and let his fingers stroke you hair. You let out a small sniffle as you looked towards him, “Take me to your place, please Baek, please.” Your eyes pleaded as well. Baekhyun paused and looked at you, “Now isn’t a good-” , your legs gave way and you slumped into baekhyun arms, his grip around you tightened as he gently set both of you on the floor. Your facial expression remained unchanged, leading to Baekhyun saying “Alright, I’ll take you there (y/n). Promise to tell me what’s wrong okay?”. You just nodded nonchalantly. 

He helped you to his bed, laying you down on the soft mattress, your senses were working overtime, his scent so strong, it was attacking you. “I’ll go get you some water.” Baekhyun said after laying you down, but you grabbed on to his arm, “Stay with me.” your voice was soft yet demanding, you pulled him into bed. 

Smut warning ! 

He now had a knee on either side of your hips, he knelt there staring into your eyes. Your arms had instinctively reached for the front of his shirt, pulling him down, brushing your lips against his jawline, you felt his bulged grow against your thigh, so you took it upon you to lift your leg slightly, giving him some friction to crave for. His groan was low and that turned you on beyond imaginable. And that flipped a switch within Baekhyun, 

The beast was let out. 

You could feel the hungry kisses planted on your skin, he started from your lips, making it down you jawline, to your neck, lingering there for awhile before trailing down shirt, reaching the hem of your shirt. He slid his hands under your shirt, looking at you for a brief second for approval before he hastily removed you shirt. He looked down at the mess he had made of you, taking in the image of you laying in his bed and imprinting it in his brain, you drove him insane. 

He slipped his right hand under your leg and lifted it around his waist, propping his left elbow at your side, while his right hand fondled with your ass, he began kissing you more roughly and deeply, just then he grinded against your clothed womanhood. You let out a loud moan against his lips, while he took this opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth and take dominance exploring your mouth. 

You managed to take off shirt and removed his belt while he teased the daylights out of you, somehow you were already stripped down to your undergarments. Feeling too submissive for your liking, you decided to palm Baekhyun’s hard on through his skinny jeans,he lets out a growl followed by a deep chuckle, “(y/n), I thought you were a good girl?” he whispered before his finger wondered around your inner thighs, drawing circles before sliding his hand under your panties, taking a hold of it and pushing it to the side, exposing you and your wetness. 

His finger brushed against your sensitive spot, sending shivers up your spine as you whimpered “Baekhyun-n-n stop teasing me.” , he placed his finger at your entrace, tracing the outline of your hole with his digit at an excruciating slow pace, “(y/n), you’re already so wet, we haven’t even begun.” he said as he plunged two fingers into you, you arched your back in pleasure as he pumped his fingers in and out, curling it when they were all the way in, making you a moaning mess. 

The pleasure was addictive, so much that you began pushing against his slender fingers, wanting him deeper in you, “Someone is getting impatient hm?” he cooed, before removing his fingers from you, his fingers were dripping with your wetness. “Why don’t you help me speed this up  (y/n) ?” 

Finally it was your turn to be in the driver’s seat, you flipped him so he was beneath you, you sat yourself on top of his bulge. “Don’t even think abou-ahhhh” you didn’t let him finish before you started grinding hard against him, placing your hands against his chest for support. He had threw his head back and shut his eyes, however you got off him, making him immediately sit up, but now you were between his legs, he adam’s apple bobbed as he gulped. 

“Sit leaning against the headboard Baekkie.” and he obeyed, he eyed you like an eagle. You creeped each hand against his either thigh, both hands meeting at his buckle, undoing it painfully slowly, “(y/n)….” he whined. You decided you’ve probably done enough revenge for now, as you pulled his pants and underwear in one go, off his ankle , freeing his manhood. His manhood sprung out from his underwear, it was red hard and leaking precum all over the tip, you gave him a quick smirk, before pumping his shaft in your hand, rubbing your thumb at the slit, as licked a line from the base to the tip, where you had licked away the precum and gave a light peck, Baekhyun couldn’t bear it, he’d closed his eyes and head lolled back on the headrest and hands helping keep your hair from your face. “Fuck, (y/n) you’re so fucking hot right now!” he said as you wrapped your mouth around his girth. 

“(y/n) ah- I’m s-so close.” He said in broken sentences. The moment you heard that, you stopped immediately, and got up to kneel in front of him, he was going to complain about you leaving him hanging there, but he saw you come closer to him. You slowly moved closer to him, just when your entrance was above his manhood, almost touching, you move forward some more instead, and sat on his abdomen, leaning in to his ear you whispered in the sexiest voice you could muster, “I want to ride your fingers before I ride you” you kissed the part below his ear, and lift yourself a little to allow his palm to slip below you. 

He shoved two fingers up your hole within a blink of an eye, surprising you, he thrusted his finger so fast, you fell forward on him slightly, giving him a better angle to finger you. You rocked your hips, matching the rhythm of his hand, giving you so much pleasure, your moans were music to his ears, but then he suddenly decided to pull out, leaving you empty, “Baekhhhyunniee~” you kissed his jawline trying to get him to continue. 

Baekhyun brought your lips to his and kissed you intensely, lips trailing from your mouth to your nipple, you groaned at how sensitive you were. He grabbed your ass cheeks in his big hands, and sat up a little before slowly bringing you down onto him, with his tip just barely in, he lifted you out, and placed you just until his tip, he did this again and again, it drove you up the wall. “You fucking tease!” Your head slumped on his shoulder, breathing heavily, “Sorry beautiful, you know I can’t resist teasing you especially.”. His hands still on your ass, he brought you down slowly onto him, watching you engulf him, “Fuck, (y/n) you’re so damn tight.” 

At first the pain was all you felt, and he could see the pain in your eyes, to which he responded with giving you butterfly kisses all over your neck and shoulders, hoping to distract you from the pain. The pain subsided and you were thirsty for more, you began lifting and dropping your hips, riding him slowly. Both of you were on cloud 9, but Baekhyun thought it was time to seize control again, without removing himself from you, he flipped you two, letting him be on top now. You instinctively wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist as he began thrusting into you, his thrust were quick and deep, the room was filled with the sweet sound of skin slapping, moans, grunts and groans.

 “Baek- Ah - Baek.. Faster-ah-ah-ah” you pleaded as he slammed harder and faster into you. 

“Say my name, (y/n), scream it.” his thrust became sloppy and irregular, but you were already too far gone, “Baekhyun-ah- Baekhyun fuck me!” your voice getting louder, when nearing your climax, his name started rolling off your tongue in screams, he continuously hit your sweet spot, rubbing your clit simultaneously, which sent you over the edge. Your walls tightened around him, bringing him to his high, “Ahhhh (y/n) how much tighhh-ter can you get.”. Your walls milking him for every drop of seed he had in him, while he thrusted slowly, riding out his orgasm. He pulled out and collapsed beside you. 

Smut end

Both of you out of breath and exhausted, he kissed you on your forehead before you both had unintentionally fallen asleep. 

To be continued…

(A/n): Sorry not sorry for the all the smut, basically the whole chapter. 

Noona| Four: Scream for me

Originally posted by meanyoongis

|Chapter One| |Chapter Two| |Chapter Three| |Chapter Four| |Chapter Five|

pairing: Jimin x oc
genre: smut, light choking, dirty talk
word count: 1.2k
a/n: What happens when you find yourself falling in love with someone nearly 5 years younger than you? How can it even be dealt with when your lives revolve around your image and career? It can’t be, because it just happens whether the people around you want it to or not. Love isn’t something that can be controlled.

“Thank God.” I proclaimed as I threw myself down onto my mattress. “What?” Jimin questioned as he shut the door before moving to stand in front of me. Sitting up, I grabbed his wrist and tugged him down onto the bed next to me. “I’m just glad today is finally over. I don’t think I’ve ever blushed so much in my entire life.” he let out a giggle as he pulled us up on the bed properly, folding his arms around me as I hugged his waist. He threw his leg over mine, his lips gingerly kissing my forehead. “It’ll pass soon, love. They’ll get bored eventually.” pulling away from his grasp, I sat up and began tugging his shirt up. 

“Noona, what are you doing?” he exclaimed with a laugh, swatting my hands away. I moved to straddle his hips, placing my hands on his chest. 

“Taking your clothes off.“ 

“Why?” he teased, moving to rest on his elbows as he smirked at me. 

“Jiminie!” I whined, falling off his lap and back onto the bed. “Come on, lets go shower.” he suggested, standing up and bringing me along with him. “Fiinnneee. We probably should have done that this morning.” I replied with a chuckle as he lead me into my bathroom. “Probably.” he said as he started the shower, testing the temperature.

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/Sigh, if only we all had our own Rafael. 


Could you do Barba treating you to a bubble bath after a particularly stressful day? Lots of underwater action with his hands please? I would be in your debt!

For the lovely @rauliskafan​ 

No debt required! Although, I will always accept your firstborns being named after me…..

“Umf.” Dropping your purse on the floor, you flopped over the arm of the couch, landing facedown on the cushion.

“Bad day, cariño?” His reached out to rub your back from where he sat next to your head, reading over his cases.

“Hum, mff.”

“Can’t hear you, babe.”

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Play the Game - Ethan Dolan Mini Series

(A/N)- there will be a part 2 to this because it ended up being so long and I really wanted to make this super cute so…. enjoy :)

It was another horribly boring Thursday afternoon spent in 4th period Advanced English. It wasnt boring because you didnt like the class, it was boring because you were incredibly bright and far ahead of the rest of your peers. Being a genius had it’s ups and downs-although you struggled to see anything but the downs. You were always sought out by teachers to tutor struggling students- seeing as you were the smartest boy in school, in fact it was safe to say you were the smartest person in the entire school.

Grabbing your typical teenage boy backpack (a basic black jansport) you packed your English notebook and highlighters into their respective pouches. It was just as you reached the threshold of the orange metal door that your teacher, Ms. Watters, had called your name and motioned at you to walk over to her desk.

“Hey Ms. Watters. I know I’m not supposed to keep reading ahead but it’s just that the class is so slow for me sometimes and-” you babbled on only to be interrupted by the white-haired woman. She laughed lightly before replying, “Oh no honey it’s not that, trust me. I wish I had kids who even began to read the assignments!”

“Oh, ok. Um, then what did you need me to stay behind for?”

“I need you to tutor a student of mine. Hes in this upcoming 5th period class. So maybe I can introduce you two when the class is over. He really needs some help, Im just not getting through to him so I figured maybe someone his age would.”

“Um, I don’t really know, I’m kind of already swamped with ya know, stuff…” wow great lie. She gave you a knowing look, considering she- like every other teacher in the school, knew you were miles ahead of everyone else on the work.

“I figured you might not want to do this so I went ahead and talked to Principal Gordon and we agreed to pay you 15$ an hour for sessions twice a week at a duration of two hours each.” She beamed at you hopeful you would take on a new kid to tutor. You sighed heavily before rolling your eyes, “ Alright I suppose I could do that. Ill be back after lunch to meet the kid I guess.“ She squealed out a ‘thank you’ as you placed the straps of your backpack onto your broad shoulders and headed to the cafeteria.

Thirty minutes later lunch had ended and you headed to Ms. Watters classroom once again for the day. Being a teachers aid was cool because you basically had a free period aside from grading a few papers here and there. The class lolled on as you played around on your phone clicking in and out of different social media apps. The bell had finally rung and you sat at the desk adjacent from the English teachers, waiting to be introduced to your newest academic project. And this is when the one and only Ethan Dolan approaches the desk your body is stiffly planted at.

Ethan walks up to you with a little smirk on a his face “so listen, I need you to not fuck this up for me. If I don’t pass this class I don’t play football. Make it happen okay? Good. See ya tomorrow at my house.” He hands me the piece of paper and walks off briskly- probably headed to football practice.

“Um Ms. Watters I don’t think I can tutor him he seems a little stubborn.” To say your worried is an understatement. Again, she smiles her perfect smile and says, “I’m sure you’ll be fine sweetheart” and then she’s off and on her way to the teachers lounge.

As you head to your old Chevy truck you soon realize Ethan forgot to tell you a specific time to meet at his place. Sprinting to the football field you try and seek out the Dolan boy amongst the sea of numbered jerseys. Soon you notice he’s talking to his coach and he seems to be pretty heated about something. Ethan spots you and strides over grabbing you by your arm to drag you away from his teammates. “What in the hell are you doing here!?” He grits his teeth. “I um, I just came to ask what time to meet at your house for tutoring dude. Damn calm down.” “Oh, uh ok. Like 5. Now leave!” Wow. What a nice guy….