Quick rundown of my teachers of note so far: 

  • My psych teacher came in wearing red piece of string that connected to a paper tie that said “#1 Dad” so I immediately liked him you know. 
    • He said his kid sassed him like, “uh dad,  you have to wear a real tie not a paper one.” Him: “She’s three. I was kind of proud but also I don’t care, no one will be scared of me in this tie.” 
    • He also said that while he loves cognitive he can’t speak it well. 
      • “I got this job because someone else in the department retired and they were like ‘hey you want to take cognitive?’ and I said ‘uh. okay.’”
        • #Me
  • My music teacher is older and spent 20 minutes reading out attendance so if he does that every day I guess we’ll only have a half hour of class time loll. 
  • My physics lab teacher emailed us 500 times (exaggeration, fine, but still) and spent 20 minutes doing a paper bill experiment. 
    • When our group asked if we should record anything, the TAs said “just humor him.” 
    • He rambles so much he’s like, a grandpa, and it’s sweet but also I want to leave class not late thank you we’re already there for 3 hours I do not want to be kept late. 
    • I still have no idea why we did that paper bill experiment. 
    • He also had a baseball bat and hit a ball with it? 
    • And at one point he started talking about the universe I don’t know.
    • He also asked us to talk about ourselves but then we also did a survey about ourselves but he also EMAILED us giving us an option to talk about ourselves? I mean I guess it’s sweet he wants to know us maybe. 
    • I don’t really know what happened in those 3 hours tbh. 
Shifted - Part 1, Chapter 7

Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a chapter from my brand new AU story. The premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

“No!” he bellowed.

Startled, the midwife dropped the hand she’d extended to the apex of Claire’s legs, meaning to check her dilation.

“What do ye mean, no?”

Jamie glared at the woman from the headboard, where he’d gathered a now-conscious but boneless Claire in his arms. Her head lolled weakly against his chest. “I want ye to use that basin to wash yer hands. With the water that’s been boiled.”

“There’s no need, milaird. I wasna-”

“I dinna care what you were or weren’t going to do, mistress. I’m asking you to wash your hands afore touching my wife.”

Helplessly, the midwife glanced to Jenny. From her position holding back Claire’s right leg, however, Jenny was having none of it. “Do it,” she hissed.

Muttering under her breath, the midwife turned to the bureau beside the bed and complied.

“Sassenach,” Jamie said quietly, frantically. “Open yer eyes. Please.”

Her breath had gone shallow as another pain surged over her. “Jamie-” she choked. “Jamie-”

“I’m here, a nighean. Please, open yer eyes.”

Blue met blue, weariness with absolute worry.

“I can’t, Jamie. Hurts so much. Just let me sleep.”


She gasped as the midwife’s cold – but clean – hands spread her below. Jamie tore his eyes from her face to watch Jenny’s face – he couldn’t see another person, man or woman, touch his wife that way, but he trusted Jenny to.

His heart stopped as Jenny’s eyes went wide. Helplessly he looked down the length of Claire’s heaving body toward the midwife’s bloody hands.

Holy God.

suga-n-kookies  asked:

Tell us more facts about u pretty please ?? ♥♥

okay I’ll try figuring something out lollll x)

So here are some facts about me:

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I run fast but I can’t run for a long time

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Fact #2

My favorite topics in school were Chemistry ,math and Arts. I sucked at Physics so hard omfg like I legit passed the course with a 73% :(  Also I was such a lazy child. I didn’t like P.E and I’d always somehow end up getting hurt somewhere loll (Jungkook’s fave subject in school is P.E LLOLLLLLL *CRIES A RIVER* )

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FACT #4 

I always fall for guys who play sports and are in  good shape ( I always had a thing for soccer players).It’s been something that hasn’t changed since I was 13 lol Up to this day, I still go for guys who are tall and have well balanced muscles ( a–term-that-jungkook-invented-which-means-a-healthy-figure).Slim but muscular ( THE JUNGKOOK TYPE OF GUY~)

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My school uniform had a skirt and I’d always wear sweats under it during the winter ,because BRUH. IN CANADA THE COLD DOES NOT F*CK AROUND.

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Fact # 6

I’ve never been in a real serious relationship with someone, because I still haven’t find the right one. Tbh I don’t trust guys easily and I think that it’s a good thing to keep a distance when you’re not sure about what you want ( F*CKBOYS ARE EVERYWHERE.)

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Fact #7

Before Jungkook became my Ub, I used to dislike him ( ok I never hated him, but I didn’t felt him at all lolll) for acting so cocky in the  mvs. BRUH. HE WAS TRYING TO ACT FRESH AND SHIT WHEN HE WAS 15. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT LOLL. Tbh I just couldn’t bare with him because he was the same as age me yet he was not attending classes like me. Now that I’m 19 and I watch the debut mvs of bangtan , I just find him so adorable. >.<

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Its bts-sexy-reads. Lmao im fixing to stalk the shit out of you and read your stuff. ♡♡♡♡

Ooh~~~ I like it when ppl stalk my blog 😉 I can guarantee you that if jeon is your bias wrecker , you will feel violated while scrolling through my posts/stories loll 😏 In any case, thank you for taking time to stalk my blog. I’m such a trash for Jungkook 😂😂😂 Ps. I stalked yours yesterday 😏😏😏

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hello my beautiful chokers, we haven’t really reached a specific amount of followers, but our anniversary is approaching so we figured might as well do our first follow forever in honour of the day we became KPOP trash. this blog has developed from just reblogs to memes to writing to gifs, from exo to bangtan to got7 to bigbang to monsta x to b.a.p. we’d like to thank everyone who has followed us since the start and to all the new followers welcome! 

우리 오래가자 (let’s stay together for a long time) 

writers: ✍, favourites: ♥︎

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lowkey plum

Lol OMG OH MAN HOLY SHIT *in jungkook’s voice*😂😂😂 i just figured out what plum meant in that post. Plum- I would f*ck you

I know yall are thirsty for jeon but I didn’t expect to get this kind of message lolll😂😂😂Is it because my stories make you frustrated loll ?? 😏😏😏

Bruh. Idk why you would want this. 🤔 Please remember that im a girl who stans a dabbing master who raises his eyebrows while muttering the words “hot sauce” when he eats chicken. You never even saw my face irl 😱😱😱

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Hello everyone!!

Guess who did a GGA?
Had lots of fun on this, the main reason behind my post-grad silence loll