Lilly and Oliver’s Cutest Moments #1

4x05 - It’s The End of Jake As We Know It

It's been a whole year since I've been this happy...

AKA since I discovered THIS:

My good friend Emily screen capped it. :D

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the picture and watch the extra on the DVD in the past 365 days, but it’ll forever remain just as magical as it was the first time.

Actually, I rubbed my eyes, blinked rapidly, and thought my overactiver imagine was at work again the first time, but you get the point.

Thank you showing me true love <3

“We didn’t have to, but we did.” *SMIRK*- Mitchel Musso.

Neon Signs


*Announcer voice* Introducing the fic that did not want to be written or put online…

Hi there everybody! It is I, Des, and let me just tell you it took a lot for me to get this piece of work here! It is long (long, long, very long) so Tumblr absolutely hated it and shut down on me several times because of that. It has also been deleted against my will twice in one day so this is not the original and it may not be as good but I still like it and I hope you do too! Please enjoy the fruits of my labor! So! Let’s get this show on the road!

A sequel to Go Get Your Hart, a fic in which: Absolutely everybody ships Lucaya always, and Lucas Friar is a Lucas Friar of epic proportions, there is miming, there is painting, there is a Box Theory and there are signs literally everywhere Lucas looks. 

WARNING: This fic is also eight thousand three hundred and eighty (8,380!)  words long. I suggest that you sit down. Or maybe grab a cup of tea. You might be here a while.

I also suggest that you listen to Signs by Bloc Party as you read the end of this fic, if you are into that kind of thing, because I listened to that song repeatedly while writing this and it was epic and amazing.

Okay! Y’all ready for this! *Space Jam. Always Space Jam*


“Okay, pause.” Missy says firmly, her hand held up in a stop motion and Lucas freezes from where he’s been pacing on her dorm floor for the past ten minutes. “So, what’s the problem?”

“I’m in love with Maya.” Lucas says slightly breathlessly and his fingers gravitate to his hair to pull on it because oh my god.

Missy stares at him for a long moment before arching a brow, her lips slowly curling.

“Wait, that’s it?”

Missy!” Lucas hisses in irritation and Missy just starts cackling like she has never cackled before, pulling her floral patterned cell phone out of her pajama shorts. “What are you doing?”

“Texting Billy to come over,” Missy says through chuckles, and Lucas rolls his eyes. “Oh, this is too good.”

“Why are we friends?” Lucas bemoans frustratedly, and Missy just shakes her head in amusement.

“Because you’re an idiot sometimes and I know pretty much everything. Plus you can carry heavy stuff.”

Billy can carry heavy stuff.”

“Yeah, but he always complains about it.” Missy says with a scrunch of her nose and Lucas looks at her incredulously for a moment because sometimes he questions if she is even real.

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Friends to Lovers!Wonho x Chubby!Reader

  • Aight for this im gonna do a friends to lovers thing bc that’s my fAVE THING 
  • So i like to imagine wonho as a very cuddly person (mostly because i am 100000% sure that he is) and even if you are just best friends, i still think he would like the Cuddles
  • and you being chubby and squishy would make it 1000x better to him tbh
  • He would randomly hold you alot, whether it be just randomly pulling you into a tight hug or literally spooning you when you’re in bed together (ok i don’t know about yall but when i hang out with my friends i lay in bed with them a lot so it’s not a stretch for me to think that he would like to be in bed with you too)
  • Sometimes you get really self conscious around him and the other boys, you try not to eat in front of them, you tense your stomach up when wonho wraps his arms around you, things like that
  • and wonho is a very perceptive person so he notices it immediately and it breaks his heart to know that you don’t feel 100% comfortable with him, your best friend
  • so he starts to hype you up
  • a l o t
  • he’s liked you for a long time now, so he just starts voicing all of his daily thoughts about you to you, making it painfully obvious that he likes you to everyone else but you’re just like “wow!!! How have I never realized how sweet and affectionate wonho is!!!” and everyone just *face palm*
  • Calls you beautiful and gorgeous on the daily, no matter what you’re wearing or what you look like because he is the kind of sap that will belive that you are beautiful no matter what and will tell you so
  • he even starts to let his hands linger for a little to long to just be considered friendly. He’ll hug you for what feels like forever, and when he pulls away from you because kihyun started talking to you, he keeps one of his hands on you in some way, just because he likes how warm you feel
  • When you guys talk to each other he angles his head very close to you and peer into your eyes with a small smile on his face, because he loves talking to you and listening to your voice tbh
  • (like the gif at the top!!!)
  • He’s just very attentive with you 
  • And everyone is just like: Ew.
  • Sometimes he’ll come up behind you and whisper something in your ear while he has his hands on your hips, purposely making it a little breathy because he knows it makes you flustered
  • and while you’re responding to whatever he said (probably something unimportant, but he wanted an excuse to fluster you) he’ll pull his head away from your ear but he rubs his hands up and down your sides, applying a little pressure so he can feel every dip and curve
  • of course if you showed signs that you didn’t like it or that you wanted him to stop he would, but really you I don’t mind
  • While he’s doing stuff like that he would be smirking and acting a little cocky, but when he leaves you he’s a blushy mess, pacing back and forth because holy shit he touched you he really freaking touched you and you were warm and soft and you smell so freaking good holy shit hoLY  S  H I T 
  • He probably never actually confesses to you tbh
  • One day you were just laying next to each other in bed while laying on your stomachs and he’s talking to you but he gets a little quiet and thoughtful
  • he does this a lot so you let him have his moment of thought and wait patiently
  • and he randomly smiles a little before brushing your hair away from your face and brushing his lips against your’s 
  • he pulls away rather quickly and looks into your eyes while stroking your cheek with his thumb before he presses a more solid kiss against your lips
  • and then he just keep talking????
  • Neither of you ever really talk about it. but neither of you really regret it. in fact he seems really happy that he did it and he keeps doing it, you even initiate a few kisses of your own
  • and eventually the kisses start getting longer
  • and more passionate
  • like you’ll be alone in the dorms with him and he’ll be sitting on the couch in the living room and you’re walking by and he’ll just tug you onto his lap so you’re straddling him
  • and he’ll grab your face and just go for it. He’ll try and covey all the things that he’s a little afraid to say in those kisses, brushing his tongue against your’s
  • and you’ll just??? get it??? Like you don’t know exactly what he’s trying to say, but you do know that it’s something really special and probably loving and it will make you a little more desperate for him, because you want him to feel all the passion from you that you’re feeling from him if that makes sense
  • You’ll knot your fingers in his hair and tug him closer and he’d pull away for air and groan before pressing kisses down your neck and on your shoulder
  • humming while rubbing your sides up and down before tugging your hips down a little harder so you are sitting completely on his lap
  • He’ll grind you against him a little bit, but he’s not doing it for pleasure. he just wants to feel you more solidly against him, he wants to immerse himself in you completely and he wants you as close as possible, especially when you’re making those tiny noises of pleasure and want. Yep. Definitely needs you as close as possible.
  • So you’re just. making out. on the living room couch. and he’s starting to get more than a little hard and you’re more than a little wet
  • so you pull his lips away from your skin and you’re both panting, but neither of you want to go any farther. he just wraps his arms around you in a hug and tugs you into his chest, shuddering when he feels your breath against his neck and he’s panting into your hair and pressing kisses to the crown of your head while rubbing your back
  • but even though all of that  is happening, you guys both cant help to feel like your feelings are unrequited
  • and he’s always prepared for someone better than him to come along and he’ll willingly let you go because he thinks you deserve more than he can give you
  • and you’re just like “lol how” when you think of him actually loving you in a more than friends way, because you aren’t the typical kind of person that people would picture him with
  • and when the boys talk about how much he talks about you you tell them to shut it because they have to be joking right? there’s no way, even if you guys do make out quite often and when you get bold enough to trail and nip kisses down his neck he groans out a low “fuck” and slips his hands underneath your shirt
  • One day he’s over at your apartment and he’s pressing you down into your bed and desperately kissing you, because you asked him to kiss you and you’re actually pulling him closer and wrapping a leg around his hip to keep him there and when he tries to pull away you whimper and tug him closer. 
  • hearing you whimper for him and feeling you tug him closer tells him that you want him a lot, and it makes him super weak and needy for you, he just wants to give you what you want and more
  • so he takes the initiative and tugs his tshirt over his head and he notices how your fingers twitch to touch him, but you make no move to act on your desires
  • “It’s okay. I want you to touch me.” So you let your fingers brush over his stomach and pecs, but the touch is so light he’s not even sure that he can feel it
  • so he gently grabs your hands and presses them harder against his warm skin, guiding them to rub across his chest and over his shoulders and eventually you start to move your hands on your own and let your fingers roam the muscles of his back and he ind of just gets lost in the sensations if that makes sense. 
  • it’s just a lot of needy and passionate groping tbh
  • he strips you naked and just explores your body, just discovering what pleases you and what he enjoys doing to you the most
  • he doesn’t really expect an orgasm for an orgasm if you get what I mean. Like if he gets you off he doesn’t really expect you to get him off as well, and most likely if he’s already came once he won’t want to cum any more. he’ll just want to play with you lol
  • getting you off gets him off, you receiving pleasure gives him pleasure etc… he’s just a giver
  • I’ll talk more about sex with wonho later (im a thirsty bitch trust me it will happen)
  • Once again neither of you initiate the “what are we talk” afterwards
  • and there really isn’t a rush for either of you to put a label on it right away. you both know that you like each other and thats all that matters to the both of you
  • but the other boys??? they won’t be happy until you admit it and start Officially Dating
  • they don’t really know about all of the kissing and sexy touches going on between you guys so you get great amusement out of them trying to get you guys together
  • And you guys keep it to yourselves for a good couple weeks (not because you wanted it private but because you wanted to see how long it took for them to notice lol)
  • until one day you have to rush out of the dorm and before leaving you press a quick kiss to wonho’s lips and tell him that you love him 
  • whoops
  • both of you know immediately that you blew the secret but still neither of you made moves to explain yourselves lol
  • you just left,,,, and he just giggled at the shocked looks of the members
  • So you label your little Flirtationship as a Relationship and theres that 
  • whew that was long
  • i had to get that out lol
  • ive been thinking about that for weeks 
  • anyway hope you enjoyed :)

Still the most epic promo Disney Channel ever made :’)