Neon Signs


*Announcer voice* Introducing the fic that did not want to be written or put online…

Hi there everybody! It is I, Des, and let me just tell you it took a lot for me to get this piece of work here! It is long (long, long, very long) so Tumblr absolutely hated it and shut down on me several times because of that. It has also been deleted against my will twice in one day so this is not the original and it may not be as good but I still like it and I hope you do too! Please enjoy the fruits of my labor! So! Let’s get this show on the road!

A sequel to Go Get Your Hart, a fic in which: Absolutely everybody ships Lucaya always, and Lucas Friar is a Lucas Friar of epic proportions, there is miming, there is painting, there is a Box Theory and there are signs literally everywhere Lucas looks. 

WARNING: This fic is also eight thousand three hundred and eighty (8,380!)  words long. I suggest that you sit down. Or maybe grab a cup of tea. You might be here a while.

I also suggest that you listen to Signs by Bloc Party as you read the end of this fic, if you are into that kind of thing, because I listened to that song repeatedly while writing this and it was epic and amazing.

Okay! Y’all ready for this! *Space Jam. Always Space Jam*


“Okay, pause.” Missy says firmly, her hand held up in a stop motion and Lucas freezes from where he’s been pacing on her dorm floor for the past ten minutes. “So, what’s the problem?”

“I’m in love with Maya.” Lucas says slightly breathlessly and his fingers gravitate to his hair to pull on it because oh my god.

Missy stares at him for a long moment before arching a brow, her lips slowly curling.

“Wait, that’s it?”

Missy!” Lucas hisses in irritation and Missy just starts cackling like she has never cackled before, pulling her floral patterned cell phone out of her pajama shorts. “What are you doing?”

“Texting Billy to come over,” Missy says through chuckles, and Lucas rolls his eyes. “Oh, this is too good.”

“Why are we friends?” Lucas bemoans frustratedly, and Missy just shakes her head in amusement.

“Because you’re an idiot sometimes and I know pretty much everything. Plus you can carry heavy stuff.”

Billy can carry heavy stuff.”

“Yeah, but he always complains about it.” Missy says with a scrunch of her nose and Lucas looks at her incredulously for a moment because sometimes he questions if she is even real.

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