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Feminists chanting Allahu Akhbar” at Women’s March Germany

We’ve come full circle. Feminist protesting against a supposed sexist woman-hater by praising a religion that oppresses and harms millions of women worldwide, with even it’s moderate believers maintaining entire societies where women still don’t receive equal chances and freedoms, and in worse cases, not even basic human rights.

Germany was a mistake


Mater Misericordiæ monstra te esse matrem.

An 18th century copy of the miraculous image of the Mother with the Bowed Head, known in German as Mutter mit dem geneigten Haupt, in the Ursuline convent church in Landshut, Bavaria.

The Latin inscription translates as “Mother of Mercy, show thyself to be a mother”, words which originate from the Salve Regina and Ave Maris Stella.