Watch me derp around in my Luka “Just Be Friends” version cosplay!

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*rolls around*

Lolistein is submitting her photography portfolio today.

This is what I’ll be using it as the cover page of my portfolio.

Our professor required us to submit a self-portrait as part of the portfolio. I think this might scare her. XD

Today will be a non-lolita day for me because I think my face needs to rest from all the makeup I piled on just a while ago. I don’t get to experiment with makeup too much when I wear lolita, because I like keeping the focus on the dress and not my face.

Click-through leads to my deviantART account, which I really should update. Currently on display in that gallery are my photoshoots from the last 2 years, give or take a couple of shoots that I haven’t gotten around to uploading yet.


Photo credits: makeup and photography by Vanessa Lopa (me).


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