rineechan  asked:

Dear Lolip, I'm not even sure what to ask - I'm too exited that you are accepting prompts at all. <3 I will go with something unspecific and say - Steve adoring Tony. For being Iron Man or being super smart or his bubble butt or simply for existing and being there for Steve to love. Steve doesn't get to simply be in love often enough! And thank you so much for sharing your wonderful art. And really, anything you decide to draw will cause happiness. <3 So go with whatever strikes your fancy!

Hello @rineechan!

Thank you for your kind words <3 Drawing stony gives me happiness and I am glad that my art is giving you happiness as well! 

Here is picture of Steve kissing Tony (who just came back from the work shop)!

I hope you enjoy this!!

I had a rogue moment where I actually pulled over to the side of the road, walked through cockleburs, and climbed onto a train to take pics (all in a skirt, thank you very much).

Thank you, city of Hapeville, for having such a long stretch of train tracks that I could totally do all of this unseen.