❤ My Top 10 Lolita Coordinates for 2014 according to Tumblr ❤

This year was such a great one and I wore Lolita quite often, as promised. Hope next year will be just as frilly and wonderful ꒰♡ˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈꒱.⑅*♡


My birthday coordinate for high tea with my bf tomorrow! I’m so excited, this is definitely the best coordinate I’ve done so far~^^ I purchased this dress at the Baby store when I was in Japan and it’s so beautiful <3 *tears*

Outfit rundown:

Jumperskirt: Baby the stars shine bright
Blouse: Dear Celine
Choker: Ruby Rose
Parasol: Angelic Pretty
Wrist cuffs, Shoes, tights and hairband: taobao


Visited the Ghibli Museum in Japan dressed in old school Angelic Pretty the other day. It was such an amazing and breathtaking experience! I love his artwork so much~ (´▽`ʃƪ)♡  It was also my first time trying shiro style, so I was a little shy. (*/ω\*)

Outfit rundown:

Dress: Angelic Pretty

Headbow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Bag: Angelic Pretty

Coat: Dear Celine

Tights: Grimoire


Today’s Cinderella outfit for the Ball Jointed Doll meet within my community ^^ I absolutely love Haenuli’s dress <3 My new green EOS Fairy lenses also came in the mail yesterday, which was the perfect timing! (too bad lighting is always crummy and hard to see the true color!)

Outfit rundown:

Dress: Haenuli

Accessories and Shoes: Taobao

Ring: Chocomint

Everything else offbrand