Voice Acting is NOT about how many voices you can do.

Michaela, after seeing a ‘critique’ someone gave to her after an audition.

Honestly I am not sure where the hell people get this idea from. Voice Acting is not about having a million voices that don’t sound like your normal voice.

VOICE ACTING is acting and portraying a character/narration/commercial WITH YOUR VOICE. It has nothing to do with your range unless the issue is about a character not fitting your vocal range (IE, a deep voice trying to be a loli).

Being able to separate your voice and have different tones in each voice you do is a GREAT skill to have, yes, but not all voice actors can change their voice and make it not sound like themselves. There are MANY VAs in the professional field that sound EXACTLY THE SAME as their normal voice because that is what they are hired to do: portray a character. 

A director should not care that they sound like their characterization. They should care that you can make their characters come to life.

To fellow directors who want to work with voice actors: DO NOT base their skill on how many voices they can do. Base their auditions on whether or not they can fully portray your characters and make them come to life. Do not focus on the number of voices they can do. You are limiting your playing field and you are discrediting MANY deserving talents simply because they are not the man or woman of 1000 voices.

To actors who do not have the range to differentiate voices: PLEASE do not think that you have to sound different from your characterizations to get cast in things. You need to focus on making the characters come to life, not on making them sound different from yourself. That is the reason why characters have voices; to come to life. The focus is not about you and your skill; it’s about the character being real enough to love/hate/cherish/despise. 

Sana (さな or 鎖那) is an utaite with a sweet, soft, and soothing voice. She is often described as angelic loli. She is also able to sing in a more powerful but high, girly tone, in her covers of “Lost One no Goukoku” and “Donut Hole”. Sana tends to sing girlier songs as they suit her cute voice better. She is most well-known for her covers of HoneyWorks songs, eventually leading to her releasing a collaboration album with Honeyworks, where she covered 10 HoneyWorks songs. “Kokuhaku Yokou…