I’ve been wanting to do a more thorough IwaOi fic recommendation post for a while now, and more likely with the surplus of amazing writers who love hq, there will be more IwaOi fic rec posts to come lol

This isn’t in any order persay, I’m just going by my ao3 bookmarks that I’ve filtered from recently updated->haikyuu!!->iwaizumi/oikawa lol

I won’t be able to put all of the IwaOi fics I’ve bookmarked here but here’s a link to them if you want to see what I’ve bookmarked! :>

Kotov Syndrome by Aetherdrive

Okay, for starters, the fluff and the gay comes right at you and hit you right in the dokis. Second, the seijou interactions are adorable, comical, and bless matuhana. Just bc lol B) And dear lord, bless Ushijima because he is depicted in a way that appeals to my Shiratorizawa heart~
You come for this story to see action, slow-build, fluff, pain, and eventually smut huehuehueheuheueuhe– //gets shot multiple times saywha
But really, tho like Iwa-chan and Oikawa interacting that involves Iwa-chan enjoying his company, filled w laughs, and pining—so much quality pining I could be ready to sell Christmas trees lmao

Conquering the Great King by SuggestiveScribe

Best Porn w Plot fic I’ve read in a long time like holy poop. Character interactions and development is on point and I could go on forever but I’ll end it with this: “What did Watari do to deserve this?”
Also, never a moment where Iwa-chan isn’t being appreciated for being a hot babe like that’s choice bruh

You Showed Up With Perfect Timing by noelre

What more could I ask for? Oikawa thirsty af for hot gym trainer babe extraordinaire Iwa-chan B) Also, bless Hanamaki and Matsun just bc lmao
Funny, cute, and oh-so-relatable gdgfdsfd

Against All Odds by SharkbaitSekk

Okay, heads up. This doesn’t center /solely/ around IwaOi. It’s mostly about Oikawa, Daichi, Kuroo, and Bokuto as single dads who become a great support network of friends to help each other with the difficulties of being single parents. There’s so much thought put into this fic, it’s so cute, the angst can hurt (lol), the drama feels so raw, and hellooo hot single dads going through a park w so much swag with their swaggy kids too like hella go read this gfdnkjg

a trip down memory lane by masi

Iwa-chan is going through some self-doubt and over-thinking like a young adult he is, and so Oikawa, his best boyfriend, comes to the rescue w adorable and sweet shenanigans hehe~

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