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i know a lot of people try to maintain a cautious stance on certain issues and thats usually not a terrible idea but loli/shota art (pedophilia) and the people that like it (pedophiles) isnt even a fucking issue. theres no argument to have. its fucking evil and disgusting in the highest possible terms and anyone that defends it is either a complete fucking idiot or needs to be thrown in a cell until they die alone minimum

anime idea: “WcDonald’s”

a slice of life anime starring a girl working at the local McDonald’s with a twist: this is the McDonald’s that appears in every anime, so she has to constantly deal with characters from other genres showing up

rules of the restaurant:
“No shoes, no shirt, no bra, no pants, no service”
“You are responsible for your mess; if you’re going to have a final battle of destiny, take it outside”
“Food may contain peanuts, gluten, magic fruits, alien meat. Please ask for special ingerdient orders”
“Falling onto patrons/employees and groping them is not allowed”
“be considerate of others in line; order within the time limit of one episode”

Pidge’s Writing Commissions

Hey! I’m in the process of looking for a job at the moment, but in the meantime, I could really use the money, so I’m going to finally open writing commissions! I’m taking a limited amount to start, to avoid burning myself out, and my wifi situation is a bit shit at the moment. So here we go!

If you’d like to have a look at things I write, check out the following links:

(AO3 | Writing Tag)

What I WILL write 

  • Fanfic and original fiction
  • Fandom original characters
  • Reader-inserts
  • Fandoms I have at least a passing familiarity with (feel free to ask!)
  • Smut/PWP
  • BDSM (ask me about kinks!)

What I WON’T write

  • Rape (in ANY form, including “noncon/dubcon” or rape fantasy/roleplay)
  • Pedophilia/Underage (shota/loli)
  • Incest
  • Daddy Kink/DDLG
  • Master/Slave AUs
  • Excessive Angst
  • Abusive/Toxic Relationships or Pairings
  • Suicide or graphic self-harm
  • RPF/Real People Fiction


Prices and Payment

My price $2.50 USD per 100 words of a work, with a minimum of 200 words.

Payment is due once I’ve completed roughly half of the work. I will send you what I have completed, and if you’re satisfied with the way it’s going, you send payment.

Be clear with what you what! Set a concrete word limit. If I go less than 100 words over, no additional fees apply. If I go more than 100 words over, it is up to you whether I pare the work down to the requested length, or you pay the additional charge.


Writing smut is hard (ha), and takes a lot of extra time and effort for me personally, and as such if you do want a smut piece, I tack on a $5 USD “smut tax.” 

This, of course, is only applicable for the hardcore, pulsating, throbbing kind of smut. The kind that includes the arduous task of finding synonyms for penis that aren’t, say, “meat wand” or “hot beef injection.” Unless you’re into that.

The smut tax applies only to works that would be rated Explicit on Ao3. Feel free to discuss with me whether or not your commission is eligible for the tax!


email me at with the title “Writing Commission”

Additional Info

  • Please include in the body of your email your pairing/ship (if applicable), a summary of what you want your commission to include, and detailed descriptions of the personalities/appearances (images welcome!) of any original characters involved.
  • It would be exhausting to list all the fandoms I will potentially write for, so I leave it up to you to bring it up and ask me whether or not I write for a particular fandom.
  • Feel free to address anything that you feel needs work in terms of characterization, dialogue, or general mechanics and conventions when I send you the preview!
  • I am not looking to write a multi-chapter work or series.
  • Tips are welcome and appreciated.

Commission guidelines

What I won’t draw

-scat/diapers, foot fetishes, loli/shota, futa- if you have any questions, come contact me


Sketches - $20
- Maximum of 5 Characters per sketch
- $3 per extra 1 figure/ character included
- no background

Colored Sketches - $45 
- Maximum of 5 Characters per sketch
- $5 per extra 1 figure/ character included

Digital Color - $60
- Maximum of 4 Characters per sketch
- $5 per extra 1 figure/ character included

Paypal only


 -Send me your request as message, or contact me at my email at

-be as descriptive as you wish, and send references for what you want if possible. I’m open for some creative control but it helps to know what you want in this(poses,details,setting,etc) so lets work together.

-they will be done in order they are received

-Paypal only, The commission would start after the payment is received. I will not accept refunds but I will finish to commission even if it means a total redraw.

- During the process, feel free to ask me for any checkup, to see any changes needed to be done so no mistake won’t be made

- Upon completion, the commissioner will receive a digital 320 dpi copy of the work.


Thank you and remember spaces are extremely limited  limited this time around!

anonymous asked:

I heard about the floraverse callout and holy shit, people are already spewing anti-loli/shota stuff calling it cp. Fiction aint the same as the real thing, but people like PK are only reinforcing the "loli is cp" crap. People, ya gotta actually harm kids in order to make cp, legally and ethically speaking l, fiction doesnt do that. I don't know what to think.

I agree, it really isn’t the same as the real thing. I honestly wish that the callout post had left out the fictional stuff and instead just really focused on her underpaying artists, the issue with Marl, showing porn to minors, etc. 

srencon  asked:

"writscrib are gonna be banning shota/loli" didn't they literally say it's fine but must be tagged and hidden as any other adult content?

Ye but reading comprehension on tumblr is at an all time low.

//Why I don’t like Yaoi



Theres been an anon bumming around pestering people for yaoi and I, along with many other muns, are not amused by this.

I feel like some of you don’t know exactly why we’re upset by this so I’m just gonna have a quick little explanation of it, at least in my opinion. I will calmly express my views here. If you bother me about it again, I will be considerably less calm.

I can’t speak for the other muns, so remember that this is just me.

i mostly dislike it because I am a feminist.

First of all, this is in no way homophobia.

I am, in fact, gender fluid, asexual, and bi-romantic, so I am very much involved with the lgbtqa community, and I know that yes, there are people in said community that are bigoted, and its not cool. I am not one of these people.

The entire yaoi industry is harming to gay men for numerous reasons. These reasons include but are not limited to, misinformation and misrepresentation of gay men, objectification of gay men, extreme pedophilic undertones (the whole ‘shota/loli’ thing) and the fact that a lot of people who enjoy yaoi are homophobic.

They fawn over these things about gay men that were mostly written/drawn by heterosexual women for heterosexual women then proceed to be bigoted to actual people. Or, fawn over and objectify real gay people, which is also extremely harming, as it trivializes gay relationships and no one likes being objectified.

That’s about it on my view of the subject, though I would like to add one more thing.

You cannot be a feminist and objectify and fetishize gay relationships.

Forgot to add but my fusion limit is 5 refs (4 gems) and each extra ref after 3 is +$15 for both surprise/specifics


  • No nsfw, complex machinery, hateful/offensive content, graphic gore, fetish/kink related content (if it’s tepid enough I may make an exception, ask me.), loli/shota designs
  • I have the rights to post your commission on my blog/deviantart
  • Please don’t post the commission to your blog/deviantart, I’d prefer if it was reblogged from me (if on tumblr) or favorited
  • You can use your commission as an icon, banner, cover photo, etc as long as you purchased it (or it was purchased for you)
  • The commission can take anywhere from 3 days to a little over a week, it’s ok to check on it occasionally but try not to pester me unless it’s been an unreasonable amount of time. This may also depend on the current queue of commissions I have, which I will let you know about.
  • Fusions/gems with specifics will increase in price relative to size/complexity
  • I can tweak specific gems slightly, but with surprises you get what I give you and you can tweak after.
  • Do not resell it as an adopt
  • No refunds


Email me at, message me, note me on Deviantart, or add me on skype (message me for the name)

For specifics: Detail EXACTLY what you want in your design, gem shape, outfit, hair, eyes, body type etc.
For surprise: gem type, gender/presentation (optional)

By commissioning you agree to these terms