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what sort of blogs do you follow? i would love to have you follow my blog ; u ;

I had a post describing what sort of blogs I’d follow, but I guess it’s worth updating it

I’ll follow you if you have one or more of the following things:

  • Nintendo stuff in general
  • Video game stuff in general
  • Pokemon
  • Pink aesthetics
  • DBZ
  • BNHA
  • Positivism
  • Anime Aesthetics (such as sceneries)
  • Kirby is a guarantee
  • You are a Shia Muslim
  • Interfaith dialogue

I will not follow you if you break on of these rules.

  • Post borderline NSFW or NSFW stuff (text-based is fine)
  • Post gore
  • Involving yourself in too much discourse. (I follow specific blogs for that, not everyone)
  • Post too much politics.
  • Posting Loli/Shota/Incest stuff
  • Making insensitive comments or jokes
  • Being an Anti-theist, a Salafist, a Wahhabist or a Christian Philosemite
  • Holding views that are problematic (being a TERF, MAP, Homophobe, Antisemite, fascist and etc).
  • Sectarian
  • As a Non-Muslim, involving yourself in intra-islamic discussions, or that you believe you have, as a Non-Muslim, authority to interpret the Fiqh and Shari’i of Islam. 
  • Having an intolerable behavior, such as being sententious or believing you’re the highest point of morality in the world.

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all of them tbh... youre 20 years old and posting loli porn.

I don’t see any porn on my blog let alone loli porn 

(Fun Fact:This is the first time i’ve gotten “hate” after all these years)


I should tell someone to stop me…but I’m having too much fun tbh

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Bleach Quotes Part One

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#pedophilia #cp mention - "if they weren’t an issue, they wouldn’t be so universally frowned upon" listen m8, not everything that's frowned upon is 'an issue'. being gay was 'universally frowned upon' till recent. promiscuity IS 'universally frowned upon'. why dont you go take issue with people who post loli/shotacon and admitted pedophiles instead of adults who want to fuck other legal consenting adults?

shut the fuck up


I have’t posted in two weeks omg I feel so bad!!
Also I’ve started all the requests I’ve accepted but they’re way too rough to post lol
I wanted to post something though so here’s one from my Peter phase :-)

Title: Queens
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Peter awkwardly admires you from a distance and you don’t talk until Tony pulls some dumb shit
Word Count: 1,151
Warnings: alcohol mention (kind of), slight gambling

Your name: submit What is this?

           "Boom! In your face, Barton,“ you gloated, slamming the cards down.

           Clint rolls his eyes, grumbling under his breath as you collect your poker winnings. Natasha teases the archer as Steve collects the cards, shuffling them a few times. The deck is dealt again, and a new round begins.

           As you’re busy playing, Peter sits off to the side by the table, slouching slightly in his chair. He smiles as you win once more, the other Avengers groaning in response. Peter avoids your eyes though, never looking at you for more than a few seconds.

           "Y/N, huh?” Tony muses, sliding into the chair besides the teen.

           Peter jumps in surprise, ice cubes clinking against his cup of soda. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replies.

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