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Upcoming mother’s day, please respect each other’s space.

Don’t go onto an abuse victim’s post and harp at them and saying shit like “well some people don have mothers!”

Don’t go onto someone’s post and guilt them into not celebrating their mother’s because you’ve had an abusive one. 

Please do not post negativity in the “mother’s day” tag. Let people celebrate their mother’s in peace, and allow people to talk about abusive mothers in peace. 

“Oh, that’s wicked!”

Whoop de doo it’s finally done ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Gotta admit tho, I’m really proud of it atm (о´∀`о)
Sparkles are my everything~ 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。


It’s a bit late but I was kind of inspired last week because of @the-flame-and-hawks-eye and remembered my old drawings and just drew lol

I want to start posting doodles/art on wednesdays from now on i will try my best but i don’t promise anything

And right now I was writting my investigation and THERE WAS THE NEW FMA LIVE IN ACTION TRAILER? AND I HYPEEED? 

I guess I will never overcome this series. 


I should tell someone to stop me…but I’m having too much fun tbh

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Bleach Quotes Part One


It’s that time again! 

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I shall check out the blogs slowly but surely! please and thank you!


I got to see PODSA live in Amsterdam!!! Some things I can’t stop thinking about:

  • They’re even funnier, more charismatic, and so much more AWKWARD in real life
  • Favs thinks Lovett is the funniest person in the world. He covers it through negging. SO MUCH NEGGING.
  • Tommy didn’t speak much at all, but he spent the entire time watching both Favs and Lovett SO CAREFULLY
  • They played the same game they played in Oslo, and the girl pretended not to have listened to it. When Lovett found out he was so disappointed for like two seconds, before realizing that that means most of the crowd had already watched the episode he released JUST HOURS AGO. He’s still so amazed that they’re the juggernaut they are. Anything else he says is 100% FALSE BRAVADO
  • While Favs leads the conversation, Lovett runs the crowd. He’s always checking in with them, asking them questions, and bringing Favs back when he forgets they’re in front of ACTUAL REAL PEOPLE. Favs forgets a lot
  • There was a bit of a ‘fight’ with a fan who threw out a sort of accusatory question from the crowd. Tommy was legit angry at her for both the question and IGNORING REGULAR ORDER, but Lovett tried hard to smooth things over
  • Lovett gave a really great answer about the roles of men after #MeToo. He called the three of them rubes who just like to talk a lot, while their company is really run by women in all important positions of power. So Crooked Media has values and ways of doing business that are distinctly feminine, and decisions (both from a content and an operations perspective) are made by women. He learned this working for Hillary
  • SHROOMS. Tommy and Favs interviewed a Dutch journalist about drug policies in the Netherlands. The journalist used legalized shrooms as an example, and Lovett slowly walked back on stage, put his hand on the journalist’s shoulder, and asked a series of very pointed and interested questions. Favs was totally on board with all of this. There is no way that they DIDN’T do shrooms altogether after the show.

anonymous asked:

Hi doll can you recommend me some blogs similar to yours pretty please

hi anon !! all i can rlly think of rn are my fav blogs @hei0e @cherrybonbon @nyeo @pdaclouds @clefaivy @palekitty @sleepy-maid @ethw @sugarluma @webzo @coquettishcatgirl @miocake @pink-loli @milkait @loveangei @jpg-hana @milkette @kishinami @silkhime @softpriestess @usagifactory @angelmeido @iced-milk @kitsunebis @momoblush @rosangelic @glossberry @dollsan @nymphette-neko @bunnymeido @tiredkitsune @azu-nyaan @kittenjpg @nekofairy @httpkitsune @oikawaii @japu-me @cutesoftangel @bruisedcutie @whatsokawaii

aaa lowkey most of these blogs are the only blogs i check daily and reblog from !! pls check them out, they’re all so nice !! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

u can also check this + this post for more blogs, tho i prolly relisted most of them here.. and i have a botm page && blogroll on my desktop theme,, u can check out if u want !!  ♡ ♡

tysm and have a lovely day ; w ; !!


I totally forgot to post this lol

I entered a Star Wars fanart contest during May, (PlayIT game con) and won the digital category :”D (I even have WIPs, bc it was required for the entry)

Tbh I wasn’t expecting to win, nor expecting that folks would recognize Rebels (I’m not entirely sure how popular SWR is in Hungary, although  (random trivia) the hun dub is pretty okay, wich I can’t tell for most dubbed cartoons here, sadly)

I hate it when I go to reblog something and some dumbass is in the notes, “OP is alt-right, OP is a nazi, OP posts loli”

Fuck off, no one cares.

Naruto vs. Haku was definitely my favorite fight. Naruto proved how capable he was to become a ninja and it’s just very emotional to watch even when I was a kid.

This drawing is for Naruto week 2017 day 3! I wasn’t able to draw because of studying and exams but I managed to squeeze drawing at 2 am lol

I will post a speedpaint on my Youtube so check it out whenever!!

Zico - No Make Up

Originally posted by ukwno

“Just give me ten more minutes,” you folded your hands together looking at him with pleading eyes. He gave in with a long sigh and nodded his head, motioning you to continue. You returned to your table, where you had you makeup sprawled. Zico walked into you room and took his jacket off, throwing in onto your bed. Then sat down at the edge of your bed, watching silently as you put on your make up. It was so quiet, that you even thought he had fallen asleep, but when you turned around to check on him, your eyes met. He just stared at you with a gentle expression. You were flustered by his sudden intense gaze, so you quickly turned your head away again, slightly shifting in your seat. You then took the red lipstick from the table and applied it to your lips.

“You know, you’re pretty even without make up,” he said of the blue. You looked at your boyfriend with raised brows, letting out little chuckle.

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