I got another follower! Ahh, sorry for freaking out but I’ve been at a standstill for awhile and it’s kind of disheartening when I was getting so many to begin with. But anyway, I’m back. The projects and everything worked out easier than I thought they would.

And remember tell me who you guys want to see pictures of, I’d be more than happy to look for them.

Henrik Zetterberg of the Detroit Red Wings and Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

This is honestly one of my favorite finds. Ever.

I watch the ASG Skills Competition and when I sign on, I have a new follower. I like that. Anybody else watch it? What was your favorite part? I’m not sure my top favorite, but they all involved Ovechkin. Him tripping over the cord on the ice and just sliding was pretty high up there. And when his stick broke, then when his shot didn’t register…twice xD His haircut makes him look dorky though, I couldn’t help commenting on that a few times..

Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals.

Is it really just me that thinks hockey players resemble dancers on the ice?

Don’t answer that, instead answer the question about about your favorite part of the skills competition. Sound good?

Matt Stajan of the Calgary Flames drops in to say “supguys” to Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins. Patrice Bergeron is clearly not impressed.

P.S. Good to have you back! 

Submitted by the amazing: wherearemykeysohgodihavework.

And thanks, it’s good to be back(:

So Many Of You Guys

Request goalie pictures. That is like the worst thing for me, because there are hardly ever funny pictures of goalies. >.< That’s not to say I don’t try though, but as I’m looking, I’m just sitting there like

Jonas Gustavsson of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
(would you guys believe me if I said that was my guess?)


The actual video, submitted by sailingtheship.