Killer (Dean Drabble)

Summary: You found a walkie taking a hike in the woods. Little did you know there was a killer on the other end.

Characters: Serial Killer!Dean, Reader

Warnings: Talk of violence

A/N: @boredoutofmymindwriting sent me this GIF for a Jensen drabble and I came up with this on my own ;)

You were on your usual morning run in the woods when you spotted a walkie laying in the grass. You stared at it for a moment wondering where it could have possibly came from but you figured you’d just forget about it and continue your run. Before you could take another step you heard the walkie crackle before a man’s voice was heard.

“Hello. Anyone out there?” You raised an eyebrow. Surely the walkie didn’t work. It looks like it was damaged.

“I could really use someone to talk to.” The voice was heard again. You decided to pick the walkie up and pushed the button.

“Who’s this?” You replied with a confused voice.

“Well hello there.” The voice replied in a husky voice. “Might I ask who this is?” 

“I asked you first.” You answered a little annoyed and the voice chuckled.

“The name is Dean Winchester. You have a very pretty voice. May I have a name to fit the pretty voice?” You rolled your eyes.

“I just picked up this walkie because you kept begging for someone to answer you. I’m putting the walkie back where I found it. Goodbye Dean Winchester.” You said getting even more annoyed. 

“Don’t! Or I will kill you right here right now!” Dean shouted into the walkie and you suddenly scared you didn’t know what to do.

“What?” You answered, your voice cracking.

“You heard me.” Dean replied. “Now I just want to know you’re name.” You could literally hear Dean smirk on the other side of the walkie. 

“It’s Stacey.” You lied and Dean chuckled on the other end.

“I don’t think it is.” 

“Seriously. You asked me for my name. It’s Stacey!” You shouted angrily into the walkie. “Now goodbye!” 

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you Y/N.” You stiffened up. How did this guy know you’re name. “See you’re name isn’t Stacey now isn’t it?” 

“How the hell do you know my name?!” You shouted into the walkie.

“Well I got your name from your sister Halley before I killed her.” You gasped into the walkie as you heard him mention her name.

“Y-Y-You killed my sister?” Your eyes started watering.

“Sure did honey. And you’re next. See ya soon.” Dean chuckled before you heard static again. You waited for a few minutes to see if Dean would call back but he never did. You looked around the woods but no one ever showed up. You grabbed the walkie instead of throwing it back on the ground and ran back to your apartment.

Okay so….there may be a part 2 idk lol I’ll see how many people want a part 2 first lol

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Love Is Not For Sale: Part 4

Previous Parts

Pairing: Reader x Sam, background Destiel

Prompt: Cas gives Y/N a talk about Sam; Y/N and Sam go on a date

Tags: AU, cute date, adorable Sam, smut: oral sex, fingering

Words: 2,363

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