don’t the people on this website ever get tired of fighting with each other?  like even amongst groups that claim to have the same goals - they can’t agree on what the goals are…

like i just saw a post that said the term “intersectionality” can’t be used by white feminists because black feminists used it first.  jfc how are you going to “change the world” with your activitist blogging if you can’t even fucking stop flailing over the usage of insignificant terms

like for realsies we have bigger problems than a word not quite being used like it should be

and while we’re at it the term appropriating is really starting to give me hives its like the new word for a microaggression that isn’t really a microaggression but i’m psure we need something to complain about here


We all have inequalities and problems specific to our gender. We just need to accept that and not make a big deal over one gender or the other.  

Feminists really like to find something wrong with the blurb on people’s blogs - in the caption. I see it constantly where they sneer at some comment in the caption like it makes them superior.


Interesting how they always complain about derailment, and yet what is that? Can we focus on the topic at hand and not everything else?

when i heard about this i legit pissed myself laughing.
Feminists getting butt hurt because someone wore something they didn’t like and proceeded to attack and insult this poor cunt, then HE had to apologize for what he was wearing?

Is that victim blaming? are you saying if a man attacks a woman based on what she wears she need to say sorry?

Feminism = Equality
Feminism isn’t a vehicle for neurotic fatties to blame their inability to self improve on men or the patriarchy 

The 1st post.

So here is my 1st post and i have nothing to say, which in all honesty is very unlike me, basically this whole thing is about pissing off 4th wave feminists because lets be honest here people, they’re nothing more than deranged cunts with an unbelievable sense of self worth. these people genuinely believe the shit they say and to top it all off they expect YOU to believe it too.

For shame.