Kahapon pa ako iritable promise utas na utas na utas ako. Una kasi masakit lalamunan at ulo ko, pangalawa barado ilong ko, pangatlo hindi siya nagchachat. Wala, sige miss ko lang naman kasi siya kaya siguro ko nagkakaganito pero k po bye hay hirap kapag iritable kingina.

To the J who wrote to a D:


I don’t know how to start this, but hey.

You don’t have to apologise for your feelings, okay?

Your feelings are valid, too, and no matter what you feel, it’s valid and you don’t need to apologise.

It’s okay.

Is it also okay if I tell you about people complimenting you?

Hey, listen.

I know that feeling- It sucks and I know. It’s okay if you’re going through that- But please, please try to think about the person who complimented you or just said something nice to you.

Do you think, shoving the denial aside for a bit, that everyone who compliments you would do that?

I mean.. I have no idea who they are, really- But if for example, they’re friends, I’m hella sure they’ll be meant. Especially if you know they’re good friends [for example, if D complimented you.. They sound like a good person from what I’ve read].

And, hey, it’s okay if you’ll say the following is a lie- But it’s a lie to you.

Whatever I’m saying isn’t a lie to me.

Because I’ve been in the same boat, and to give a comforting lie now would be a real case of hypocricy, now wouldn’t it be?

Now, J, I hope you’re okay. And I hope you’re able to figure things out with D, okay?

It’s okay to love D.
Your feelings are valid, remember that, please. You count too.

With love,

- Neevee.


ok rant time so jaebum did his first solo vlive today and as we all know he’s not much of a talker and can even be a little awkward at times but despite all that, he did a 30 min vlive for us…even planning it carefully to make sure he wouldn’t bore us like planning to go walking down the han river or bringing a puzzle bc he likes solving them and YET people still had the AUDACITY to call him boring and ask him to do something exciting?? what the fuck?? it took 2 years to have his solo v and here we finally have jb who barely speaks 10 words in interviews stay and chat for HALF AN HOUR and thats all u say to him!!!! fuck outta here!!!! he even wanted to stay for a little longer but couldnt bc he had a radio show to go to. jaebum, who insisted on staying a little while longer despite his busy schedule doesnt deserve this shit so if ur just gonna call him boring. shut up. lock ur phone. and dont watch him at all bye.

I had a dream about you last night. I woke up wanting any piece of you I could get, any word you’ve ever written to me, any photo of you smiling.
I couldn’t find anything.
I went on instagram and my friend Nicole posted a picture of herself in New Orleans. I’ve never been more jealous of a photograph. Or a person. She is so close to you and I wish I were too.
Some days it hits like a ton of bricks, you know?
Just wanting someone to understand you so throughly, without even really trying.
I miss you. Like Isaac. Only not blind.