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anonymous asked:

Any bucky x reader fic recs?? :D

Okay here we go. These are some of my favorite series that I’ve read. If you want drabble/one-shot recommendations lemme know what you’re in the mood for (angst, smut, fluff) so I can hunt them all down! I started to put those into this post but the list was getting waaaaayyyy too long lol

Captive by buckysglow

Helpless & Satisfied by buckyywiththegoodhair

A Lesson In Love by buckyywiththegoodhair

Catch Me by buckyywiththegoodhair

Untouched by avasparks

Authority Issues by avasparks

I Hate My Job by beccaanne814-blog

By Royal Decree by bovaria

Do Me a Favor by bovaria

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner by buckysbackpackbuckle

Part Of Your World by ghostbuchanan