Molly Maxwell

I still cant get over with the latest movie that i’ve watched. I can’t relate to plot of the story or even the sweet moments, but this movie has a factor to me. 

The movie entitled “Molly Maxwell” portrayed a story between a high school student  and a English teacher. Molly  (Lola Tash) studies in a highly progressive school which creates self expression for  intelligent students. Then, Ben (Charlie Carrick) shows up as a adviser for her photography lessons. And the student-teacher bond started with lots of dramas and emotions. 

I freakin’ love this part!! I almost cried (OA!!!) HAHHAHA 

I think the thing I love about this movie is the way Ben(the teacher) respects the student (Molly) for not touching her, not really the touch as in its literal meaning, but you know what I mean. He also respects the parents of the girl.  Gosh, where can I find someone like that? Well.. I also find him gwapo. Kaya siguro gustong gusto ko ang movie. Hahahaha!