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Happy one year anniversary carmillaseries! (season one premiered August 19th 2014)


It’s Fitz’ birthday. Everyone is hanging out at the Playground, drinking, eating cake, playing video games. But Jemma has been busy most of the day, stuck in the lab. And the rest of the team sort of assumes it’s because things have been rough between the two. 

Until she walks in, just before Fitz is about to open presents. With a giant stuffed animal monkey. 

“I was waiting for this to arrive and-” but she stops, suddenly in a huge bear hug. 

(In the background, Coulson is just like “but I thought he wanted a puppy now?” and picks up the box with visible air holes that is definitely the source of the mysterious barking everyone has been wondering about). 


Puppy Love

“I want a rescue dog.” Roxy states stubbornly.

“I just think a puppy would be a better idea, I’d feel happier with a puppy around Guinevere.”

“But there are so many dogs in shelters that need homes, Merl.” She whines, squeezing his arm. “I’d never choose a puppy over one of those poor dogs.”

“Lola was a puppy when you got her.” Merlin observes.

“Yes, but I didn’t have much of a choice with Lola. Besides, I didn’t keep Lola, did I? Daddy takes her hunting with him. She loves it.”

Merlin raises his eyebrow at her. “Daddy? Hunting? You know what, I’m not going to challenge that. Fine, we’ll get a rescue.”

“Merlin, she’s perfect.” Roxy coos, poking her fingers through the cage. “Look at her little face.”

“A rescue and a puppy.” Merlin grins. “She really is perfect.”

They arrange a date to pick her up a few weeks later, then go shopping on their way home to stock up on everything they’ll need.

They pick the puppy up, introduce her to Guinevere, and she becomes a member of the family immediately.

Merlin even lets Roxy put the dog bed in his office. He moans about it, but secretly he’s thrilled.

“We should really give her a name.” Roxy hums, watching Guinevere squeal in delight as Merlin plays fetch with the puppy.

“Got any in mind?” Merlin asks, throwing the ball again.

“…How about Asteria?” She suggests, running her fingers through Guinevere’s hair while the girl giggles in her lap.

“Asteria? I like it.” Merlin smiles.

“Asteria it is, then. Welcome to the family, pooch.” She smiles, scratching behind the Labrador’s ears.