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Lola the posi-pup here to remind you that it’s okay to lay in bed all day!

sometimes it can be hard to be productive when you’re feeling low (or hard to be productive period), and sometimes the productivity for the day is channeled into being comfy and rested and wrapped up in some blankets. that is perfectly okay: take care of yourself how you need to! but try not to do this everyday, because fresh air is important too, and distancing yourself from life isn’t healthy.


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Speaking of spaniels, someone call the Humane Society!

The plot thickens for murder mystery actor ...

Kind people have sent me various images of Nathan’s article in Gardening Australia (magazine is on its way!!) I thought those who don’t have access would like to read it so I have put them together and transcribed it.

I have hidden it under the read below for those who have ordered a mag. but here are a couple of photos from the article - Courtesy of Nathan Page.

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A baby creature; Newt Scamander x reader

This idea has been going around my head for awhile and now I’ve finally taken the time to write it down.  I hope you guys enjoy my second Newt Scamander oneshot and hope it fills your day with nothing but teeth-rotting fluff. 

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It started like any normal day. Newt and I woke up and had breakfast before heading down into his case to care for his creatures.  While he was feeding the Occamies, I went over to the Graphorn habitat.  I let out an animal cry and soon the male came running up towards me.

“Hello Adam, hey there big guy. How are you?” I stroked the side of his head while his tentacles gently kissed me all over my face.  “How’s Eve doing?” Adam and Eve were the last Graphorns in existence and if Newt and I hadn’t found them when we did, that could’ve been the end of them forever.  

Now we breed the two of them whenever Eve’s in heat to hopefully rebuild the Graphorn population and right now I had found out a couple weeks ago that she was gonna have her second set of babies.

He gurgled and grunted at me before leading me towards their den where I knew Eve was sitting at getting her rest.  As I entered inside the den and saw Eve along with her first two children Isaac and Betty who were playing next to their mother.

“Hey there Eve, how you feeling?” I approached her cautiously and she allowed me to get right up to her and I gently touched her face which made her gurgle out a purr. “Now let’s check you out ole girl huh?” I then began to take her vitals and seeing how her pregnancy was coming along.

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