Per that ask posted a couple of days ago, a purple version of my coat with a scarf to match the purple knit hat. :D I imagine it’s a chunky knit scarf.
The colors match a bit better when it’s zoomed out.

If you wear any of my silly things in game I’d love to see it :D

I tag all the qr stuff I made with #llqr if you want to see past things I’ve made!

Somehow the money I spent showed up somewhere else, Isabelle yet again, how does she do it. So another of Lolaland’s public works project is complete, a bench overlooking the ocean. Hopefully my residents use it to contemplate how great I am and how good I look in this dress.

I am definitely not on drugs in this picture, how dare you imply that.

Bad haircut and all we dedicated the new illuminated arch, unfortunately there was an incident with the poppers, everyone had third degree burns but that was thankfully the worst of it. I fortunately had forgotten mine and sustained no injuries. I suspect this was the hedgehogs doing. Or perhaps…Isabelle. Who gives these things out anyway.